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Tradescantia: Signs and Superstitions — How a Plant Can Protect You

What signs and superstitions are associated with tradescantia

One of the few plants that has the magical property to protect its owner is the tradescantia, omens and superstitions literally entangle your life if you become the owner of this wonderful plant.

Do not immediately bother with various puzzles on the topic «Did I properly handle this honorable plant?». If you are now aware of your wrongfulness, then you can correctly prioritize and become a true master of the Tradescantia, the divine blessing will be in your hand.

It is also not necessary to be a swaggering host who takes care of his plant simply in order not to be considered a brute. You do not have to care about the plant, if it does not sympathize with you, it is better to wait for a great moment and give it to a competently trained gardener or at least a good-natured neighbor.

Tradescantia saves only those who treat it well.

It is known for certain that there are many types of Tradescantia. All of them are living plants.

Tradescantia is also very famous for its own unpretentiousness, the most vivid manifestation of its own feelings among the entire plant world. Do not underestimate your plant: it is also able to feel and understand when it is badly treated.

You cannot find another plant that could make you happy just for your dedication. The ancient signs say that if you believe in Tradescantia and support its livelihood throughout its life, then it will become your protector. You will not be able to take shelter in the rain unless you are kind to this plant.

But if you water it daily and use special fertilizers, then the tree under which you can hide suddenly turn up to you.

Tradescantia: Signs and Superstitions - How a Plant Can Protect You

How exactly does tradescantia affect your life

Signs say that you need to constantly respond to the call of Tradescantia. All these signs and superstitions are needed only to direct your energy in a better direction, tradescantia, having the highest power and ability to completely change your life, will not use them until you yourself direct the energy to the right direction .

Only after you understand yourself and set your priorities, can we proceed to a description of the consequences that a living tradescantia can lead to in certain cases:

  • Try to focus and look at your plant — it is squeezed or enjoys life. Very much depends on this, if the plant is squeezed, then in the near future you will have to endure the whole grayness of life. But if it is very pretty and does not require additional care, eating only your affection and additional daily, usual care, then you can expect a lottery win or an unexpected increase — this is a little support;
  • Radiance. Often the plant can shine or expand its roots in all places, which indicates that the area is favorable. For you, this means that you can count on full blessing in all things. In everything that happens to you, you can only blame your own disregard for your magnificent plant;
  • Present. You gave this magical plant to someone. In this case, not all the properties of this amazing plant will be in the hands of the new owner, you can still use his blessing. Of course, if you treated him correctly, then your bonds will be very strong, just like before a gift to some other owner;
  • Talked to your plant. It is believed that if you often enter into dialogues with your plant, then it can change your life by introducing a new second half into it, friends;
  • Arranged a place for Tradescantia. Such behavior characterizes you as the most real gardener and friend for the plant, because if you will in every way encourage and equip your benefactor, you can become a true friend to him. And the tradescantia, in turn, will provide you with its blessings of life, which will be associated with both signs and superstitions;
  • Tradescantia is a symbol of justice. As long as the plant is in your home, you should not commit bad deeds or do anything against your conscience. Maybe you can fool yourself, but to deceive the Tradescantia is a rather difficult task that cannot be done. And a representative of the plant family can easily punish you for being too swaggering and proud;
  • If you could find your personal tradescantia, try to find a colorful name for it. Tradescantia along with the strongest magical plants is very favorably located to the owner, who selects her colorful name. You need to try hard and pick up a name for it that could be combined with all the significant things in your life. Only then can you truly appreciate the contribution of the plant to your life;
  • They tried on the role of a professional gardener. This means that the plant is very attached to you and wants to transfer its power, but it cannot, unless you fully merge into a single stream. This means that you should be aware of the needs of your plant and not neglect them, constantly trying to do something more for him.

Tradescantia: Signs and Superstitions - How a Plant Can Protect You

What can repay the plant

If you comply with all the requirements that are foreseen for each novice gardener and notice signs of the plant that were listed above, you can expect manna from heaven, which will manifest itself in improving the quality of life and overall material well-being. What else can help plants?

  1. Second half. Tradescantia is a very loving plant that cannot leave a person alone. You will be surrounded by attention and care, will constantly go through the same loving, beautiful girls or men, will be wound up from adventure and will be able to finally rightfully appreciate their beauty;
  2. Sustainability. Tradescantia, even with good treatment, does not guarantee that all problems will be solved instantly or even the expected well-being, lack of problem areas. But you can adequately perceive the problems and will not be dependent on the people who solve them to you. You will solve them yourself, as the Tradescantia commands;
  3. Symbol of justice. As a minor symbol of justice among plants, Tradescantia will not allow anyone to deceive you or resort to clever ways to solve a conflict.

Tradescantia: Signs and Superstitions - How a Plant Can Protect You

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