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To see a rainbow is a sign of divine gift, or a simple weather phenomenon.

What does the rainbow that has arisen in the sky tell us: different options and omens

See rainbow lucky, offering hope. Such auspicious signs that are associated with our ancestors most often brought good luck to those who had the opportunity to see this phenomenon in many religions, the rainbow had a different interpretation, for example, the rainbow in the Christian interpretation meant manifestations of heavenly power, and in the local beliefs of individual peoples and paganism rainbow also meant happiness.

But the most particular attention to this manifestation in heaven was given by the peoples of Ireland, who attributed this phenomenon to something divine and more than once worshiped it. Based on the belief of the Irish there is a legend that the rainbow personifies the path along which small but very greedy creatures called gnomes descend to the ground after a thunderstorm.

To see a rainbow is a sign of divine gift, or a simple weather phenomenon.

According to the convictions of many Scandinavians, if a rainbow fell on one of the residential houses of the village, then trouble would have occurred in this family or one of the residents of this house would soon die. But the Scandinavians had a rainbow far on a terrible phenomenon, although it was a bridge between the world of the living and the dead, but the man who managed to follow this path went straight to heaven.

And then many sins were forgiven him, which was the best thing for the inhabitants of Scandinavia.

Various options and signs

Numerous nations who worshiped the pagan faith, as previously thought, considered this phenomenon as a bridge over which the souls of the departed could pass into the world of the dead, but apart from this belief, there were other versions of the interpretation of this phenomenon among our ancestors, for example, many years ago such beliefs existed the appearance of a rainbow:

  • If the rainbow has a curved appearance and as it hangs above the ground, then our ancestors thought that this meant heavy rains.
  • If, on the contrary, the rainbow hangs high from the ground and is strongly bent, then our ancestors interpreted this with a strong drought ahead.
  • If predominantly green shades prevail in a rainbow, it means that it will rain for a long period.
  • If there are more shades of yellow in the rainbow, then this manifestation of color meant that the weather should stabilize and stabilize in a subsequent time.
  • If a red color prevails in a rainbow, then a strong wind can be expected.
  • Sometimes we can observe a rainbow without rain, this phenomenon contradicts the very nature of the rainbow’s origin and, consequently, this is most often explained that soon there will be a cold and severe winter.
  • But if a woman wants to give birth to a boy, then in this case she must find where the rainbow begins from and, at the very same place, wish to conceive a son.
  • For lovers, a rainbow can symbolize how phenomena personify a strong family, happiness and good luck for a young couple, which is why the halls and wedding table of lovers are decorated with balls of different colors in the form of an arch that resembles a rainbow, which in itself personifies the good luck of the spouses in a common life.

The value of finding a double rainbow in the sky

One rainbow is good, because it represents luck in itself, but what does it mean when two rainbows appear in the sky at once? For any believer in signs of a rainbow, a phenomenon with two rainbows is an incredible success and, in the opinion of people, any desire can be made at that very moment. Regardless of the scale of the desire, it will come true.

But even in such a successful phenomenon has its own laws, the desire can be fulfilled only when a person who wishes to do so does not want to harm other people, if this desire is negative, then it will hardly be fulfilled.

To see a rainbow is a sign of divine gift, or a simple weather phenomenon.

In different religions, both one and two rainbows had different meanings, for example, in the religion of ancient Christians, it was believed that two rainbows are used by God as appeals to people, that all their sins are forgiven and that there will be no end of the world.

Various artists of the Middle Ages preferred to depict the throne of the ruler as a rainbow form, which symbolized the divine origin of the ruler, and the manifestations of the three primary colors of the world, red, green and blue, meant reminding our ancestors of the need to transmit to the younger generation the doctrine of the great flood and fire, and also a new land. Also in the religion of Christians, the main colors personified not only the legends of the ancients, but also the reigns of divine gifts to people.

But in addition to the religious view of the manifestations of the two rainbows, there is a scientific point of view, most often it personifies the impending bad weather and bad weather.

The appearance of the rainbow in different months

  • For the most part, people used to pay special attention to the April rainbow. This was marked by what was previously thought to be the first thunderstorm and the next rainbow. It meant that the spring really established itself on the earth, and the time of winter was over.
  • Our ancestors also paid more attention to the thunderstorm itself, considering its manifestations as a confrontation between white and dark forces, in other words between winter and spring, which fights for leadership over the weather. And manifestations in the sky of a rainbow after such a phenomenon were considered a victory for the white forces and a defeat for the dark ones, and if there was no rainbow, it was considered that the evil forces had won and the bad weather would stand for a long time.
  • The appearance of the rainbow in the winter time means that the winter will be accompanied by severe cold and frost, but all this will pass without consequences.
  • But in Siberia, such a phenomenon meant that a magical creature called the Silver Hoof runs nearby, from the hooves of which various types of gems and gold are born
  • The formation of a rainbow in the autumn time foreshadowed our ancestors that for a certain period of time there would still be rains and the weather would be cold, but in a short time it would all pass and the autumn would be happy with warm weather.

To see a rainbow is a sign of divine gift, or a simple weather phenomenon.

How with the help of a rainbow you can predict the coming weather

In order to predict the weather on a rainbow, it is not always necessary to have a huge amount of knowledge, you need to know a few basic rules that will help in this.

  • If a rainbow appears in the sky early in the morning, wait for the rains.
  • But if you see a rainbow, as an evening phenomenon, then we can say that the weather for the day ahead will be good.
  • If during the rain the rainbow appeared and the end of the bad weather disappeared, then we can expect variable weather.
  • If it rains for a long time, and the rainbow does not appear either during the rain or after it, then we can expect trouble.
  • But if there are several types of rainbows in the sky, then the weather should soon stabilize.

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