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The holiday of Elijah the Prophet August 2: history, folk omens of the day

August 2 — the story of the holiday of Elijah the Prophet, traditions and omens

August 2 is an important day for Christians in which the church honors the memory of Elijah the Prophet. Many national signs, traditions and customs are connected with this holiday. August 2 is prohibited to swim in rivers, lakes or other bodies of water.

If a person goes into the water on this day, according to folk lore, he calls into trouble and becomes seriously ill. In ancient times, the Slavs believed that on August 2, beside the rivers, an evil spirit was gathering — devils, aquatic, devils, mermaids who were pulled to the very depth of the river and would not be released from their deadly embraces.

However, Elijah the Prophet must wash his face with water from the source — this helps to get rid of spoilage and various diseases. Rain on this day is considered a good sign, and water pouring from heaven, according to superstition, has healing properties.

The history of the celebration dates back to ancient times. Ilya is considered the patron saint of fertility and harvest.

Lightning, thunder and rain are subject to this saint. According to legend, the Prophet Elijah was born in a Jewish city in the 9th century BC. The father saw a strange dream during the birth of his son: his child is wrapped in burning diapers and God’s messengers are feeding him with fire.

The night vision turned out to be proclaiming: Ilya grew up and became a highly spiritual shepherd who performed real miracles and surprised the Jewish people.

The Bible describes how the Prophet Elijah caused rain and fire from heaven, raised the dead and rode a chariot of fire to return to earth during the second coming of Jesus Christ.

According to folk lore, this holy man punishes all demons and expresses God’s wrath. He releases lightning arrows to destroy all evil spirits, which turns into hares, cats, dogs.

Therefore, on such a day you can not let out your pets.

The holiday of Elijah the Prophet August 2: history, folk omens of the day

Weather signs on the day of the memory of Elijah the Prophet:

  • Continuous thunder — the forerunner of a strong hail.
  • Cloudy weather — next year there will be an early harvest.
  • The water in the rivers and reservoirs begins to cool due to the morning frosts.
  • Before Ilyin, the clouds float downwind, and after August 2 they begin to swim against the wind.
  • Pale moon on Ilya — to be rain.
  • The rainy weather on the day of Elijah the Prophet foreshadows a rich harvest of nuts and cereals.

During a thunderstorm and a shower on the feast of Elijah the Prophet, close all doors and windows in your house and keep yourself very quiet, and after the rain stops, you should collect a bucket of rain water and wash it every morning so that the day will pass well and unkind people not jinxed.

August 2 is considered a working day, but it is not recommended to engage in physical labor, perform field and garden work, do housekeeping in order not to annoy Ilya, who, according to popular legends, as punishment can hit a person with lightning or burn all his property.

On this day, it is forbidden to release cattle on pasture. People fumigate their homes, home gardens with incense, so that lightning does not get into their home. In order to conduct a protective ceremony, it is necessary to read a prayer to Saint Ilya during the fumigation with incense:

"O the most exalted and supreme prophet of God, Elijah, beaming upon the earth with the equal life of you, with fervent jealousy for the Lord God Almighty, also with the most glorious signs and wonders of God, he was greatly prevailed in the flesh of the adoles in the flesh of the adoles, in the flesh of the adoles, in the flesh of the adoles, in the flesh of the adoles, in the flesh of the adoles, in the flesh of the adoles, in the flesh, in the flesh of the adoles, in the flesh, in the flesh of the adolescent, in the flesh, in the flesh of the adolescent, in the flesh, in the flesh, in the flesh. the Savior of the world, transformed on Tabor, and now in the paradise villages of ceaselessly abiding and standing before the throne of the Heavenly King!

Hearing us, sinners and indecent ones, are now coming before your holy icon and diligently resorting to your petition. Pray for us the Human-lover of God, give us, the servants of God (names), the spirit of repentance and contrition about our sinters, and with His almighty grace help us to leave the path of ungodliness, keep the blaze in every work and struggle with our passions and lusts. strengthen us; Let the spirit of humility and meekness, the spirit of brotherly love and gentleness, the spirit of patience and chastity, the spirit of jealousy for the glory of God and for the salvation of our neighbors, put our hearts into our hearts. Turn away the righteous wrath of God from us by giving your righteous anger of God, having lived in this house in peace and piety, let us receive the sacrament of eternal blessings in the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, He also has the honor and worship, with the Eternal Father and the Most Holy Spirit, forever centuries.


While reading a prayer on the head of all women and girls should be a handkerchief. Ilya the Prophet does not recognize the wealth and expensive things, so you need all the luxuries that are in the house, hide, covered with a dense dark cloth, or take out of the apartment or house.

August 2 is divided into two seasons: "Elijah the Prophet before noon summer, and in the afternoon — autumn". It is believed that on August 2 summer fights against winter, the days are waning, and the nights are getting longer and colder.

People related to agriculture should have time to gather all the hay and start harvesting by this date.

In ancient times on this day lush feasts and noisy festivities were arranged, and in the modern world people set a rich table and convene all their relatives to visit. On the table was supposed to be baked sheep and fresh beer, which was the main drink of the evening.

Women bake cookies, which is considered ceremonial. It needs to be prepared from new flour.

On Ilyin, there should be a lot of meat dishes on the table, freshly baked bread, potatoes in uniforms and a variety of vegetables.

Divine services are held in the church on 2 August in memory of the holy prophet. The temples, which are named after Ilya, hold solemn processions (religious processions) and liturgy.

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