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The first signs of pregnancy before a delay — national signs

The first signs of pregnancy before a delay — national signs

Pregnancy is a crucial and important stage in the life of any woman. The representatives of the weaker sex, eagerly wishing to conceive a tiny life in themselves, listen with trepidation to their organism, trying to recognize the symptoms of the conception that has come.

However, even the most modern medical methods for determining pregnancy in its earliest terms may show a negative result. In such cases, you can recall the experience of our great-grandmothers — the first signs of pregnancy before the delay of national signs will help to explain.

The first signs of pregnancy before a delay - national signs

The first classic signs of pregnancy before a delay

Particularly sensitive women may notice the first signs of pregnancy before the expected delay in menstruation. Symptoms, as a rule, develop on the background of incipient hormonal changes in the body associated with successful fertilization.

Such changes are a consequence of the effects on the female body of the hormones progesterone and estrogen — they begin to stand out in an enhanced amount.

The classic signs of an “interesting position” for a woman before the delay are the following symptoms:

  • fatigue and apathy, fatigue and sleepiness — progesterone is the culprit for such a broken state;
  • scant bleeding due to implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine cavity — not all women are observed;
  • nausea — not always occurs before the delay, more often — after it;
  • breast tenderness, increasing their sensitivity — a consequence of the influence of the hormone oxytocin;
  • discomfort in the abdomen — tingling pains of a pulling character, spasms;
  • enhanced sense of smell — develops under the influence of estrogen. A woman can begin to turn back on many familiar and strong smells;
  • headaches — associated with increased blood circulation in a pregnant organism;
  • change in taste preferences — favorite food can become nasty, new food preferences appear, sometimes quite strange ones;
  • problems with the chair — more often manifest themselves in the form of constipation (again under the influence of progesterone);
  • mood swings — sudden and frequent;
  • increase in basal temperature and total body temperature — to subfebrile indicators (up to 37.5 — 38 degrees).

If a few days remain before the onset of menstruation, and the woman is already observing the overwhelming majority of the above symptoms, then it can be almost asserted that conception has happened, and a little life began to develop in the womb of her mother. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that such signs may indicate some pathological processes in the body.

Therefore, for safety net and exclusion of a threat to your health, it is imperative to contact a gynecologist in the near future.

The first signs of pregnancy before a delay — national signs

In the old days, when the level of medicine and the litter were not suitable for the modern, our grandmothers revealed the first signs of pregnancy before the delay with the help of folk signs. Women can also use them in our time: first, signs will help calm down, and second, they will keep countless pregnancy tests from buying.

According to folk signs, a woman with an almost 100 percent chance of becoming pregnant if:

  • at night she began to wake up often from sneezing and nasal congestion. This condition can be observed during a cold. Pregnancy is judged if nasal congestion and runny nose manifest themselves only at night or in the morning, and in the daytime they are not;

The first signs of pregnancy before a delay - national signs

  • started snoring heavily at night. The reliability of the trait can be judged if the lady has not previously suffered from night snores and is not currently having a cold (as snoring during sleep may appear due to nasal congestion);
  • shoulders and chest covered with spider veins — a grid of thin blood vessels closely spaced to the skin surface. Their appearance is due to increased function of the circulatory system;
  • salivation became abundant, the taste of metal began to be felt in the oral cavity;
  • a feeling of discomfort appeared in the abdomen, it became swollen due to gas and constipation .

Folk signs of pregnancy, listed above, are associated with changes that are beginning to occur in the body of the future mom. Of the signs that are not directly related to the female body, the belief about the stork is quite interesting.

If above the house , where the lady who dreams of motherhood lives, flies, sits on the roof or even decides to build a nest there stork, — it is auspicious in every sense sign, foreshadowing that the woman will soon be babysitting her child.

Popular tests for the determination of pregnancy

Modern medicine has a huge variety of tests to help determine the onset of pregnancy. The most popular of them are those that are carried out using pregnant urine. Of course, not all of them are able to tell about pregnancy before the delay of menstruation, but this does not affect their popularity in any way.

They bribe women with their availability and ease of analysis.

Urine to confirm the «interesting position» was used in the national signs. Our great-grandmothers came up with several ways to determine the first signs of pregnancy before the delay based on the use of urine.

The first signs of pregnancy before a delay - national signs

Urine and iodine test

If you suspect a pregnancy, prepare a serving of a small portion of fresh urine (better morning) and ordinary iodine tincture from the pharmacy. With the use of this simple set you can do several tests:

  • Method one. In a container with urine drop a drop of iodine and look at the reaction of the substance: if a drop remains on the surface of urine — you can congratulate yourself on pregnancy; if iodine is dissolved — there is no pregnancy.
  • The second way. Dampen a small piece of white cotton cloth in urine and drip iodine onto the stain. The spot turned purple — probably you are pregnant, turned blue, there is no pregnancy.

Boiling urine

This urine test is suitable for those women who calmly tolerate, say, not very pleasant smells. Its essence lies in the fact that you need to bring a little fresh urine to a boil (without diluting it with anything) in a clean metal dish, and then pour the liquid into a transparent glass dish.

It is believed that if a woman is pregnant, then white flakes should form in the urine after a while. If not, urine has not changed its state — there is no pregnancy, respectively .

Reaction of urine and red wine

Fresh urine should be mixed with homemade red wine and look at the result. If the mixture is transparent — the woman is pregnant, if the mixture is dimmed — pregnancy is excluded .

Look at the video a few more popular methods for determining pregnancy:

Guessing on the bow

To popular signs that help determine the first signs of pregnancy before the delay, can be attributed, and simple fortune telling on the bow. With the reliability of this method, you can certainly argue, but he, too, was once popular among women who dream of a child.

All you need is to cook 2 onions and plant them in containers with water or in the ground (a potential pregnant woman should do it herself). Immediately, the purpose of each bulb should be determined: one should symbolize the pregnancy, the other — its absence (it’s better to mark them somehow, so as not to confuse them and not forget who they are).

Next you need to observe which of the bulbs first give green arrows. It is believed that there is a pregnancy if feathers are the first to appear in a bow that is responsible for a positive result .

Prophetic dreams as a way to confirm pregnancy

The first signs of pregnancy before a delay - national signs

Foresee the imminent conception or tell about an already occurring pregnancy can prophetic dreams. They often dream future mothers.

The first signs of pregnancy before a delay in such dreams are often various symbolic images.

The most common symbol of the coming “interesting position” is live or fresh fish :

  • a pregnant woman can see how a fish swims in a clear pond;
  • It often dreams that a woman catches a fish with her own hands. In this case, you still need to try to remember the type of fish — it will help to know exactly who will be born in the family. Pike foreshadows the birth of a daughter, a crucian or carp promise a son;
  • A dream in which the woman herself or her husband ate fried fish could testify about the upcoming replenishment in the family.

Sometimes a potential pregnant woman in a dream can be one of the deceased relatives and give a secret signal about the imminent birth of a child. People who sincerely believe in God and attend the temple regularly may even see some of the saints (Mother of God, Angel) and tell the good news about conception and pregnancy.

And prophetic dreams, and other folk methods for determining the first signs of pregnancy before a delay can, of course, give a woman some clue, dispel or confirm her guesses and doubts, but you should not rely solely on them. The last word must still remain with the official medicine and laboratory research.

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