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Svyatki: traditions, ceremonies, folk omens

For a long time, a holiday called Christmas time has been celebrated between Christmas and Epiphany. In the church calendar, it is referred to as Solid Day, because all these days it was allowed not to observe the fast.

The history of the holiday began in the IV century. In Russia, the Christmas season was accompanied by youth festivities only at night, since the day was busy with chores.

In the evenings, people gathered in big companies and wondered, sang songs, danced.

For the first time, Christmas time was mentioned in the 4th century, when Greek peasants celebrated the holiday within two weeks after Christmas. Many beliefs and customs are associated with it, which they are trying to adhere to today.

Since ancient times, many pagan rituals have been preserved in Russia: dances, divination and dressing up in various costumes. At the very beginning, the church categorically did not recognize them. However, soon after the baptism of all Russia, the clergy introduced the tradition according to which baptism should plunge into an ice hole made in the form of a cross on a lake or a river.

This was done in order to wash away all the sins committed during the Christmas season.

Svyatki: traditions, ceremonies, folk omens

According to generally accepted Orthodox traditions, a period of 12 days from the great Christmas to Baptism is considered holy. Christmas days are held from the 6th to the 8th of January.

Since the period coincides with the celebration of Christmas, it was also called Christmas Eve.

The 6th number was considered special. In the evening 12 different dishes were put on the table, after which a large group of people gathered and the meal began.

Just at this time, the girls could start various fortune telling. Winter Christmas eve different special mysterious and mystical atmosphere.

The celebration ended on the Epiphany evening.

Svyatki: traditions, ceremonies, folk omens

The main custom, which remains to this day, is cooking festive porridge — kutya. The correct recipe for its cooking involves adding nuts, honey, poppy and raisins to wheat.

It was believed that the welfare of the next year depends on how tasty such porridge turned out.

On the first day of the celebration, people kindled bonfires, the flames of which were to burn and be maintained during the whole 12 days of Christmas. One of the ceremonial actions was the descent from the hill of a burning wheel, which symbolized the outgoing year.

Svyatki: traditions, ceremonies, folk omens

The most important tradition and favorite folk entertainment were carols.

To say their wishes to their neighbors, people dressed up in various costumes and came to visit, often taking their children with them, also dressing them in bright traditional costumes. In the texts of congratulations it was customary to praise the host, for which he had to thank him with sweets or other treats.

Kolyada came — open the gate!

Kolyada, kolyada! Open the gate!

Open the chest, reach for a penny!

Open, peddlers, get some money!

Come on, do not be shy, now people amuse.

Who will be the devil and who the hell!

And who does not want anyone, let him laugh for a dime!


Schedryk-Petrik, give varenik!

A little candy, a spoonful of pockets.

Well, at least ruby, even a dime, we won’t leave the house like that!

Take it quickly, do not freeze children!

The second week of the celebration was dedicated to offering to the dead. During this period, they recalled relatives who had gone to another world.

In the villages a fire was made from dung and straw, thus warming the souls of the dead, "comers" on the holidays. From time to time, linden brooms were thrown into the fire, suggesting that in the afterlife the dead could use the bath to steam them.

The deceased parents were invited for a gala dinner, special memorial dishes were prepared for them, and instruments for food were left.

On holy days, it was allowed to hold erotic parties with the aim of looking out for young brides for the future matchmaking. At first the girls came, they dressed up and started to make food. After that, the guys and the rest of the village gathered.

Young people had fun, drove round dances and loudly sang songs.

In the middle of the celebration, a noisy company of men dressed in sheepskin skins, masks with horns and beaks, appeared. They were in the image of animals: geese pinched, pecked future brides, bears led into a den to sleep. The special character of these parties is a split.

She personified the spirit of the dead. The person depicting her dressed up in a sheet, covered his face with white paint or flour.

Cleavage was allowed not only to sing and dance, but also to kiss, hug young girls.

Christmas time — the time when allowed to carry out a lot of magic plots, rituals and rituals. And now, in this period, it is also possible to implement rites in order to attract earthly goods.

For girls, holy days are a chance to know their future, and sometimes to see the face of their betrothed.

It was believed that during this period it was necessary to resort to various methods of exorcising evil forces:

  • Spray houses and household extensions with holy water, fumigate them with incense.
  • Put down crosses on gates and doors.
  • To sanctify water in rivers, lakes, ponds and wells.

In some provinces, the young guys got rid of the evil force by loud cries, blows of whips against fences and swinging brooms.

It is necessary to conduct the ceremony only on the rising Moon from January 16 to 19, since on the other day it will not bring any effect.

Rules of the ritual:

  1. 1. In the evening (closer to the night) it is necessary to place lighted candles in the amount of three in the bathroom and turn off the power supply in the apartment or house.
  2. 2. Throw 5 coins into the tub and fill it with water. At the same time, a few drops of aromatic oils should be gradually added to the water. At the same time to sentence: “The river flows from afar, as there is no end to it, and there’s no end to my wealth. Be in my opinion! «
  3. 3. It is necessary to lie in the bathroom for several minutes, plunge into the water with the head seven times and get out of it.

Candles must be drunk to the end, then collect the coins and keep them in a separate, secret place. It is better if this is a secret wallet department, so that coins will always be next to the person who performed the ritual.

Conduct it should be at the same time as the previous rite.

How to conduct a ritual:

  1. 1. Type in a bucket or a large cup of water.
  2. 2. Install the candle and light it.
  3. 3. Set the water in front of you and, looking at your display, speak out loud the words that will help charge the water, and it will save information about the beauty.
  4. 4. There is no definite conspiracy, therefore it is proposed to give a speech on my own.

The most simple and truthful fortune telling:

  • 13 crosses;
  • on the circle of King Solomon;
  • on the water;
  • at the intersection;
  • with an animal;
  • with mirrors.

Christmas days are perfect for opening the curtains of fate and finding out your future.

The method is the most interesting and truthful, because it is believed that the liquid retains the imprint of the aura.

  • church candles (in the amount of three pieces);
  • clean water (it must be used to stand in the vicinity of the bed for 3-4 days before the moment of divination).

How to conduct a ritual:

  1. 1. Start divination should be January 7 at 12 o’clock at night.
  2. 2. Candles must be placed on the table in the form of a triangle.
  3. 3. Fill a carafe or other convenient vessel with water.
  4. 4. Put the container between the candles.
  5. 5. For all items you need to place a small mirror.
  6. 6. When everything is prepared, in silence one should first silently form the question of interest, and then ask it out loud.
  7. 7. After that, look at the water, it should reflect the mirror.
  8. 8. After a certain period of time, some silhouettes will appear in the liquid, which will be the answer to the question asked.

It can even take part pets — cats.

For example, you can find out if your cherished wish will come true. To do this, you must drive the animal out of the house or room, make a wish, and then call it back. It should be closely monitored by what foot it will cross the threshold.

If the right — the thought will not come true, and if the left — to be realized in the coming year.

The crossroads is a special place, covered with mysticism. It is believed that it is the border of two worlds — the otherworldly and real.

To tell fortunes at a crossroads, you need to come to it exactly at 12 at night and listen to the sounds coming from the neighborhood. So, if you hear laughter or singing, then you should expect a quick marriage.

When the sound of crying or lamenting comes, then the wedding should not be expected.

The mirror symbolizes the boundary of the earthly and otherworldly world, therefore, it is believed that it possesses tremendous energy power.

How to guess:

  1. 1. For fortune-telling it is necessary to take two mirrors: they should be placed one opposite the other, creating a mirror corridor.
  2. 2. Light 6 candles and put on 3 on each side of the mirror.
  3. 3. Slightly prick the finger with a needle to bleed.
  4. 4. You need to anoint any tape with blood, stick a needle into it and put it in front of you.
  5. 5. Then you should speak out loud the question of interest and carefully peer into the mirror corridor.
  6. 6. After some time, visions will appear in the corridor formed by mirrors, which will be the answer to the question.
  7. 7. As soon as the outlines begin to approach, you should turn the mirror over and say three times "Chur me!".

Svyatki: traditions, ceremonies, folk omens

According to folk beliefs, on the seventh day of the full Lunar cycle, the king ordered a magic circle to be made that could answer all questions and predict the future. The circle is divided into 26 equal sectors, each of which contains numbers from 1 to 100.

To conduct divination, you should take a small grain or a stone. With two fingers — the index and the big one — the object must be thrown into a circle, asking itself about the question of interest.

If an item has fallen into an empty space, it means that the process of divination must immediately stop and try to find out the answer on a more favorable day. If the seed fell on the figure — the prophecy, which is hidden under this number, will be the answer to the asked question.

The value of each digit:











It will be difficult to finish the case

Familiar slanders you

You will succeed

Do not do evil

In time, desire will come true

Expect good news in the near future.

Find another solution

Give up the benefits and everything will work out.











You are in trouble

You will receive thanks

Desires will not be fulfilled until thoughts become pure

All deeds will be appreciated.

Be respectful to everything around

Ask God for help.

Be kind to all

Desire will not be fulfilled

Do not be too proud











Listen to God

Ask God for help.

Do not be afraid

Do not be afraid of difficulties

Do not commit evil deeds

Be careful with detractors

All affairs will benefit

Do not be afraid of change











Do not wish for useless things

Think about the future

Everything has its time

Who flies high — painfully falls

With the help of God, bad weather will be bypassed

God will help rise

God will protect from enemies

Goodbye and love others











God will help protect against enemies

Do not be afraid

There will be no benefit from accomplished deeds.

Good luck is waiting for you in the near future

There will be difficulties on the way

Ask God for help.

Less condemn others











Don’t think bad

Trust in God

There will be trouble on the way

Do not be angry

You will benefit

Joy and health are near

What you want others will return to you











The wish will come true, but not soon

God will remove the enemies from the path

Your good deed

Ahead you will succeed

There will be difficulties on the way

Answer evil with good

Do not trust flattery

The answer will come with God











All difficulties can be overcome

Rely on God

Grieve less and everything will change

Desire will never be fulfilled

Love the enemy and you will be rewarded for your business.

What you sow, you will have to reap

Turn to God

Ahead waiting for a meeting with the enemy











Ask only good

Desire will not be fulfilled

Behave easier

Rely on God

Do good deeds

Enemies unite against you

The path chosen will lead to success.

All wishes come true

Conceived will not come true











Wait for the wrath of the Most High for your evil deeds

Mark good in others

Ahead of waiting for trouble

The chosen path is correct

All wishes come true

Repent to the Lord of sins

For guessing on the circle of King Solomon, you can use the online version.

It will require:

  • salt;
  • several glasses of water;
  • two candles;
  • round mirror.

Rules for divination:

  1. 1. At night, you should put the mirror on the table, pre-freeing it from unnecessary things.
  2. 2. It is necessary to draw a marker of 13 identical crosses.
  3. 3. Light the candles and utter a special conspiracy: "Suicide, mummers come to me for dinner ".
  4. 4. After you need to eat a little salt and drink a glass of pure water.
  5. 5. Then you should carefully look in the mirror, the image of the future narrowed should appear in it.
  6. 6. As the image appears, you cannot let it come very close.
  7. 7. As soon as the outlines begin to approach, you should turn the mirror over and say three times "Chur me!".

It has long been at this time that people tried to follow these folk signs:

  1. 1. If you lose any thing during the Christmas period — it will lead to losses, if the object or jewel is found, then next year we should expect wealth.
  2. 2. If tea, coffee, or other non-alcoholic drink was spilled at the table meal, it promises success for all undertakings.
  3. 3. During the Christmas Eve, you need to pay attention to the weather conditions: if it often snows or the whole sky is covered with stars, the year will be satisfying and profitable.
  4. 4. If a new month is seen on Christmas night in the sky without clouds, such superstition will fail financially for the next year.

To create a magical and mysterious atmosphere, simple fortune telling can be carried out with children.

To conduct divination, you must take:

  • blank paper;
  • a candle;
  • matches or a lighter;
  • metal stand or bowl.

Rules of the ritual:

  1. 1. At midnight, you need to go with the child in a dark room, it is important that it is ventilated.
  2. 2. Give the child a crumple in the hands of a sheet of paper. At the same time, the baby must ask himself the question of interest.
  3. 3. Put a lump in a metal bowl and set fire to paper from several sides.
  4. 4. After the paper has burned, you should pick up the ashes and stare at the shadows that it throws on the wall.
  5. 5. The outlines that can be considered, and will be the answer to the question.
  • 3 candles;
  • small iron bowl;
  • tank with 0.5 liters of water;
  • lighter.

Rules of the divination ritual:

  1. 1. Two candles finely chopped.
  2. 2. Transfer small pieces of wax to an iron bowl and melt it on a flame or with a lighter.
  3. 3. The child must ask himself the question of interest and pour the liquid wax into a container with water.
  4. 4. A burning candle should be brought to the bowl in which the wax is poured.
  5. 5. The outlines of the shadows that can be seen at the bottom will be the answers to the question asked.

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