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St. Nicholas Winter December 19: folk traditions and signs

St. Nicholas Winter December 19: folk traditions and signs

December 19, all Orthodox Christians celebrate the memorial day of St. Nicholas. Named this day was also Nikola Zimny. This is not only a church, but also a national holiday.

The Day of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is not included in the list of the 12 major Orthodox holidays, but it has a rather rich history and many folk traditions. It is a kind of way to bring people together. St. Nicholas is the day when St. Nicholas, according to believers, descends to Earth and blesses people’s property, protecting him from the destructive power of winter.

The life path of St. Nicholas

The saint himself was born 270 years after the birth of Christ. Despite the fact that he was not born during the life of Christ and did not face him, he carried a heavy cross of faith all his life, because at that time people’s faith had not yet strengthened enough to rid the world of paganism.

This man in his relatively long life managed to do so much good to people that the list of these good deeds would be simply huge. There are countless legends and references to Nicholas the Wonderworker in the annals as a man who carried the Word of God through the world and performed miracles. He healed people with his prayers, he helped the poor and needy, as he could, throughout his life.

He died in tranquility from an illness that hardly tormented him.

Saint Nicholas was recognized as one of the most important saints in the entire history of Christianity. He is a protector of orphans, children in general, the patron saint of travelers and prisoners who have been wrongly convicted or have realized their mistakes.

Folk traditions and omens to Nikola Winter

In Russia, Nikolai fell in love with the advent of Christianity. All Eastern Slavs celebrate Nicola, marking the beginning of the winter Christmas season. The holiday is also called Nicholas Frosty.

What is most interesting, Saint Nicholas became the prototype of Santa Claus and Santa Claus because of his kindness to people. He secretly gave people gifts that became a tradition for Christmas.

Signs December 19:

  • they say that winter spreads its snowy wings and begins its deserved kingdom on the very day of Nikola of the Winter;
  • if Nicola will have warm and sunny weather, then it is worth waiting for a bountiful harvest next year;
  • what the weather will be for Winter Nicola, this will be the case for Summer as well, because in the summer there is also a holiday dedicated to St. Nicholas.

Tradition December 19:

  • after the church service, people take a couple of candles to their home to use in the process of prayer;
  • people eat honey, which is lean food. This is important, for at this time the Christmas fast is in full swing;
  • livestock is being slaughtered at Nikola Winter;
  • On this day, the young had a tradition of walking and feasting. It was decided to make new friends and put up with old ones;
  • on this day began winter matchmaking;
  • since ancient times, Nicola was guessed. These were mostly girls who dreamed of getting married. They wanted to know their betrothed.

There were a huge number of traditions, and in each of the parts of Russia they had approximately the same meaning, but they were reproduced differently. It was a good and good time when all people rallied and solved common problems.

Do not forget to pray to Nicholas the Wonderworker on December 19 and ask him to pray to God for our health and the happiness of our children. Be happy, let the winter bring you only warm emotions and a lot of good. Strong faith in you, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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