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Spider — luck in the house and how to avoid bad values

Useful signs about spiders in the house: how to protect yourself from bad values

In a residential house, a spider appeared — a sign of prosperity and good news. But with the spread of civilization, centralized heating and water supply, it is impossible to find a city house without spiders. Spiders are perfectly settled in human housing and live with pleasure in a constant warmth, preferably in the damp, eating numerous midges, which breeds people.

The signs and observations of people associated with spiders are still relevant today.

Usually spiders live in basements, in the bathroom and under it, in ventilation pipes and enjoy comfort, nourishing food and warmth all year round. Mankind has provided insects more comfortable than natural habitat.

On the other hand, from the point of view of our ancestors, the omen came true with excess.

We are rich, we eat meat every day, we can buy chocolate and drink tea without restrictions, we have a lot of clothes and hot water for swimming. How did the spiders know that by wealth people do not mean material goods, which, in theory, are weaving hardworking spider legs, but the power, the ability to push other people around — maids, cooks, look down and demand to be serviced.

Spider - luck in the house and how to avoid bad values

The main signs of the spiders

  • We will understand what spiders appear in the house. The specific location of the spider in the apartment is very important. In some places, its appearance promises good luck, in some — the opposite.
  • In the bedroom — peace in the house, sweet dreams. If you are tormented by nightmares — arrange a general cleaning and remove the entire old web from the most secluded corners of the bedroom. Bring a new spider on a piece of paper and put it in a closet or in a dark corner. If there is no new settler, put a small saucer with coarse salt in a dark corner.
  • In the toilet — to great wealth, interesting thoughts. Some people even secretly feed spiders living behind a cage, flies, especially in winter.
  • In the bathroom in a prominent place — a bad sign. To trouble, misfortune, careless actions. But in dark places the spider becomes the protector and guardian of the house. Move the insect under the bath or take out.
  • In the hallway — to travel, lucrative contracts.
  • In the living room — to interesting and useful conversations.
  • Insect, moves on the floor — expect interesting news, travel, movement. Do not knock an insect out of the way or catch it — it is your own way. You can arrange serious interference for yourself.
  • Insect falls on the head, on clothes — to great luck in life, new clothes. Wealth itself will fall into your hands.
  • If you put a cobweb on the cut, it will heal quickly and will not leave a scar. Strange but true. This is an old Scottish omen.
  • Meet krestovik in the house — a bad sign. In the garden — superb. Just move the obstinate insect into the nearest bushes.
  • If you want to get rid of bad memories, obsessive thoughts — burn the web. Cobweb, pubescent in a glass of water destroys a bad dream.

How to protect yourself from bad values

  • Omens do not order to kill spiders. But no one forbade sending them to the street. Try not to damage the insect, sweep it with a soft brush on paper or on a scoop.
  • If the death of the insect could not be avoided, and this happens if you get an aggressive and nimble specimen, you need to spit on the mirror and carefully wipe the surface.
  • Dead spiders need to be buried in flower pots. Wrap the body of an insect in paper, burn it in an ashtray or on a candle. Ash pour to the indoor plants. This should protect them from pests.
  • Traditionally, one or two spiders in an apartment are for peace and prosperity. But a lot of insects — on the contrary to strife, swaram, terrible scandals. Perhaps this is due to the generally peaceful nature of insects, but when there are many spiders, and there is not enough space, they are able to eat each other. The choice is simple. Or expand the room so that everyone has enough space, or move around, or take off the extra spiders and send them out.
  • Do not carry out sweeping insects through the threshold or through the door. This is to a possible dead person. Throw extra tenant out of the window.
  • Web still need to shoot. A web dangling in the corners in an apartment or in a bathroom, in a living room is a bad omen. If the cobweb is old and dirty, dusty — it takes away good luck, vitality and will. You appear, as if a fly in networks. Take a rag and remove all these hunting grounds. In the cellar, in the basement or in the wine storage, you can leave the web.


The spider in the house is a good omen promising wealth and an interesting life. You will not be bored, you will create new ways, improve your well-being, invent new ones. In the old days, people even carried a spider in their pockets to attract luck.

Now you can start a tarantula, with about the same purpose. But in fact, a couple of spiders under the bed and one under the bathroom are enough for complete peace in the family and prosperity.

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