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Signs when moving to a new apartment, rituals and rules

About signs, rituals and rules during the move to a new apartment

Signs when moving to a new apartment should be considered during this important event. Many do not remember them.

They will not take much time, but their consequences will have a beneficial effect on your new home. You will live more comfortably and more calmly.

We will remind you about these simple actions.

Signs when moving to a new apartment, rituals and rules

Preparing for the move

  • It is necessary to properly say goodbye to the old housing. It is important to thank him for his years within his walls and to give him due respect. Before you leave him forever, restore order there. Wash the floors, windows and all that is possible. On the boxes and other packages for things you need to draw crosses. This will serve as their protection against loss when moving.
  • Things that you think will be superfluous in a new apartment are not necessary to take with you. They need to get rid of in advance. Thereby you will secure for yourself the beginning of a new life. Old and unnecessary things are a symbol of the past that will no longer be a burden to you.

The ritual of parting with old housing

On the eve of the move you need to cook a pie and eat it all with the household in the old apartment. Take with them the remains can not be.

If you lived there is not easy — make the cake salty. With a good life — it should be sweet.

Signs and rituals at housewarming

  • There is a rule — when moving to a new home, you need to take a brownie with you, who has lived with you for many years.
  • There are several options for this. One of them is to do an action with a broom from an old apartment. Just take it with you when you move. Thus, your spirit at home and his defender will also move to a new home. If the household did not have a broom, do the following. Take a small box and put in it some soft things, you can fill it with scraps of fabric. Put her for a while at her front door and the brownie will settle in it. Take the box with you and you can be sure — the brownie has also moved.
  • During the move, at the entrance to the new apartment, the first to enter it is the cat. The place he chooses to stay is the most suitable place for a bed. It is necessary to take into account that the cat complies with the requirements of this folk omen. He must be a cat, not a cat. But the fact is that not everyone has cats. The dog in this case, instead of using a cat is not recommended. It serves for the protection of housing and the first to cross the threshold should not. The dog must enter the new apartment last. It is not necessary for someone to pass the cat forward. Wait until he masters and dares to enter. Behind him go all the other settlers.
  • Following this, immediately «feed» the brownie. You can put a container of milk. This is done so that he does not consider you greedy and did not go to live with other more generous owners. After that, you can start a wet cleaning and analysis of things.
  • Wet cleaning is an important ritual when moving. It must be done in all rooms of the apartment. It does not depend on the cleanliness of the home. Even if it is perfectly clean. This saves the home from bad energy. She could have gathered in him before you moved.
  • When entering a new home, scatter coins on the floor. It would be better if they were made of precious metal. This ritual will attract material well-being into the house.
  • Get a new broom, horseshoe, and hypericum grass beforehand. Put a besom in the corner near the front door, and above it, reinforce the horseshoe with the horns down. The grass in the bags can be hung in several secluded places. This kit will help protect the apartment from an unclean spirit and detractors.
  • It is good to choose a place where you could arrange icons, talismans, amulets.
  • When you disassemble the boxes and tidy up in a new home, prepare treats. Now it’s time to call friends, neighbors, to housewarming.
  • Place money on the table under the tablecloth. This is to the welfare of the family and to attract new honest friends.
  • If you follow all these rules, you can calm down. At the new place of residence you will be accompanied by family happiness, all life difficulties will bypass you.

Good advice from the healer

  1. If you do not have a brownie with you from the old dwelling. As soon as the new moon comes and when you see the moon, you need to loudly call him in the open window: “Brownie is a brownie, come quickly home. You will live with us, and we will love you. «
  2. In the new apartment, perform the rite of consecration. To do this, light a church candle and go around all the rooms and corners, while reading the prayer «Our Father.»
  3. Incense well rid the apartment of negative energy. You can light incense sticks and place them in all rooms. Their smoke will attract positive energy.
  4. Excellent sign, if the move occurs when it is snowing or raining. This is a sign from above that a happy life awaits you in a new apartment.
  5. When disassembling things in a new apartment, in the presence of a bat or cracked dishes, you need to get rid of it immediately. It can be a source of misfortune.
  6. For new housing, it is necessary to make new purchases. It may be something from dishes, towels or curtains. It will bring you good luck.

Signs when moving to a new apartment, rituals and rules

Recommended days of the week for relocation

  1. According to folk signs, the best days for this are Saturday and Tuesday. They portend a good and easy moving.
  2. Thursday is a neutral day, good for that too.
  3. Resurrection is considered God’s day. It serves as a rest.
  4. The remaining days will be unfavorable for moving.

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