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Signs, traditions and customs of the Trinity

The traditions and customs of the Trinity are inherited for many centuries. Believers boys and girls carefully preserve this knowledge, using signs, fortune telling and special rituals that help to solve some issues or suggest a fate.

This heritage is called the wisdom of the people, its culture, which can not be lost. If a person is looking for solutions to some problems, wants to look into the future, or simply mark the Trinity according to all the rules, as our ancestors did, you should start with the history of this celebration.

Trinity is traditionally celebrated on the fiftieth day after Easter. That is why the holiday is also called “Pentecost”, and its date changes every year.

After the crucifixion of Christ, the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, and it is the Trinity that is the memorable day of this event. From this date begins the true Christian faith, therefore its importance for the believer cannot be overestimated.

In 2018, Pentecost is celebrated on May 27th.

The festival was established by the apostles, who celebrated it annually, commanding all Christians to do the same. According to historians, this holiday was officially established only at the end of the 4th century, at the same time when the doctrine of the Trinity was recorded.

Since then, Orthodox believers have been celebrating every year a confirmation that God is one and threefold at the same time.

Evening service at Pentecost is similar to other holy feasts, but all the temples are now decorated with greenery, tree branches. Especially often decorate the church with birch trees.

Another symbol of the Trinity is fire, for it is in this form that Christ descended on the apostles.

Signs, traditions and customs of the Trinity

Signs and traditions on the Trinity are full of superstition: and not in vain, because they were formed on the observations and wisdom of the people over the years. There are many different signs that talk about the weather and the harvest for the whole year.

In this sacred holiday and in modern times, you can learn something about the future based on a variety of small things.

Signs, traditions and customs of the Trinity

The weather is very important in Troitsyn: it is she who will tell you the whole year, warning you what to expect and what calculations to do for the winter.

It could mean both happiness in the year, and problems that were worth paying attention to in time:

  • If it rains on the Trinity, a warm long summer is expected, a good harvest and a lot of mushrooms.
  • If this day is hot, the year will be lean and summer will be dry.
  • The coolness on Trinity day marked the heat on the next holiday — Spirits Day, because according to beliefs, it is still warm from the earth.

Signs, traditions and customs of the Trinity

Young unmarried girls are very interested to know their fate, especially in love.

That is why there are a lot of such signs, traditions and divination, helping to at least slightly lift the veil of secrecy and make the right choice:

  • An unmarried girl who picks up herbs and hears a cuckoo singing may ask when she gets married. The number of times a bird prokukku, so much wait for the matchmaking from his betrothed.
  • The marriage proposal made on Pentecost and then the wedding on Pokrov guarantee a long and happy family life of the spouses.
  • If a guy kisses a girl on this holiday under the birch, she will become his wife.

The people at all times arranged great festivities at the Trinity, during which the young took a round dance, sang, danced, organized feasts and simply had fun.

There are some traditions that help to find happiness for this holiday, but there are things that can not be done at all. They concern everything: health, love, home decor. Symbols of the holiday are birch and green.

The branches of this tree decorate the house, using them as a talisman, and green robes are worn on the Trinity and the priests who conduct services in the temples.

  • On this holy date, regardless of weather conditions, you must come to the cemetery and sweep the graves, preferably with a birch besom. Our ancestors believed that this is an effective way to get rid of evil in the house.
  • An important custom on a holiday is picking herbs. On this day, they have magical powers, they need to be dried and used if someone gets sick.
  • Saturday before the festival — a memorial day. You need to go to church and put a candle for the rest of the deceased relatives, visit the cemetery, visit the dead.
  • The house for the holiday is traditionally decorated with birch twigs — a symbol of the holy celebration. It is believed that because of this, the year will be fruitful and comfortable, and the tree itself symbolizes the rapid and smooth growth of everything: children will be healthy and happy, the married life is long and stable, there will be wealth in everything. Before you decorate the home, you need to walk through the rooms and pat on all things and surfaces with a sprinkled birch twig.
  • Girls wash with morning dew in order to preserve their youth, beauty and health. Dew was collected with a towel, squeezing into a container.
  • To ask the land for fertility for a year, you need to consecrate birch branches and bury it in the field. In the modern world, this tradition is observed a little differently: they put a branch of a consecrated tree on the bottom of a flowerpot when it is transplanted.

Feast on the day of Pentecost is a very important tradition. You can not invite people who are unpleasant to you or unkind.

The tablecloth on the table should be green — this is a special, symbolic color on this holiday.

It is desirable that among the dishes there was a lot of baking, which the hostess herself should bake. Eggs are also an essential attribute of the Trinity dinner. The menu for the festival should be generous: meat, fruits, vegetables.

It is believed that then the year will be rich and happy, and nature will give twice the wealth.

Pentecostal plots have greater magical power than any other day or holiday. They were the centuries of the wisest people of the people, so their effectiveness is not in doubt.

Spells are simple or, conversely, difficult to pronounce and difficult, but more effective.

Such a rite brought his performer success in various affairs and was carried out necessarily at dawn, in the morning of the Trinity, on the street. At the same time such words were pronounced:

“If I stand up, I pray, I will go out, crossing myself, I will climb a high mountain, I will have a look around on all four sides. As on the east side of a green horse, a black horse grazes in a meadow, wild and wild.

No one saddled him, no one rode on it, that horse did not know the stirrups. I tame that horse, and he will walk under me obediently, carry wherever I want.

My will is strong, my word is true. Amen».

Another good fortune is rather a guardian for the reader for the whole year. He is very powerful.

It is necessary a day before the holiday to go to the forest or park and find a broken branch there. After bringing her home, and in Trinity, at dawn, light a church candle, break the branch into three parts and whisper to each:

“I implore the Holy Trinity to help me in my deeds, to direct the power of Heaven towards overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. As this branch was united and became triple, so my strength will be increased threefold. May luck give me a smile, and my life will turn out differently.

Let it be as I said. Amen».

Then you need to tie the branches with green tape three times and leave at home until Easter. After 3 days after it, throw them into the river.

There are many rituals and spoilage that can bring illness to the family. Our ancestors used such a conspiracy to protect themselves from this.

It is necessary to knead the dough and make tortillas. You need a lot of mass to feed them only your relatives. On each should draw a cross and read this prayer:

“I reject the sign of the cross, bread, God-given, from the deeds and illnesses of sorcerers of all stripes from all the townships. How this cake in me will digest, in the city .. but it will turn, so that no matter what the sorcerer starts against my family, the city would turn out for him. ”

After baking is ready — feed it all households.

Everyone wants to know the future, especially unmarried girls and single guys.

Divination on the Trinity is very common, because this day is a sacred folk festival, when all signs are considered magical, having their own power.

  1. 1. One of the most popular Trinity divinations — weaving wreaths. Only unmarried girls do this to attract strong love to their lives. The girls gathered wild flowers all day, made wreaths of them, and then let them go along the river. If the wreath sinks, it is a bad sign; will float or hit the shore — it means that love will soon appear in fate. Another unmarried girl, but already having a chosen one, must secretly present a wreath to a boyfriend to consecrate their union. Such a wreath is a powerful talisman that he must keep in his home.
  2. 2. Another interesting rite that calls for love is curling of a birch tree. The young ladies went into the forest and decorated birch with beads, ribbons and wreaths. They loved to dance around the trees, making you happy.
  3. 3. A very popular fortune telling, always performed at night: the maiden puts the birch branches under the pillow before bedtime. The guy who dreams of tonight is the betrothed.
  4. 4. Another simple way of divination to the Trinity: the birch branch. It can also be done by adult married women: you need to walk up to the birch and not pick a branch, and then carefully examine it. If the branch is flat and smooth, the year will be happy; will be a curve full of irregularities — difficulties are expected.

Guys on this day guessed at the links of the chain. For this ceremony, it is necessary to take a chain, make a wish and count how many links there are.

If the number of links is even, the desire will necessarily come true, if odd is not.

It is forbidden to work on a holiday, you can only cook food. Cleaning and housework is also condemned.

Swimming all week is also prohibited.

They say mermaids want to drag to the bottom, so go in the water is dangerous. Not welcome and bathing.

A willow cannot be brought into the house either: it can only be maple, birch, rowan or oak branches.

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