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Signs to get pregnant if not working

Folk omens to get pregnant if not working

Do you dream to see a positive test result? But does he remain negative again and again?

Doctors shrug, and you are ready to resort to unconventional method? Try to refer to the popular, time-tested signs. What are the signs to get pregnant?

Let’s try to figure it out.

Signs to get pregnant if not working

People signs of pregnancy

We share all possible options for a girl who wants to get pregnant to do. What the hell is not joking — suddenly people’s signs will help:

  1. There are already pregnant familiar girls? It’s time to «use» them! It is believed that if you try something edible, prepared by a pregnant woman, then your own pregnancy will not keep you waiting long!
  2. Send a request to the Universe! The first rule is not to ask what you want by type: “I want to get pregnant”, but to wish it as if you already received it. The first step — write on a piece of paper: «I am pregnant!» And put in a secluded place. Second — buy a couple of children’s things and keep at home. It is not necessary to go broke on something large-scale such as a stroller or crib. Enough to buy nipples, booties or feeding bottle
  3. Use the energy of plants. Namely, get a ficus home! According to folk signs, this plant absorbs negative energy, which, perhaps, prevents the appearance of the baby. Put a plant pot in the bedroom
  4. Use the energy of pregnant women. If there is a woman in your family who is demolished, great! Sit on the chair after the girl in the position sat on it. Stroke the bulging tummy, presenting yourself with the same. Talk to future moms more
  5. Take a photo with a pregnant. Ask a friend or sister, if they are in position, to take a photo together. Print the picture and store at home
  6. The elephant will help. Folk Thai sign — touching the elephant increases the chance of getting pregnant. In Russia, you can hardly find a real live elephant, but you can buy statuettes depicting this strong kind animal. Put them at home
  7. Memorize dreams. Folk signs say that the surest prophetic (for pregnancy) sleep is the one in which you saw the fish
  8. Get the fish. It is believed that the energy of these animals also increases the chances of having a baby. If there is no opportunity to buy an aquarium and fill it with fish, at least draw them on paper
  9. Try breast milk. Not everyone agrees to try it, and not every nursing mother voluntarily gives the milk to someone for the sample. But if there is such an opportunity — do not miss
  10. Wear jewelry with agate. Ask your husband for a gift ring, pendant or earrings with these stones. Agate has a powerful energy, which may help you
  11. Take a pilgrimage to holy places. If you have the opportunity to go on such a journey and touch the shrines — fine. In every city, in every country there are places that, according to legends, help girls to gain maternal happiness. Search the Internet for a list of such places available to you, and go!
  12. Icons and prayers. Arrange the houses of the saints and read the prayers aimed at your need. Vera often helps those who are not helped by medicine, why are you worse?
  13. Positive attitude. Work on your emotions and your behavior. Stop conflicting, quarrel, use rude, swear words in your speech. Turn into an optimist who infects everyone with his positive
  14. Sea air. Wet and warm sea climate often helps girls improve their health and increase the reproductive abilities of the body. Buy a ticket to a hot country, take your husband and go ahead — relax, relax and try to conceive a child

These are the most common options that have helped a lot of women. But what if everything did not help? Often, health is ideal, but getting pregnant is never possible.

The reason in such cases lies in the emotional, psychological state of the girl. Therefore, we share the recommendations of psychologists.

Signs to get pregnant if not working

«Signs» and the advice of psychologists

It happens like this: the girl is healthy, her partner too, the ability to conceive is wonderful, and the child is not working. What’s the matter?

Many psychologists believe: the thing is emotional stress and obsession with one’s own problem. You think about pregnancy too often, you want it too much.

Therefore, the body begins to defend itself, and conception does not occur.

Therefore, you need to try to leave the thought of the child, relax, go about your life. Such incidents often happen: a couple despaired of having their own child, adopted a baby from an orphanage, and six months later saw a positive pregnancy test.

And you will find some more folk signs in the video:

What is recommended to do:

  • Stop running for doctors and look for the very specialist who will determine the cause of «chronic non-pregnancy»
  • Pay attention to your own life, do self-development. It’s time to look for your dream job. If there is one, find a hobby that will bring great pleasure. Go in for sports, sign up for yoga, acting classes, art or music school. Enjoy life!
  • Stop complaining, look for the guilty, endlessly talking with friends on the topic: «Oh, so I want a baby!». Pay attention to people around you. How can you help them, support, cheer. Do not talk about yourself, but listen and ask about what is happening in their lives.

Signs to get pregnant if not working

If you manage to relax as much as possible and stop focusing on the desire to get pregnant. If you forget about your problem at all, perhaps the two cherished strips on the test will appear completely unexpectedly.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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