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Signs that what itches for a girl: back, forehead, neck

What does itch mean in a particular part of a girl’s body?

Is there a clue, a sign that it is scratched with a girl? After all, sometimes you want to look a little ahead, into the future, to protect yourself from stupid mistakes, or vice versa — to see that only joy lies ahead, and not to be afraid of anything … There are many who will accept them.

Some created the people, for centuries observing the laws and imaginary accidents, while the gifted modern magicians share with us.

Signs that what itches for a girl: back, forehead, neck

Itching back

  • Under the neck: some burden will fall on you. Perhaps, these will be obligations of the family plan (for example, you will have to care for a sick relative), there will be a blockage at work (and most of your colleagues will “do it all”, and you will have to do everything almost on your own), you will be sent on a business trip (fortunately ).
  • Above the shoulder blades: minor problems await you.
  • Shoulder blades. Both at once: you can fall in love. Only one: this is a sure sign of a change of weather (wait for the rain).
  • Loins: a black line can enter your life. However, if your body in this place is decorated with at least a small mole, you will not need to fear the bad — the mole serves as the best talisman of luck.
  • Tailbone: bad luck can happen to you. Important! If you feel an itch at dusk or dawn and do not heroically scratch yourself there (even if you don’t touch it), you will be able to avoid trouble.

And if the priest was itching?

  • On right. You can quarrel with your boyfriend or fiancé, as one of you will play Othello. Also, such a sign can warn about the conflict with relatives, small domestic problems.
  • Left. Oddly enough, the itchy priest in this place promises you a meeting with his fate, that is, the betrothed one. If you already like some guy, knock on the window and the door, and then call his name three times.
  • Does it itch all? This is an adventure. If itching is small, they will limit themselves to a cheerful picnic, a holiday, a trip. If it is very intense, the jolly can grow into a dangerous extreme, at which you (or neighbors) can suffer greatly.
  • Was it combed first on the right and then on the left? It says: in life everything alternates, like stripes on the back of a zebra. Yes, you will have a lot of worries that will tire you a lot — however, all these “adventures” will end in getting what you dream about.
  • Are you a bride? In this case, the priest warns: you are very lucky, including in the future family life (if itching on the left); your future spouse may start drinking, which will bring you much sadness (if it itches on the right). If the buttocks «give a sign» in turn, this is a bad omen promising your pair a lot of trouble. Yes, you will overcome them, but your health will suffer as a result.

Want to scratch your forehead?

Signs that what itches for a girl: back, forehead, neck

  • The forehead itches, because the head is actively solving some question. Yes, you probably have some problem over which you are fighting. But since the head was itching, it means that soon you will find a way out of the situation.
  • Itching near brow. Left: be careful, you can, without knowing it, much to offend a loved one. Right: you could be under attack by a tram cum, an internet troll, or just someone else’s ill-mannered person.
  • The forehead itches in the center: you will meet a person who will have a strong influence on your life.
  • The nose bridge may indicate different things: from alcohol consumed in the future to the death of someone you know.

Scratched tummy

  • If you are in a relationship, this omen may promise pregnancy. So if you do not plan to go on maternity leave, do not trust the «safe days». This sign can reinforce the dreams in which you saw fish, children, mushrooms.
  • If you are young and lonely, itchy belly promises a new thing. And you will cover this place with a cloth — so buy a dress, a blouse or a sweater.
  • Ancient interpreters believed that the itchy belly predicted trouble for the girl. However, modern magicians are sure: this is a purely family omen. She promises quick marriage and large families to “family” girls, and early periods for those who dream of building a career.

Itchy neck

Signs that what itches for a girl: back, forehead, neck

  • Most often, signs say: you have to become the heroine of a heated quarrel in which you find yourself verbally defeated. As they say, the neck feels that it is “soaped”.
  • The second popular interpretation is more positive: you will go on a journey or on a noisy family holiday (say, a wedding).
  • Is it itchy on the side? This means that you are hardworking and skillful — a real hostess!
  • Have you scratched her in front? You will enjoy your time.
  • Behind: you can become the heroine of a quarrel that ends in a fight. So be as tactful as possible in communication, do not get personal and try to extinguish conflicts in the bud — why do you, the girl, take part in the “scuffle”?
  • If it is not only neck itching, but also the back of the head, the sign becomes positive: you will meet an old friend.

So, you «got» a negative interpretation, and you want to get rid of it? It’s simple: wrap the pin with black thread and lightly knock yourself in an itchy place. The second option: take a silver spoon (necessarily brightly shiny) and move it around the “problem” place.

If it is difficult to get there, ask someone from the family — the effect of «massage» will be the same.

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