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Signs: Sheflera in the house

Signs: Sheflera in the house

Sheflera — a beautiful tree with glossy leaves. The houses keep its indoor variety — for the same beautiful leaves with an umbrella. But not only.

What are the signs associated with Shefleroy in the house and how it helps (or hinders?) Well-being?

Signs: Sheflera in the house

Sheflera is considered an energy vampire. All the flowers and living things absorb the energy of the home and react to it somehow, but Sheflera does it more actively. If it looks good, it predicts success and prosperity.

A bad feeling plant hints at an ambulance failures.

Transparent nowhere. But, as usual, there are nuances that need to be taken into account, if you really decided to listen to the indoor flower.

What can a chef

The main properties of the cheflera, as already mentioned, are two: it absorbs energy and predicts the future. Perhaps they are connected with each other, because the negative energy at home leads to difficulties in the family, and the chefleader, having been fed up, withers just like people, when they are tired, quarreled and everything falls out of their hands.

Future prediction

How to determine by chefler what lies ahead? And what to do with it?

  • The plant leaves folded — a sign of approaching quarrels, disputes. As our ears are curled up from screams and insults, so the chefler does not want to listen to this. On the other hand, omen may
    carry and a positive connotation: sluggish conflict is resolved, even if by a cry, and the world at home
  • will recover.
  • Young cheflera stopped growing — to stagnation in business. What was resolved earlier by itself, stalled, the necessary answers will get stuck somewhere, the results of labor will not manifest immediately. The treatment of this scourge is obvious: stir up worries, put in order what you can. At least clean the clogged sink — and the rest will go.
  • Sheflera, on the contrary, suddenly released new leaves — a good omen means fast profit, success in work. For schoolchildren and students — successful study. Within reasonable limits, of course: the loser will not automatically become an excellent student, but the improvements will be obvious.
  • The skyrocketing skyrocketing spell birth of a child or otherwise addition to the family. Perhaps adult children will bring their halves to the house or the grandmother will present a long-awaited puppy for the holiday? For planning children couples — definitely a good sign.
  • The leaves began to fall off — to diseases. Time to do health, to reconsider the lifestyle. In the most extreme cases means death. Fearing ahead of time is not necessary: ​​omens do not always work, and death is not necessarily in the same house where the chefler lives, and not necessarily human.
  • Dark leaves mean financial failures. It’s definitely not time to take out a loan and throw away money for extra purchases. Attentiveness and economy will help to survive a difficult period.
  • Sheflera suddenly began to languish or, worse, rot — to serious frustration, split in the family or team. Try not to bring conflicts to serious and long grievances. The faster and sincerely the relatives and acquaintances are reconciled — the stronger the bonds and the better the sensitive chefler feels.
  • As plants, pregnant women can learn about the health of the fetus. If the chefler feels great, then everything is good with the future child. If the chef is rotting, fading, losing color, it is better to be vigilant and check with the doctor and take care of yourself.

Energetic cleaning

Signs: Sheflera in the house

Those who are afraid of energetic vampirism do not have to worry: the chefler absorbs mostly negative energy. A kind of ventilation of the room or, if you like, quartz treatment.

Perfect for people who can not tolerate negativity next to him — and a little less useful for those who have negative feelings lead to vigor and productivity.

Sheflera rarely blooms, but if he still pleases with such an unusual spectacle, this is a sure indicator that the house is in complete harmony.

The chef is “working” slowly so that the energy is established, she must live in the house for at least several months. It would be ideal to take it to a new place so that it would deal with the harmful traces of the previous owners.

Like many plants, a chef is considered able to “hear” people’s thoughts, read their mindset.

Signs: Sheflera in the house

How to use energy Sheflera

With the mind, the applied chefler will help avoid trouble and improve the atmosphere at home and at work. What needs to be done so that she does not just stand beautiful on the window sill, but do her own magic?

  1. Proper care. A shefler can wither away not only from bad forebodings, but also from careless withdrawal. Remember: she does not like water directly from the tap, you need to let it stand for at least two days before watering. Pouring is just as dangerous as overdrying.
  2. Remove her from where your anger comes in handy.. You know how to throw out the negative into useful things (scrape the scorch from the pans angrily, fiercely rip off the wallpaper during the repair) — fine, the chef is not needed, it will only interfere with vigor. You have to aggressively confront the abuser — stay away from the cheflers for a while (or give him a pot and stop communicating with him).
  3. Settle in the place of mind and study. Sheflera absorbs intelligent waves and helps to learn. But near the TV or in the kitchen, if it is not customary to have deep conversations there, there will be no benefit from it.
  4. Take her to work. Sheflera is sensitive to the state of cash flow, even more sensitive than to family matters. For double use, put it in negotiation or where deals are made — it will tell you with a healthy look when you need to be persistent and it will pay off.
  5. “Introduce” to the chefler new people. Let the acquaintance with the fiancé of the daughter or fiancé of the son be held in a room with a chef (with business partners also works). Then observe the plant, if it has not caught the negative thoughts and the coming abuse.
  6. Put in the bedroom. But not near the bed, but where you spend a few hours before bedtime. Fall asleep with negative emotions — there will be no rest, let the cheflere calm the atmosphere before you close your eyes.

In the house of responsible, efficient people who do not forget to care for indoor plants (and one after another) and the atmosphere is calm, and sheflera pleased.

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