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Signs on the weather — on plants, animals, the moon and the sun

Signs on the weather

Why do we believe the signs on the weather more than predicted? The weather center has not once let us down, and we do not know on what basis they decide what the temperature will be and whether it will rain.

Plants, animals are always nearby, understandable and close, so nature must know what is happening to it!

The options will take many, and even if you live in a city and are far from the earth in its natural sense, cats, dogs, birds and beetles do not go anywhere, the sky is one for all. No one will be without weather prediction!

Signs on the weather - on plants, animals, the moon and the sun

Signs on the sky and luminaries

The most accessible «screen», which reflects the signs of weather changes. He raised his head — certainly found one or another omen.

  • The sun in the haze, the light is dim — to bad weather.
  • The sun sets in the clouds — the rain the next day.
  • If the sun rises in rainy weather — precipitation will continue for several days.
  • The ring around the sun (a kind of rainbow) in clear weather means rapid rain. It is logical: the atmosphere is saturated with moisture, and various light effects appear in it.
  • But in the rain such a ring promises its soon termination and clear days henceforth.
  • Complete moon clearly visible on a clear cloud from the sky — to good weather, especially if it is yellow.
  • A white, pale moon, rising among the clouds, promises wet weather with rain.
  • Small, soft stars suddenly ceased to be visible — to a strong wind. An ordinary person is unlikely to notice the «absence» of a pair of stars, but for the beginning astronomers the optics will serve.
  • Falling stars in the summer portend long rains.
  • Sky at sunset it turned red in the west — the weather will be fine tomorrow.
  • If at sunset the sky is in the east (from the opposite side of the sun) crimson color — the night will be windy.

Signs on natural phenomena

The best signs are those for which you do not need to look for a specific plant, animal or place. These signs will find you yourself.

  • The hills are covered by fog on the peaks — sign of a quick rain.
  • Long good weather is predicted by fog before dawn at full moon. How many things have to match for good days to happen!
  • If the fog is damp, as if sticky, and the wind stirs and carries it away — it will certainly rain.
  • A light even fog in the early morning, when the sun had already risen, hints at a clear day.
  • In the evening of the hot day the grass is dry, without dew — it will rain tomorrow.
  • Abundant evening dew in summer and autumn speaks of clear weather the next day.
  • Appeared in the rain rainbow — a sign that the rain will end soon.
  • Morning rainbow foreshadows precipitation in the afternoon.
  • Suddenly rising in hot weather wind — Sign of a quick rain, but not easy, but with a thunderstorm!
  • If the wind, which blew for several days in a row, suddenly died down — expect good weather for several days.

Signs on the weather - on plants, animals, the moon and the sun

Signs on plants

Plants are the best natural barometers and thermometers. The need to survive pushes them toward sensitivity to changes in the weather and gives them mechanisms to adapt to heat and to cold, dampness and drought.

The beauty is that the plants start preparing for a certain weather in advance.

C vety and herbs

  • Potato flowers before the rain lean to the ground.
  • In cloudy weather, flowers buttercup remain open — the rain will not go.
  • Dandelions inflorescences are collected during the day — to damp and clouds, and possibly to precipitation.
  • Spring leaves water lily surfaced — frosts are over.
  • Bird cherry blooms just before a cold snap. One of the most accurate and consistently acting signs, verified by generations.
  • Before the storm clover picks up the leaves, folds tightly around the stems, and in front of good, hot weather, straightens it on the ground, exposes the sun.
  • Fern spins leaves before heat and drought, and straightens — before the rain.
  • See a lot wild sorrel — Winter this year promises to be mild and rich in the thaw.
  • Inflorescences chaff closed in advance: a day or two before the rain. WITH mallow there is the same picture.


  • Loose leaves maple hints that from now on the weather will be warm.
  • Hazel gave a lot of nuts — a sign of a snowy and frosty winter.
  • In dry weather, droplets gathered on the leaves of a weeping willow — to be raining.
  • Flowers acacia Nectar is excreted with double force and spreads its aroma — a sign of a quick rain.
  • In the spring Birch tree released leaves before alder — to dry summer, if on the contrary — to rainy.
  • On oak tree many acorns — to a cold, harsh winter. Get warm!
  • Rowan brought little fruit — the prediction of a dry autumn, a lot — rainy.

Signs on insects

Bad weather can cause significant harm to small creatures. Therefore, they have learned to feel it in advance.

  • Out of sight flies — winter will come soon with becoming cold.
  • Ants in the winter they hid in an anthill — a sign of snowfall.
  • But if the ants hid under the bark of a tree (or in its folds) — rain is expected.
  • A lot of flies in the evening midges — to the clear next day.
  • Running through the apartment white cockroach — to an extremely frosty winter.
  • Mosquitoes do not calm down until October — a sign of the coming warm winter.
  • Abundance wasps and dragonflies talks about dry summer.

Signs on birds

Birds are “specialists” in signs: they, depending on their behavior, foreshadow happiness, unhappiness, family replenishment, catastrophes … To predict the future weather for them is to spit.

City birds

  • Sparrows before drought, they gather in flocks and restlessly scurry back and forth.
  • Before the rain, they are busy in the sand.
  • The rooks, as in the famous painting, they arrive before the snow melts, but they warmly bode confidently.
  • Crows they croak loudly — they promise bad weather.
  • Cooing pigeons — signs of early warming.

Domestic bird

  • Roosters they sing earlier than usual to annoy the owners, but also to announce a thaw.
  • Ducks they strive to gather on the dais — it will soon rain, and it will be long.
  • Hen presses one paw — a sign of a cold snap.
  • In cloudy weather, chickens (and ducks) run along the street and are not in a hurry under the shed — it will not rain.

Wild birds

  • Bullfinch sings, foreshadowing a blizzard.
  • Spring appeared in the sky swallows — soon to be the first spring thunder.
  • The most famous sign: the swallows fly low — to the rain.
  • And if the swallows fly high, the weather will be clear.
  • Swallows are hiding under the roof in front of a strong bad weather storm.
  • Seagulls they sit quietly on the water and even sleep — the weather will be clear and quiet, windless.
  • Cuckoo She kukkaet in the fall — the winter will be late, and before it will be warm.
  • Also, the cuckoo is coughing before an early and fine spring.

Signs on animals

Animals well predict what the weather is coming: insensitive to its changes simply did not survive the process of evolution. Pets did not have time to lose this skill.


Signs on the weather - on plants, animals, the moon and the sun


  • The cat got into the habit of curling up tight, especially on the knees, at the battery or in another warm place — a sign of frost.
  • The cat is sitting on the window and looking out for a long time, as if looking for something — the weather will soon be established.
  • The cat carefully licks its tail — to the rain.
  • Also to precipitation — cat sneezing.
  • The cat scratches and claws the floor, walls, doors and furniture — predicts strong winds. In winter, they naturally lead to blizzards.
  • The cat is scattered on the floor, pulled out, flattened out — heralds a thaw, warming.


  • The dog lies on his back and rolls from side to side — a sign of approaching rainy days.
  • If in winter a dog eats snow and with enthusiasm it rolls in snowdrifts, as if it wants to scratch itself — to severe frosts.
  • It also foreshadows a cold dog, striving to lump up.
  • The dog suddenly stopped eating enough, requested additional food — it would soon rain and the weather would completely deteriorate. Especially this sign is relevant for the fall.
  • The dog is stretched on the ground — wait for the hot weather.


  • Before heavy rains cows getting less milk.
  • The cows themselves, without additional efforts of the shepherd, hurry to the barn — a sign of fast frosts.
  • Horses snort, anticipating clear weather.
  • The wheezing and raising heads of the horse foreshadow the rains.
  • In anticipation of hot weather, horses tend to lie down on the ground, before the cold — to stay on their feet.
  • Wool the sheep it becomes rougher before sunny, dry days; it softens before rains.

Wild animals

  • The chipmunks they shout before the storm, whistling before a little rain.
  • Deer and moose often move from place to place, can not get settled in any way — will accept bad weather.
  • Squirrels nests are made closer to the ground — to the harsh winter, high, at the top of the tree — to the winter mild.
  • In front of warm and clear days, the squirrel vigorously jumps along branches and is lively in general.

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