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Signs on the Red Hill

Signs on the Red Hill

Red Hill is celebrated on April 19. This is the time of arrival of spring and heat. On this day, our ancestors ascended the mountain and met the sunrise, glorifying God Yarilo.

The Red Hill is a pagan holiday, but its customs, traditions and, especially folk omens, have firmly entered our lives.

On the Red Hill, observing the signs and following the legends, it was possible to attract love, luck and well-being. What did our distant ancestors do on this day?

People signs on the Red Hill April 19

  • If you play the wedding on the Red Hill, the lovers will live happily ever after.
  • It is impossible for young and unmarried to sit at home on this day — otherwise you will miss your destiny. On this day, fun folk festivities began, in which the guys were looking for brides for themselves, and the girls lured prominent guys and tried to please them. The holiday was a great opportunity to meet and find a mate.

  • If you throw a coin into the well on Krasnaya Gorka, you will attract happiness and well-being into your life. You can also make a wish by throwing money into any reservoir — it will certainly be fulfilled.
  • If you wash your face from an icon, you will be rich. On this day, it was customary to wash the icons. The remaining water, many washed to attract money. It is believed that the water that washed the icons on the Red Hill, has amazing power.

  • Who reads prayer on the Red Hill, life itself prolongs. It is believed that the prayers on this day quickly reach God.
  • The clear weather on Krasnaya Gorka foreshadowed a good harvest and a good year. After all, this is a holiday of the Sun, and if it shines and warms on this day, it means that it extends its favor to everyone.
  • You cannot be sad and cry on Krasnaya Gorka, otherwise the whole year will be persecuted by trouble. Also, the spouses on that day tried not to swear, since this could have caused trouble in the family.

As a tribute to the traditions of our ancestors and Slavic culture, greet the Sun on this day, then it will bring light and good into your life! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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