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Signs on the Baptism of the Lord

Signs on the Baptism of the Lord

A lot of folk signs and superstitions are associated with the holiday of Epiphany. The signs of baptism listened with special attention. According to the weather and natural phenomena of this day, it is possible to determine what the next winter will be, when spring will come and what harvest will be in the summer.

Also baptismal signs can tell how your fate in the coming year. There are many signs associated with wealth, well-being and love, which have also been respected and respected by many people to this day.

Epiphany signs on the weather

  • Bright stars in the sky in Epiphany, the summer will be dry and hot, the spring will be early, and the autumn will be warm.
  • A lot of snow on baptism — to a rich harvest.
  • If on Baptism blizzard, then there will be a lot of snow until Easter.
  • If the snow at the baptism brings down flakes, then it promises a clear summer and a good harvest.
  • If on the Epiphany Eve thaw, then it promises warm weather for another week.
  • If baptismal frosts are stronger than Christmas, the year will be fruitful. If the epiphany frosts last a week, then after that you have to wait for a week of thaw, and after this week — another seven days there will be a strong frost, which will be the last this winter.

Signs of baptism for prosperity, well-being and good luck

  • If baptism is fair, and at night there are a lot of stars, this promises a rich year and good luck in business. Also, this popular omen promises a quiet year without major political and financial upheavals.
  • Lots of snow for baptism — health will be strong. The melted snow of the Epiphany, like the water of the Epiphany, has healing properties, and therefore the snowdrifts for baptism are a sign of well-being for the whole year.
  • If an unmarried girl went out to baptism from the house and she came across a beautiful and young man, then it promised a quick wedding. If she met an old man or a patient, then this year she would not be her bride.
  • If you hear on baptism the constant barking of dogs, then it is to material well-being.
  • If on the night of baptism plunge into the hole, then all year you will be healthy, happy and lucky.

Happy holiday to you! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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