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Signs on Maslenitsa

Signs on Maslenitsa

Maslenitsa is rich not only in pancakes, but also in national signs and superstitions. In the Shrovetide week, winter seeing off and spring meeting take place, therefore this day, as a peculiar milestone, was of great importance. Signs on Maslenitsa predict life for the whole year and the weather.

Folk omens for Shrovetide week

  • How many pancakes you will print, so many good days you will attract.
  • It is believed that if you do not burn everything old and unnecessary on Shrovetide, the old problems will remain. «Out of the house is old stuff — you will be dressed for a year in a novee!»
  • The sound of the whistles on Maslenitsa invites spring. The whistle of the whistles on this holiday predicts a quick thaw.

  • Those who skimp on Shrovetide will be ruined in a year. At Pancake Week, it is customary to spend money on food, trinkets and entertainment. No wonder Shrovetide called generous. So if you generously meet and spend it, then the year will be generous for you.
  • If the day before Shrovetide was rainy, then the year will be rich and fruitful.
  • If on Forgiveness Sunday, the whole family seven times a day will sit at the table and eat pancakes and other delicacies, then the year will go well.
  • If you go to bed until midnight on Forgiveness Sunday, you will easily wake up in the morning throughout the year.

  • Maslenitsa not burn — all the troubles and problems in your life leave.
  • If in the Maslenitsa week to roll down at least once, then the whole year will be like clockwork. And if you ride all week, you’ll be rolling all year round like cheese in butter.
  • At Shrovetide to treat pancake to a stranger or a beggar is a good sign, promising an increase in profits this year.
  • If at the Pancake Week mother-in-law treats her son-in-law with pancakes on Wednesday, and her son-in-law mother-in-law on Friday, then the whole year the family will have peace and quiet.
  • If the Pancake comes out first, then the whole year will be unsuccessful. If the hostess did not have culinary talent and the first pancake was spoiled, then it was possible to avoid bad omens by feeding him to the birds outside the window.

Spend Maslenitsa week fun and active, and then the whole year you will have success, luck and well-being! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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