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Signs on feng shui: how to avoid failures

Signs on feng shui: how to avoid failures

In ancient China, the founders of feng shui laws of luck and failure were discovered. If we compare them with our folk objects, then we can trace a certain interrelation. And if our signs were created by observation, then signs of Feng Shui are based on knowledge about energy. What is surprising, all these signs work!

Let’s find out the basic signs of Feng Shui and find out how they work and what it is not necessary to do in order not to send trouble on themselves.

Say goodbye through the threshold — to be in trouble. According to feng shui apartments, the threshold has a strong energy meaning. The threshold of the house is the border.

The fact that beyond the threshold, that is, on the other side of the house, is someone else’s. And the house itself is its own, that which is endowed with positive energy. Based on this, those who say goodbye through the threshold lose touch with each other. Words and energy are lost on the invisible energy boundary, called the threshold.

Between people who said goodbye through the threshold can be lost mutual understanding and trust.

You can not go home from half way, otherwise there will be no luck on the road. This sign is also associated with energy threshold. The threshold, as we already know, represents the border that divides the two worlds, so going over the threshold several times we can lose a lot of energy.

If you still had to return, do not rush to leave quickly. Sit a little to restore energy or look in the mirror. Your reflection will double the energy that will save you from adversity.

You can not look into a broken mirror. According to feng shui, all cracked or broken reflective objects carry destructive energy. A person who sees his reflection in a cracked object risks splitting his life forces into parts.

It is necessary to get rid of all the cracked objects in your house, otherwise they will suck the energy of the tenants.

You can not stand in the corner. Have you ever thought about why small children are put into a corner as punishment? The fact is that all the sharp corners in the house take away energy.

Thus, the child-joker, who has done something, in the corner will quickly lose his hooligan fervor and calm down. Of course, parents who apply such a punishment to their children do not think at all about the meaning that she carries.

You can not cook in a bad mood. If you feel irritation, anger, rage and other negative emotions, then the food you have prepared can have very unpleasant consequences for those who eat it. The fact is that when cooking, we charge the products with our energy, and if it is negative, then cooked dishes will also carry a negative, which can seriously affect the health and emotional state of those who have eaten such a dish.

You can not sit on the corner of the table. According to this sign, a girl who has sat down on a corner of the table cannot marry for seven years. But these are flowers.

In fact, everything is much more serious. Any person, regardless of gender and age, who often sits on the corner, weakens energetically, he has problems with money, in relationships with the opposite sex and at work. Feng shui houses generally recommend avoiding a large number of corners in the interior of the living space.

Walk under the rainbow — there will be happiness. Such a belief, of course, can not be taken literally, because walking under a rainbow, in principle, is impossible. However, creating a rainbow in your house is quite realistic.

Arched openings — this is what is needed to attract well-being to the house. They will create a favorable atmosphere that will bring good, money and health.

Signs on feng shui include the basis of Chinese philosophy. If you want to bring good luck into your life and avoid negativity, then you should listen to the popular wisdom of the ancient Chinese. Rid your life of negative energy and fill it with light, warmth and love.

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