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Signs of the national calendar by months of the year

Signs of the national calendar by months of the year

To mark the passage of time is easiest on memorable days. The people’s calendar, the one that we got from our ancestors, has been full of various church holidays, because the Church has been a cultural monopolist from time immemorial.

The signs of the national calendar, all as one, are tied to the day of this or that saint, martyr, reverend, and so on.

Signs and superstitions about the weather, however, are based more on observations than on the “properties” of one or another personality important for Orthodoxy, the bottom of which is being discussed. And the observations can be trusted to some extent.

The people were interested in the weather and the harvest, and gardeners are happy to use all the knowledge that they have accumulated in our days.


Signs of the national calendar by months of the year

  • January 6 — Christmas Eve. Clear, clear Christmas Eve — to a good harvest.
  • January 7 — Orthodox Christmas. If this day happens thaw — Spring will be warm and come early.
  • January 18 — Epiphany Eve. If a he falls to full moon, spring flood is expected.
  • January 19 — Baptism. If on baptism snowstorms sweep — Winter will be long and cold until spring. Cold clear weather — to the dry summer.


  • February 2 — Ethemius It’s a nasty day promises blizzards ahead. If a the sun came out at noon — Spring will come early.
  • February 14 — Trifon (Valentine’s Day in our latitudes did not yet know). If a stars are clearly visible — spring is delayed.
  • February 15 — The Presentation of the Lord. According to the weather at Sretenie, spring was determined. If a it’s snowing with the wind — spring will be cold, and if clear and warm — then spring is expected to be warm.
  • February 25 is the Day of the Icon of the Mother of God. By bright many stars understood that the year will be fruitful.


  • March 5 — Lev Katansky. Not weather sign: see a shooting star — Unfortunately.
  • March 13 — Basil the Confessor. Rain this day promises a wonderful summer.
  • March 17 — Gerasim Grachevnik. If a the rooks do not fly into the old nests, they build new ones — spring water will still be high for a long time.
  • March 18 — Konon Ogorodnik. Will be stand clear weather — hail is not expected in summer.


  • April 7 — Annunciation. The first mushrooms appeared on the hill — summer will be rainy, in a lowland — arid.
  • April 14 — Mary of Egypt. Ice comes off the waters at once — The year will be successful, and not only in terms of weather.
  • April 21 — Rodion and Ruth. Clear dawn — great summer, and if the sun rose in the clouds — inclement.
  • April 24 — Antip Polovod. If a ponds have not yet opened — Should wait in the summer of bad weather.


Signs of the national calendar by months of the year

  • May 1 — Kozma. Warm day promises a cold at the end of May, chill — on the contrary, warm May.
  • May 11 — Maximov day. A warm wind blew. — to good health.
  • May 21 — Ivan the Theologian. Rainy day predicts that there will be a lot of mushrooms.
  • May 27 — Sydor Borage. North wind hints at a cold summer.


  • June 5 — Levon the Monk. If a there are many gadfly — there will be a good harvest of vegetables.
  • June 7 — Ivanov’s Day. Rowan many flowers — Autumn will come early.
  • June 8 — Karp Karpolov. Noticed on this day a lot of mosquitoes — The end of June promises to be rainy, but warm.
  • June 14 — Ustin and Chariton. On this day, it was imperative spend as much time as possible with your loved one — to a strong marriage.
  • June 18 — Dorofey. If a weed in the morning on dorothea all weeds — it will grow slower.


  • July 3 — Methodius Weather Indicator. Rain This day reports that the whole month will be damp.
  • July 7 — Ivan Kupala. Holidaymakers know the holidaymakers, far from both gardening and popular culture in principle: since that time, the water has warmed up and you can swim. Rain On this day — a happy sign, promising good weather in the future.
  • July 10 — Samson Senogna. But if the rain will go to Samson — do not stop until the end of summer.
  • July 17 — Andrey Naliva. If a yellow leaves have already appeared on the trees — Autumn and winter will come very early.


  • August 7 — Anna Wintergiver. Weather before lunch determines the weather until December after lunch — after December.
  • August 16 — Anton Vikhrevei. Strong winds are blowing to a snowy winter.
  • August 27 — Micah. The wind is strong, gusts — to damp September, a quiet breeze — to a pleasant, clear autumn.
  • August 28 — Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Good weather On this day, she predicted that the Indian summer in September would be inclement.


Signs of the national calendar by months of the year

  • September 3 — Thaddeus. Sunny, cloudless weather She said that all September will be clear.
  • September 8 — Natalia Ovsyannitsa. Cold morning — to early and frosty winter.
  • September 19th — Michael. Leaves flying from trees fall backwards. — to a warm winter way down — to cold. If a and so and that — to quite mild winter weather.
  • September 28 — Nikita Reporez. On this day, watching the poultry. Geese tighten their paws — to frosts, actively wash, splash in water — to heat, hiding their beaks under the wing — to the rapid arrival of spring.


  • October 1 — Arina. To see cranes flying to the south on this day — to frost in the middle of the month.
  • October 3 — Eustathius. Fog in the morning promises a clear, lovely autumn, as well as spiderweb flying in the afternoon. BUT North wind — the early arrival of cold weather.
  • October 9 — John. It rained with snow — in January-February there will be frequent thaws.
  • October 27 — Paraskaveya Gryazniha. Dry and windy weather promises the same next summer. Raw it means that until the winter with steady snow there is exactly one month left.


  • November 8 — Dmitry Solunsky. Snow — at Easter it will be snowing too.
  • November 12 — Zinovy ​​and Zinovia. Tits appeared near the house in large quantities — the cold is around the corner.
  • November 19 — Paul the Confessor and Varlaam Khutinsky. Snow this day means that all winter will be snowy.
  • November 25 — John the Merciful. It’s raining on John — until the beginning of December there will be thaws.
  • November 27 — Philip. Crows caw — again, they promise a thaw.


  • December 1 — Plato and Roman. On this day all winter was judged. Clear weather — to sunny winter.
  • December 12 — Paramon Winter Indicator. The snow is thick in the lowlands — strong snowstorms are coming.
  • December 13 — Andrew the First Called. If a the water is quiet — then the winter will be quiet, if noisy — Winter is not without blizzards and snowstorms.
  • December 22 — Anna Winter. If a snow fell heavily — summer will be wet and rainy, if it’s not so much — to good summer weather.

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