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Signs of spring

Signs of spring

Winter is finally receding, nature and people are waking up, a timid hope for warmth appears. Summer residents are preparing for the season, the townspeople — for the descent of snow and going out into the countryside for the weekend.

The weather worries both those and others, and the signs of spring here will be very useful, since they consist almost entirely of weather.

The buds are blooming far from immediately, as spring has come on the calendar, and the grass does not appear immediately from under the snow. Therefore, unlike summer and autumn signs, spring includes mainly observations of the state of the sky, water, and weather at the given moment, and not of plants and animals.

Birds, however, arrive precisely in the spring, and some superstitions are associated with them.

Signs of spring

Forecast for the near future

The spring season is famous for the variability of weather, so even the forecast read on the net may change in the evening. It is believed that it is safer to observe nature itself.

You can even find it in the city: the sky, the birds, and no green space at your disposal.

Signs of good weather

Trips to the country or just to take a walk on the nature do not depend on anything so much as on the weather. Choosing a good spring day by signs!

  • Rare clouds in the sky — it will be clear, albeit cool.
  • Loud chirping tits according to signs promise warm weather.
  • If you had a chance see bullfinches andhear their songs — wait for the emergency thaw.
  • Sparrows swimming in a puddle — The weather will be warm.
  • Clouds are slightly colored blue. — to warming, however, it can rain. The sign is especially relevant in the middle of spring.
  • The sky is clear before noon, and then suddenly clouds begin to gather — to a warm, good day, although not very sunny.
  • Crows play on the fly — sign of the onset of heat. You need to take a good look: the games of birds are sometimes indistinguishable from a fight.
  • During sunset in the south cloudy — it will be warm.
  • Clouds high in the sky, especially in March — a sure sign of dry and clear weather.
    Signs of spring
  • Gathered over the water (river, for example) light clouds quickly disappear, it costs the sun to rise — you can expect a great, clear and warm day.

Signs of bad weather

The spring of the middle lane often «pleases» with cold, precipitation and the general disgusting weather. How to find out when it is better to sit at home and wait for a real sunny spring?

  • Small clouds in the sky in the morning or afternoon — signal of an approaching thunderstorm.
  • If a in the evening, the clouds are layered or gather in large cumulus — you can wait for the rain to night.
  • One of the most famous will, in addition, regularly working: bird cherry blossoms to a cold snap.
  • Here too: the oak is dissolved — expect frosts.
  • It is calm on a cloudy afternoon or evening. and it becomes better to see into the distance — to a noticeable cooling, to frosts at night. The general clarification of the weather is the work of the anticyclone, and from it in the spring, especially early, one should wait for the cold weather.
  • At sunset from the north side clouds thickened — it will be cold and damp.
  • Clouds float across the sky not downwind, but against — to the fact that the weather will deteriorate. The air masses in the upper reaches move differently than on the ground, so that the clouds, in fact, follow the wind, simply after “their own”.
  • The birds are silent — predicts heavy rain, perhaps with a thunderstorm.

What to expect in the future?

Spring is called the morning of the year: both summer and harvest are judged by it. Look closer.

Forecast for the months ahead

What weather to expect in the coming seasons? This will tell the state of nature and the spring changes in it.

  • Icicles are long in early spring — the summer will not come for a long time.
  • If a snow melting started early — Paradoxically, it will not come off completely soon, it may even fall out several times in the spring months.
  • At all, early March beginning of spring — not a good omen. Summer promises to be inclement.
  • In the middle of March (more precisely, the 14th, Evdokia) determine the summer: there will be a good, clear day — and the summer will be nice. It will be overcast — In the summer of salvation will not be from the rain.
  • If before this time the rooks had time to fly — summer will be wet.
  • Many windy days fell in early April — the beginning of summer promises to be rainy.
  • Rowan predicts the weather, bypassing the season, immediately in the fall: if blooms profusely — autumn will be damp, and if little flowers and ovaries — Autumn can be expected to dry.
  • Also rowan late flowering suggests that hopes for a warm autumn come true.
  • Spring is cold — In the summer there will be hail.
  • Flies a lot of cobwebs — sign of a hot, sunny and even dry summer.
  • Take a closer look where birds nest in. If a onsunny side trees — the end of spring and summer will be cool.
  • Abundance of may beetles hints at drought.

Signs of spring

Signs on the harvest

It is not for nothing that gardeners rely on signs of the harvest (and even publish them with pleasure in the gardening papers): they were invented by our ancestors, who lived by raising them themselves. In the spring, during the cultivation of seedlings and sowing, the superstitious wisdom of previous generations is particularly relevant.

  • If a the birds arrived on time, not earlier and not later — you can expect good shoots. The rational grain of this sign is that the crops adapted to a particular climate will grow and will bear fruit, as it should be, if the weather is average, expected at the rate of previous years. Birds also feel this norm.
  • The ice on the lakes did not move downstream the rivers that flow, but drowned — the year will be lean.
  • The water has risen, and the ice on the rivers has not yet melted. — also to a bad harvest.
  • Spring icicles hollow — do not expect a good harvest.
  • The first thunderstorm happened in March — it is possible to prepare containers for billets: vegetables and fruits are wonderful.
  • And about first thunderstorm: if she thunders in the west, summer will not bring such a crop as we would like.
  • Abundant spring dew also promise a great harvest. The efforts of gardeners will pay off!
  • Cold May, although not very pleasant in itself, it hints at a wonderful harvest. It is only necessary to endure the coolness.
  • A lot of mosquitoes — there will be many berries in the forest, what if more midges — then mushroom. Berries and mushrooms are good, but is it enough to endure the hordes of insects all summer?

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