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Signs of October

Signs of October

According to the national calendar, October was called a “pozimnik”, “wedding”, “muddy”. Many folk signs and superstitions are connected with this month, on the basis of which people determined what the winter will be like. In the national calendar for October there were days according to which people were guided by the coming weather.

Signs for October

  • October 1 — Arina Shipovnitsa. If cranes fly, then the first frost will be on Pokrov (October 14), and if not, frosts will not hit until the beginning of November.
  • October 3 — Trofim and Zosima. On this day, looked at the direction of the wind. If the north wind — it’s to the cold. The south wind foretells the heat, the west wind — to the rains, the east wind — to clear and dry weather.
  • October 8 — Sergey Kapustnik. If snow falls on this day, then winter will finally be established on November 21st. If the snow fell and lay down on the damp ground, it will remain so. If the snow lay on dry ground, it will soon melt. If this day is good weather, then it will last another three weeks.
  • October 14 — Pokrov. According to the weather on Pokrov, the weather was judged for the winter. If the snow fell on the cover, then they said: «from the first snow to the toboggan path — 6 weeks.» This meant that the first snow on Pokrov foreshadowed the arrival of a snowy winter only after 6 weeks.
  • The 20th of October — Sergiy Zimny. If snow falls on this day, then the real winter will begin by Marene (November 22). If snow falls on Sergius, and there are still leaves on the trees, it will soon melt.
  • 27th October — Praskovya-muddy. If there is a lot of dirt on this day, then the snow will not melt, winter will be established.

We also learned about the weather for the winter from observations of animals, birds and natural phenomena:

  • If there are a lot of mushrooms in October, then the winter will be warm.
  • If it is frosty in October, then the weather will be sunny and clear.
  • If in October, the rumble of thunder is heard, then in winter there will be little snow.
  • If in October the leaves with birch trees have not yet fallen, winter will not come soon.
  • Crows are sitting low in the trees — the weather will be bad.

Signs of October helped to find out the weather conditions of the coming winter. In spite of the fact that today the national calendar replaces us with meteorological forecasts, it is still worth listening to popular wisdom. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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