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Signs: Is it possible to give icons as a gift?

Signs: Is it possible to give icons as a gift?

Orthodox priests do not recognize omens, as they consider them unclean slyness. The icon is the personification of holiness and purity.

Where does the sign come from, that the donated icon may cause trouble? In the old days they tried to abandon the donated icons, considering them spoiled.

Signs: Is it possible to give icons as a gift? Consider the issue in detail.

Signs: Is it possible to give icons as a gift?

Signs about icons

The people believed that the donated icon brings trouble to the house. After accepting such a gift, quarrels and scandals began in the house, the household fell ill with serious ailments, or even went to another world.

It was connected with the damage that evil people induced through the icon.

However, in the modern world such surprises can not be afraid, especially if the icon is given by relatives or close people with good wishes and from the bottom of my heart. Representatives of the Orthodox Church believe that the consecrated icon brings God’s grace into the house, cleans from the negative and blesses those living in the house.

Icons should be given according to the rules established by the church:

  • on the day of birth, personal icons are presented;
  • give a sick person icons that help in healing;
  • colleagues and supervisors should be given icons that help in work and business;
  • family people are given icons that bless the family hearth;
  • the young girls are given the image of saints, and the young men are given the saints of God.

It is accepted to give icons for the wedding, only parents of newlyweds or close relatives should do this. For the bride choose the image of the Virgin, and for the groom — Jesus Christ.

Holy images can be given at any time, however, more The icons dedicated to an important event — birth, wedding, christenings — are endowed with a strong beneficial effect..

You should also know where the icon should be located in the house. For this, there used to be a “red corner”, that is, the most prominent place in the house.

Is it possible to give the icons of the unhallowed in the church with his own hands? The unholy image does not carry a positive energy, therefore, self-made icons must be consecrated in the church.

Icons for women and men

It is believed that the gift can bring icons corresponding to the floor of the person.

For women:

  • Kazan Icon of the Mother of God — for family well-being and healing from ailments;
  • Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God — for the well-being of children;
  • Three-handed icon — to protect the home and release from depression;
  • Iveron Icon of the Mother of God — for deliverance from sins;
  • Bethlehem icon of the Mother of God — for those who want to start a family.

For men:

  • The Savior, not man-made — for home prayers;
  • Icon of St. Nicholas — for those whose work is related to traveling;
  • Icon of the Guardian Angel — to protect against trouble and temptation;
  • The image of the patron saint — for family well-being and choosing the right path in life.

Can I donate an icon from a stranger? If there are doubts about the sincerity of the donor, you need to take the shrine to the temple for sanctification.

The ministers of the church will perform the rite of consecration, and the icon will bring good.

Accepting the shrine as a gift, do not forget to thank God. After the thanksgiving words attach the forehead and the icon.

Remember that you can not burn or throw away the shrine. In extreme cases, take her to church.

Signs: Is it possible to give icons as a gift?

Wedding Icons

At the wedding to give images of the Mother of God and the Prelate, which the priest consecrated with a special rite. These two shrines are believed to protect the young family from discord and divorce.

You can give to young images of Fevroni and Peter, who are considered patrons of the couple. A good gift from parents will be Feodorovskaya icon of the Mother of God, which helps conception and protects mother and child from adversity and disease.

The image of the holy forefathers helps strengthen family relationships, contributes to the extension of the genus. Do not forget to hold a special ceremony of consecration of icons on the eve of the wedding celebration.

Christening icons

Christening is an important event in the life of a little man, his parents and godparents. The main gift for the christening should be an icon that will protect the baby from adversity and help get on the path of truth. By tradition, godparents give the child a measured icon, which is made to order and corresponds to the growth of the child.

However, you can donate and purchased in the Church Dimensional Icon.

A nice gift for christening will be Personal icon, patroness of a little man. The personal icon will accompany the Orthodox throughout his life. She is considered a protector, a protector, her patron can be asked to fulfill desires.

A personal icon is placed near the child’s bed so that its face looks at the baby.

You can also donate to christenings:

  • Image of Panteleimon the Healer;
  • The image of Nicholas the Wonderworker;
  • The image of the Mother of God;
  • The image of the Matrona of Moscow.

Do not forget to pre-sanctify the icons in the church.

Signs: Is it possible to give icons as a gift?

A new home should have its patron, so it’s customary to donate icons for a housewarming party. Usually made to give icon of the Mother of God of the Intercession, which protects the house from harm and damage.

According to the tradition, the icon is given before entering the new house; new settlers should enter the room with an icon.

Another patron of new settlers is considered Folding. These are three images, united in one icon — the Mother of God, Nicholas the Wonderworker and Jesus Christ.

Skladen can replace the iconostasis, which according to tradition is obligatory in every Orthodox home.

What else can you give for housewarming:

  • The icon of the Indestructible Wall is for guarding against thieves and evil;
  • Icon Impassable door — protects against enemies and intruders;
  • Icon Burning Bush for protection against fires;
  • The image with the cross is a guard against evil and misfortune;
  • Icon Knuckle bread — for protection from spiritual and material poverty.

Remember that the icons in the house can not be hung on the wall — they put. In the presence of holy faces one should not swear, spit and behave unworthily. If a party is planned in the room, it is better to move the icons to another room.

A bad sign is a cracked icon — it is a disease or death of a relative.

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