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Signs for the rain will report the impending bad weather.

Signs to the rain will tell about the upcoming bad weather

In the modern age of developed technologies and sciences, most people regard various folk signs about the weather as prejudices and remnants of the past. Representatives of the older generation still use them to compile their weather forecast for the coming days.

And these forecasts, indeed, work — you can be sure of this, for example, by considering some signs of the rain.

Signs for the rain will report the impending bad weather.

From the history of the people will

Our ancestors lived in close proximity with nature, watched over it for millennia and centuries. Noticing some patterns, they learned to anticipate the nearest natural processes and phenomena.

They conveyed the experience of their observations to their surroundings and descendants — that was how various signs were formed.

The most popular, of course, are the signs by which you can predict the weather. And if the inhabitants of modern megacities prefer to trust the weather forecast, compiled by meteorological services, then people living in remote villages and villages still rely on the folk wisdom of our ancestors and listen to various signs about weather phenomena.

Signs to the rain, for example, are especially relevant in the summer season, since life in rural areas during this period depends largely on the vagaries of the weather.

People signs to the rain and their varieties

Take on the rain there are so many. In the ancient times, there were much more of them, but, alas, not all of them survived to our days, lost somewhere in the depths of time.

But those signs of the rain that people use now are already a rich storehouse, the result of experience that has been accumulated by the people over the course of several centuries.

All existing signs of the rain can be divided into several main categories:

  • signs of rain based on natural phenomena;
  • signs of rain on the representatives of the flora (plants);
  • signs of rain, determined by the fauna (animals);
  • signs of rain based on the objects around the person.

Signs to rain on the phenomena of nature

Signs for the rain will report the impending bad weather.

Want to know whether to wait soon rain and bad weather? Take a closer look at the natural processes taking place around you.

  • In the morning there was a good and big dew — the day will be clear, but if the grass was dry at dawn, rain is expected.
  • In the morning there was a rainbow in the sky — to the rain.
  • The sun hid behind the clouds in the morning — the rain is coming.
  • The rising sun at dawn is surrounded by purple clouds — to be raining.
  • At dawn it is very stuffy — to the rain.
  • The sun is hot on a summer day — rain is expected.
  • The wind is blowing from the east or west — it is likely to rain.
  • The weather was quiet, but suddenly the wind increased — wait for the rain.
  • If the moon in its full phase is dull and muddy — to the rain.
  • The moon disk has acquired a reddish tint — to be rain.

Rain will predict the plants

Signs for the rain will report the impending bad weather.

Remarkable weather forecasters can be representatives of the plant world. Carefully looking at their appearance and behavior, a person can predict the early precipitation.

  • Before the coming weather, many plants begin to exude a more pronounced than usual fragrance — this, for example, clover. Wildflowers begin to smell stronger before approaching rain.
  • Other representatives of the flora before the rain coagulate, shrivel, hide their flowers — this is clover, bindweed, white water lily, coltsfoot. The dandelion closes its fluffy yellow hat.

Some trees and shrubs are also preparing for the approach of rain:

  • Yellow acacia, jasmine, honeysuckle enhance the aroma of their flowers. And if, at the same time, a lot of pollinating insects are spinning over them, rain is just around the corner.
  • The maple feels the precipitation approaching for another 3-4 days and begins to “cry”: drops of sap stand out on the bases of its leaves.
  • Willow weeping before the rain when the wind turns its leaves backside.

The spikes on the cones of the burdock will tell about the bad weather — before the rain they are straightened.

Signs to rain on animal behavior

Representatives of the fauna (animal world) have a higher sense of smell compared with humans and are able to feel precipitation long before they begin. The behavior of some birds and animals can predict the approaching rain is not worse than the most accurate meteorological forecast.

Watch the birds. If you notice that:

  • Sparrows decided to swim in the dust — wait for the rain. On the bad weather will tell and enhance their chirping. If the birds are sitting still, puffing up, the rain is not far off;
  • Rooks in the grass graze — be the rain;
  • jackdaws and crows shouted loudly — to the rain. Galki gathered in a flock — precipitation is coming;
  • if the skylark is not heard in the sky at dawn, it will rain;
  • Rumble on the shore of the gull pond — the weather will be rainy;
  • the rooster crows for no reason, and the chickens in the sand wallow — to be raining.
  • Swallows and swifts fly low, literally just above the ground — also wait for the rain.

Signs for the rain will report the impending bad weather.

According to the behavior of domestic animals, signs of rain are as follows:

  • The dog begins to dig the ground or wallow on his back — rain or bad weather is expected.
  • The cat sleeps, curled up in a ball, or often shakes its head — to the rain.
  • Cattle sniffs the air, lifts up the muzzle up — it will rain.
  • The horse snores and snorts, lifts its head up and shakes it — to inclement weather.

There are many will take to rain associated with representatives of the animal world, living in the wild, but in close proximity with man:

  • Before the rain, many insects hide, but mosquitoes and midges only begin to show more activity and annoy people.
  • The frogs burst in the afternoon — the rain is coming.
  • Earthworms creep out onto the surface of the earth — to the rain.
  • Spiders are hiding in the corner of their cobwebs — wait for the rain.
  • The bees hurriedly return to their hives — the rain will start from minute to minute.
  • Ants before the rain rush into their nest.

Some objects will tell about the approach of rain.

A man is surrounded by all sorts of objects created by his own hands. Surprisingly, some of them may also report precipitation.

The general trend now began to install plastic windows and double-glazed windows. If this fashion has not yet touched your home, and you still have traditional wooden frames with glass windows, watch them.

Such windows before rain usually begin to “cry” — drops of condensation appear on the glasses.

In general, many objects made of natural wood that come into contact with open air begin to behave surprisingly before the rain: wooden frames and doors can swell, and it is harder to open.

If there are containers with water in the open air, then air bubbles appear in the liquid before the rain.

Another interesting sign — in front of bad weather a kettle with water, set on the stove, begins to whistle and make noise louder than usual.

How else to predict the approach of bad weather? We recommend watching a video about signs of rain:

Signs telling about the nature and duration of rain

On the basis of popular observations, signs also appeared that reveal the nature, strength and duration of this natural phenomenon.

So, for example, the beginning of rain at dawn means a quick stop. But the rain, which started at noon, will end, at best, only at the end of the day.

If it rained heavily and the sky immediately became clear, expect the sediment to resume soon.

It will be useful to watch the rain first at the very beginning, then in full swing. If precipitation began with large drops, then the rain will be short. Conversely, the smaller the drops, the longer the rainy weather will be.

The bad weather will also be delayed when there are peals of thunder in its process. If a rainbow appears in the sky during rain, precipitation will quickly stop.

But if bubbles appear in the puddles — the rain will be long.

Signs for the rain will report the impending bad weather.

Of course, modern people are lucky: we live in a time when finding out the weather in the coming days is not difficult — just look at the weather report compiled by weather forecasters. Nevertheless, you should not forget about the world around us: if you are familiar with signs of the rain — creatures inhabiting this world can help you just as well as meteorologists.

And even if the rain seemed to cloud your day, remember the simple truth that nature has no bad weather.

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