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Signs for the old New Year (January 13): folk customs, traditions, ceremonies and superstitions for the holiday

The most accurate signs of the old New Year, fortune telling, traditions, conspiracies

Old New Year is a rare historical phenomenon, which appeared as a result of a change in the chronology. The whole family should sit at the festive table on January 13. It is important that the clothes on the eve of the holiday be washed and clean.

In the evening, they visit their neighbors and relatives, asking for forgiveness for possible offenses. From early morning until late at night they pay attention to omens, make fortunes, wonder, carry out traditional rituals.

According to the old chronology, Vasilyev’s day was celebrated on January 1. The eve of the commemoration of the saint was then on January 31st.

Hence the name Vasiliev evening.

Many different traditions are associated with this holiday, which is now celebrated on January 14th.

Signs for the old New Year (January 13): folk customs, traditions, ceremonies and superstitions for the holiday

From the morning of January 13, the hostesses start cooking dinner consisting of 12 courses. Mandatory component — generous Kutya from wheat or barley.

Nuts, dried fruits, honey are put into the juice. In addition to kutia bake pancakes and pies, cook roasts, dumplings, sausage.

In addition, each of the dishes has its own value:

  • fried hare — success in business and rapid career growth;
  • cock — easy and happy life;
  • whole grain cereals — Revival in the New Year;
  • honey — good health;
  • poppy — success in money matters.

Signs for the old New Year (January 13): folk customs, traditions, ceremonies and superstitions for the holiday

An integral element of the festive table — dumplings. They are prepared in a special way: each filling has its own filling. Taking a dumpling, the party party will find out what the next year will be for him:

  • cherry — success in business;
  • mushrooms — good health;
  • cabbage — profit;
  • potato — promotion;
  • Bay leaf — fame;
  • cheese — winning the lottery or a large prize;
  • the nuts — the year will be filled with romance.

Another version of this tradition — «dumplings with a surprise.» Inside the usual dumplings put items that have different meanings:

  • coin — monetary year;
  • ring — wedding;
  • white thread — travel, vacation abroad;
  • button — purchase of expensive items;
  • chain — strengthening of family ties.

Before serving, all those present must be warned that there are solid objects inside the dumplings.

Signs for the old New Year (January 13): folk customs, traditions, ceremonies and superstitions for the holiday

According to the established custom, only girls on the eve of the old New Year are greeted — until midnight on January 13. Typically, the generosity contains the phrase: «A generous evening, good evening, good health to people.»

Sown in the morning on January 14. Only boys or boys do this. Going home, they sprinkle the hosts and the dwelling itself with grain, sentencing the wishes of happiness, wealth, and health.

The grain is taken with you in the bag or poured into a pocket. Any grain — wheat, rye, rice or barley — is suitable.

In the old New Year, you can look behind the curtain of the future, find out if your cherished wishes will come true.

For the fortunetelling take a smooth ring without inlays and decorations. The best option — engagement.

You can ask him for married girlfriends or relatives. You will also need water, a wax candle from the temple and a glass beaker. Procedure:

  1. 1. Immerse the ring in a glass of water.
  2. 2. Beside it, light a candle and set it to the left of the glass.
  3. 3. Exactly at midnight to look at the ring, visualizing the cherished dream.

At close and long gazing, the water in the glass grows turbid, various outlines appear. These images will tell you whether the plan will be fulfilled.

For successful divination, it is important to observe the rules of the ritual, as well as the presence of imagination, figurative thinking.

Divination is carried out by the whole family. You need to take a plate of water and slices of bread of different sizes.

Each of the households lowers his piece in a plate with water. Running a finger across the water, family members say the words: “Circling bread and water, my whole family is near.

But evil will happen — put off bread and water. ”

In the morning, look at the location of the pieces of bread. If they are all intact, they will be located near each other — the year will be safe, the whole family will remain in the same composition.

But if one of the edges is floating far away from the rest, one of the family members will leave home or die.

You need to take a raw chicken egg and a faceted glass of water. The fortune-maker makes a small hole in the shell and pours the protein into the glass. A viscous substance will coagulate in water and take various forms by which to judge the future:

  • temple — to the wedding;
  • a rectangle — a coffin;
  • ring — wedding;
  • any transport — the girl promises the return of her lover from a long journey, and a man — a long journey;
  • protein completely sinks to the bottom — you can wait for home troubles.

On the eve of the old New Year, there are forces that allow to obtain information about the future marriage, about the meeting of the second half.

Before carrying out divination, you should internally tune in the desired fashion, let go of past relationships (if they were).

Traditional fortune telling will allow the girl to find out who the future spouse will be. The rituals are held on the evening of January 13, before going to bed:

With a thimble of saltBefore bedtime, you need to eat one thimble of salt and drink a thimble of water. Before going to bed, say: «I was the condemned, disguised, come in a dream, give me a drink.» The guy who dreams in a dream is the future husband
With stockingsFor the ceremony you need to buy stockings in advance. On the evening of January 13, put one stocking on one leg, saying the words: “I’m condemned, mummers, come unto me.” The guy who will shoot stocking in a dream — the future spouse
With a comb and soapThe comb, soap and belt should be put under a pillow before bedtime, saying the words: «My condemned, mumbled, come in a dream, comb my hair, wash and solder.» In dreams, the girl will see her future husband. If the morning her hair is not disheveled, as if combed — the acquaintance will happen this year
On breadFrom the festive feast, the girl should leave the uneaten bread crust and put it under a pillow for the night with the words: “My condemned, mummers, come to dine with me”

Old New Year is a holiday when fortune telling for the betrothed is most authentic. At this time, you can find out information about the future spouse with the help of various items.

It is necessary to conduct a divination in starlight or moonlight. Before the ceremony, the pectoral cross is usually removed, and at the end — they put it on again.

It is necessary to put on the floor any ring, woven from straw hook (it is allowed to replace with a wire hook), a bread crust. Cover these items with a handkerchief or towel.

Then you need to circle around yourself 5 times and randomly pick up one of the things. The future depends on what item was taken:

  • Ring — the betrothed will be a dandy.
  • Bread — a wedding with the rich.
  • Hook — family union with the poor.

It is necessary to take three multicolored sticks (red, white and blue) and place in a container or a box. Then pull out at random three times. The first divination tells about the level of welfare of the future husband:

  • red — the groom will be rich;
  • white — middle income;
  • blue — poor.

Taking out the wand a second time, you can learn about his appearance:

  • red stick promises handsome;
  • white — the groom’s usual appearance;
  • blue — unattractive.

For the third time, the fortuneteer will show the character of his betrothed:

  • red stick — the groom will have a kind and cheerful disposition;
  • white — restrained in the manifestations of feelings;
  • blue — grumpy.

An unmarried girl should throw the wedding ring on the floor. If it rolls in the direction of the door, this year it is waiting for a wedding.

If a man guesses this way, the next year promises him a long business trip or leaving his home.

Divination should be carried out simultaneously by several young girls who want to get married. You should take a thread of any color and cut it into several pieces of different length, and then light a wax candle.

Each girl takes one thread and sets fire to a burning flame. Whose thread will quickly turn into ashes — that girl first goes down the aisle.

If the thread burned only to the middle or almost immediately went out, this year marriage is not expected.

A young girl, who wants to see the face of her betrothed, should go out with a mirror to a pedestrian intersection at midnight and trace a circle around herself in the snow. Then say the spell: «My dear, mumbled, come to me, come to me on a white snowball, show yourself, look at me.»

Having uttered a plot, you need to look into the mirror. In it will appear different outlines, including the appearance of the future spouse.

If the divination fails or something terrible arises in the mirror, they read the prayers “Our Father” and “May God Rise”, but no longer resort to ritual.

In Vasilyev, the evening the girls throw on the road any shoes — boots, shoes. Where the sock will point — there the girl will find her love.

If the toe of a shoe shows its nose to the threshold — weddings this year are not expected.

A girl takes as many apples as there are knights she has in mind. On each of the fruits in the lower part you need to mark their initials.

The fortune-teller should go along with the apples into a dark room, and then slowly take a bite from each one piece. It is necessary to determine which of the apples is the sweetest.

Whose initials written on it, he will become the future husband.

Take a hat or any other headdress, a crust of bread and a bar of wood. Everything is placed in a clean container — for example, in a pot.

Having closed eyes, randomly take the first that will get. The future depends on what is in the hands of:

  • hat — to be a wedding this year;
  • bread — for now stay in the girls (bachelors);
  • a tree bar — the guessing person will be very sick.

On the evening of January 13, a new towel is hung out of the window, while uttering the words: “Suicide-disguised, come to wipe me.” If in the morning the cloth of the towel has become damp — this year the girl will marry.

If the towel is dry — life will go on as before.

An unmarried girl takes any book (a novel, a poetry collection) and gives her friend or sister to find the answer to her question. After this, the voodorey names two arbitrary numbers — the page number and the line.

There will be an answer.

At night, the girls take a bulb and put them in a bowl of water. Who will give the bulb faster roots — that will marry faster.

Vorozhba on the eve of the old New Year is also held on conversations in homes and with a pet.

On the evening of January 13, people walk through the streets, listening to people celebrating in their homes. According to the conversations, they conclude about what the betrothed will be: if they curse in their homes, the spouse will have a difficult temper, if they are having fun, the husband will be kind, they will be addicted to alcohol, etc.

In the room where the witch sits, the other participants admit the dog. According to the behavior of the animal, a conclusion is drawn about what the next year will be for the girl:

  • The dog immediately ran to the fortuneteller — a happy marriage is expected.
  • First, the floor began to smell — the spouse will be different severity, severity.
  • Immediately began to caressed to the expensive — the groom will be kind and affectionate.

Old New Year is a magical time in which the Higher Forces promote wish fulfillment. You can call them to help with the help of effective conspiracies.

To conduct a conspiracy you need:

  1. 1. Take a candle of green wax and a shred of red cloth.
  2. 2. In the evening clean up the whole dwelling.
  3. 3. At midnight, go around the apartment, illuminating all corners and walls (observing fire safety measures). At the same time to pronounce the words of the plot.

Text: “Flame of the Divine, holy! Cleanse my dwelling place from everything bad: from old offenses, from fierce anger, from unkind envy, from evil desires.

May the soul of my home be clean. Let it take overseas wealth, countless, which are already in a hurry in my palaces.


The procedure is repeated three times. A candle stub is required to be wrapped in a rag and hidden in a cupboard until the following holidays.

For the rite will require:

  • candle of red or pink wax;
  • wedding rings (you can twist the symbolic «rings» of foil);
  • Holy water;
  • red wool thread;
  • Piece of paper;
  • ember;
  • red ink pen or ballpoint pen.
  1. 1. Light a candle.
  2. 2. Tie the wedding rings and thread them in a plate with holy water poured into it.
  3. 3. On a piece of paper in red ink write: «Tried, disguised, come to me, give me a ring!»
  4. 4. Fold the piece of paper into a tube, tie it with a thread and put it near a burning candle.
  5. 5. Seven times seven, looking at the rings, say the words: “Suicide, come, marry, take me away.”
  6. 6. Burn the note, and eat a little ash from it, washed down with holy water.
  7. 7. Keep other objects away from prying eyes.

It is believed that within a year after this ceremony, the girl will definitely get married.

In advance, you need to specifically buy a new mirror, as well as bring home holy water and seven candles from the temple. For slander is necessary:

  1. 1. Set the candles in the form of a semicircle and light them.
  2. 2. Opposite each of them to put one small container in which holy water is poured.
  3. 3. Take turns in each bowl, lower the mirror, saying special words.

Text: “The seven holy waters my reflection purifies. I will become more beautiful than a hundred times. As I look in the mirror, so will the lepotus come over to me.

I will look a hundred times — I will go a hundred times, I will look two hundred times — go over two hundred! Key, lock, tongue.


With the help will make a conclusion about the yield of the next year, the possibility of having a baby, meet your love.

Gardeners and summer residents should pay attention to the weather conditions on the eve of the old New Year. They will predict how fruitful the coming year will be:

  • South wind — summer will be sunny and hot.
  • From North — cold and rainy year.
  • West — in the waters there will be a large number of fish.
  • Oriental — a generous fruit harvest is expected.
  • Clear starry sky — you can wait for a good berry harvest.
  • Fluffy snow on the branches of trees — the year will be safe for beekeepers.
  • Heavy snowstorm in Vasilyev evening — to a rich harvest of nuts.
  • Cold on the background of lack of precipitation — year will be meager for mushrooms.
  • January 13 in the yard fog — happiness awaits the person next year.
  • Thaw January 14 — to rainy summer.

If at the onset of midnight the gardeners shake off the snow from the branches of apple trees — this will help to get a generous harvest.

Cash signs allow you to attract financial success. It is necessary to follow certain recommendations:

  • It is advisable to get money from any sources on January 13 — this promises a big profit in the coming year.
  • In order to dress expensive all year round, on the eve of the old New Year put on new clothes.
  • Cover the rich festive table. The richer — the more secure the year will be.

It is recommended to refrain from the following actions:

  • In order to make money, do not pronounce the word «thirteen» in Vasiliev evening and do not recount the trifle — this will bring sorrow in the New Year.
  • Do not lend money, as this may entail poverty, lack of finances.

The following actions and signs will help lonely hearts to find love, and family people — to keep home:

  • It is necessary to put pork dishes on the holiday table — then there will be peace and harmony between the spouses.
  • In order to have fewer quarrels next year, you need to embrace a person in whose company they celebrate a holiday.
  • To make the year happy, a few days before the holiday, wash all the dishes, including the festive services.
  • Meet the holiday in red clothes — then next year there is a chance to meet your love.
  • Put a cinnamon stick in your pocket, and then carry it with you in your purse for a loved one for a year.

In addition, in Vasilyev the evening, the rejected bridegroom had a chance to once again woo the girl who liked her. The main thing is to find her at home.

If an unmarried girl on January 14 finds a coin on the road with an “eagle” up — it means that this year she will have a wedding. If the coin looks upward «tails» — the girl will still be alone.

Many superstitions are also associated with health:

  • If you get sick on January 13, you will have to recover.
  • If last year the health deteriorated, you should, before January 14, pay off all the debts and ask back the money that was given in debt.
  • If a street dog has attached to a man in Vasiliev’s evening, you should try if you don’t shelter him, then at least feed him — this will attract good luck and health.

In order not to get sick next year, you should get rid of the energy of the previous year. To do this, the evening of January 13, take a shower.

The couple, dreaming about the appearance of the baby, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Invite a couple to a holiday waiting for a child. Under the chiming clock, a woman should hold a pregnant guest by the hand.
  • Buy a little thing for the baby and put it in the «red corner».
  • On the eve of holidays to get an aquarium with fish of this breed, which quickly multiplies. These include guppies, molines, peppermina.
  • Take a picture with a pregnant woman.

Signs of luck:

  • On the morning of January 14, a man or a boy should enter the house first.
  • Cover the guest a magnificent table — to attract good luck for the whole year.
  • In order for Fortune to help in business, you should whisper your desires on a glass of champagne and drink it.

In order not to frighten luck, it is recommended to refrain from the following actions:

  • A week before the beginning of the New Year, do not wear new clothes. If this is done in Vasilyev evening, then next year will be rich and successful.
  • Do not play gambling this evening, otherwise expect trouble.
  • You can not say toasts and greetings at the holiday table with a particle «not», so as not to accidentally frighten the fulfillment of desires.
  • On the afternoon of January 13, do not get out and do other homework — this is how you can “take out” good luck from your home.

According to national signs, the hostess is recommended:

  • To make the year profitable, put 4 yellow coins in the corners of the table under the tablecloth.
  • During the preparation of the holiday table to treat and brownie. To do this, put a spoonful of the most delicious dishes on a saucer and put in the corner of the kitchen.
  • On the eve of the holiday, purchase a new broom, tie it up with a red ribbon and place it in the corner upwards with a broomstick.
  • Throw out the old rubbish before January 13 — it will get rid of negative energy.

All these signs will help to bring prosperity, health, and good fortune into the house. However, on a holiday you should not cook dishes from crustaceans — lobsters, crayfish, crabs.

Creeping back creations symbolize reduced revenues and trouble.

The following beliefs will tell about whether the year will be happy or not:

  • On which side, on January 13, the sky was overcast with clouds — from there in the future and wait for happiness.
  • Snow fell on the holiday — the year will be successful.
  • To celebrate a holiday in a purely female company is a bad sign. For the coming year to be happy, both men and women should be present at the table.

In Vasiliev, the evening should be attentive to the signs by which the Higher Forces let people know about themselves.

  • Christmas feast passed in a fun and relaxed atmosphere — the owner will have good luck next year.
  • The dishes broke during the festivity — this foreshadows serious differences in the family.
  • At the table, one of the guests had a row — it promises sad news.

To ask fate for an answer to an important question, in the evening of January 13, they mentally ask it. Then consider in the house opposite the number of windows in which the light is on.

If the number is even, the answer is yes, the odd one is no.

It is believed that on the night of the old New Year in a dream you can find out any interesting information. To do this, in bed should roll over three times and the same time to call the dream: «Dreams!»

But even without this, all dreams at this time are considered prophetic. Basic values ​​of the most frequent dreams:

What foreshadowsDream description
To financial profitBy the money dreams of kittens, bears, rakes, nuts. If the dreamer had to roll in the mud, his body is completely "overgrown" hair or even had to kill the lice — it portends a good income in the coming year
To career growthForeshadow promotion of dreams in which a person drinks well water, travels, sees white teeth or a white-trunked tree
To incredible luckTo see in a dream on the eve of the old New Year a hunchback or a freak — a very good year is expected
Peace and harmony in the familyAnimals, visions with the water element
ChangeBridges, dressing, changing shoes, chatting with close friends
Difficulties and problemsBrawl, hair cutting, digging a deep well
Deterioration of healthGluttony in a dream (in particular the use of meat dishes), blood, putting on items of clothing of the opposite sex

It is recommended to celebrate the holiday in the circle of close people and friends. This evening, you can also call relatives to congratulate them on the holiday.

Forgiveness of old grievances will allow you to enter the new year with a pure heart and make it successful and happy.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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