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Signs for the Meeting of the Lord on February 15

Signs for the Meeting of the Lord on February 15

The feast of the Presentation of the Lord on February 15 People are a symbol of the meeting of winter with spring. By the sign, after the Presentation, the winter cold is subsiding, and the spring begins to gradually enter its legal rights.

The Orthodox Church celebrates on this day the meeting of baby Jesus with old man Simeon. But it is important to know that the Presentation has deep pagan roots and a holiday was celebrated long before the appearance of the Orthodox faith in Russia.

The meeting on February 15 in the people was a very significant holiday. On this day, people asked higher powers to send them a rich harvest and good weather. Even before the advent of the Orthodox faith, there were a lot of popular signs and superstitions about this holiday.

Folk omens and superstitions at the Meeting of the Lord

On this holiday, our ancestors watched the weather. They talked about this day: «At Candlemas, winter fights with summer — who should go forward, and who should go back.» So, on this day, according to beliefs, winter can win and stay for a long time, or spring can win and immediately bring a thaw and clear weather. On this day, it was customary to observe the weather.

Based on these observations, predictions were made for the next harvest, for spring and summer.

  • If the sky is starry at Candlemas, it means that winter will not recede for a long time.
  • If snow falls, it means there will be a lot of rain in the spring.
  • If the sun shines at sunset on this day, then there will be no more frost.

  • If a snowstorm sweeps across the road at Candlemas, the year will be poor and lean.
  • You can’t put money on the kitchen table on this day — money luck can turn away.
  • If the weather is clear and windless, then the year will be rich, and spring will come on time.
  • If a person steals something at the Candlemas, he will soon lose everything. And in general, dishonest acts on this day also lead to losses in the near future.

Spend the holiday of Candy with pure thoughts and a positive attitude, then spring will come faster! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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