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Signs for pregnant women: what sex and what not to do

Signs for pregnant women

A strange thing: all atheists and people who are condescendingly related to all sorts of prejudices, during pregnancy in the family completely forget about their beliefs and blindly believe in all the signs concerning this sacred process for each of us. The maternal instinct moves a woman into actions that she would not undertake for anything if it were not for the unborn child.

That is why, apparently, they are so numerous signs for pregnant women, which can be found below.

Signs for pregnant women: what sex and what not to do

The most popular signs for pregnant women on the floor of the child

Who will grow a future family member — an astronaut or a politician, a scientist or an athlete — all these questions dim before the desire to find out the sex of the unborn child:

  • if a woman’s belly shape is bulging and pointed, then a boy will surely be born;
  • if the belly is broad and rounded — in the family waiting for the appearance of the girl;
  • faster than usual, the woman in labor grows hair on her legs — she will please her faithful boy, and if slowly — a girl;
  • when you had a wedding, before you conceived a child or later, it turns out, by signs, and this may be important because conception after the wedding means the birth of the future of man, and if it happened right in the marriage the night is to the birth of the fair sex;
  • the wise men from the science of primitology know exactly how to determine the sex of the unborn child by the degree of love passion, and if the wife loves her husband more, it is necessary to wait for the appearance of the future mother, otherwise — fathers;
  • breaks in sex, it turns out, also affects, judging by the signs, on the future sex of the baby, so with intense mating games will certainly have a daughter, and if you take breaks — a son;
  • strange, but some signs just as far-fetched are not, for example, use underwear will give a man the opportunity to conceive a boy, and the same linen, but already free cut, guaranteed to determine the sex of the future baby, as a female.

To believe or not to believe in such signs is the free choice of each of us. However, as soon as the belly of the expectant mother is rounded, everyone immediately begins to read the relevant literature.

And God forbid take advantage of scientific works — you just laugh at you.

Signs for pregnant women: what sex and what not to do

Where the head in a dream lies — there and the floor of the baby will be determined

Signs — a thing rather recommendatory than mandatory. It is like a weather forecast: it comes true, at the rate of two to three.

This is about sixty percent. And it does not matter that not all the signs come true, the main thing is to believe in them and do everything, as advised by the attending physician.

Then for the future of the baby do not worry. But how can one still be headlong during sleep and other signs:

  • if the bed of the future mother is «head» to the north — it is necessary to wait for the appearance of the heir, and to the south — the future bride;
  • It happens that while carrying a fetus a woman feels like her legs get cold, and if it goes on up to the birth, by signs, we must wait for the boy to appear;
  • say many women during pregnancy just bloom externally, This is due to the fact that she wears a future man, and if all the beauty is gone — give birth to a girl;
  • apricots, apples, persimmon and other fruits that have a sweet taste — to the birth of the future mother, but the desire to eating meat, cheese and eggs can only mean one thing — to be in the family of the heir to the last name.

Perhaps the accuracy will not play a special role in the birth of the child. Rather, it is purely psychological detente, which is necessary for all of us, since future birth is always a rather exciting affair for every family member.

So it turns out that such, if I may say so, knowledge simply does not have a price, although it is not necessarily accurate.

Signs for pregnant women: what sex and what not to do

Examine the body of the future mother and guess the daughter or son

The impression that abundance will take in our notes tends to infinity. But if we take into account that the period of pregnancy itself lasts for nine months, it becomes clear: the expectant mother should know as much as possible and be confident in the successful completion of this process.

And how to achieve this, if you do not read (or invent yourself) more and more new signs regarding the sex of the future baby? In the end, any woman who has given birth at least once is in itself a source of a huge amount of knowledge that is necessary for all expectant mothers. From here — and the abundance will accept, connected with pregnancy:

  • if after the tummy appeared, began to swell and swell nose — This indicates the male gender of the future baby;
  • belly «looking» to the right — exactly the same «diagnosis», and if left — This is the birth of a little princess;
  • brightened halos in the nipples — to the birth of the future man, got dark — wait for the girl;
  • Judging by the signs, the same “female” version is expected if, from the very first weeks, the woman began to show the whole “bouquet” of side problems, including toxicosis and nausea;
  • pigmentation spots on the skin of the abdomen — a sign that we must wait for the appearance of the future mother, and if the hair starts to grow there, on the stomach — dad;
  • it is said that the sex of the future baby may also depend on the heart rate, and if accelerated — there will be a lad, and if delayed, then, judging by the signs, we are talking about a girl;
  • the body temperature of the future mother changes — this, too, to the definition of gender, has become higher — wait for the future cosmonaut, below — the flight attendant.

Signs for pregnant women: what sex and what not to do

Jokes are jokes, but there are also magical rituals that have come to us from deep antiquity.

One of them is the following: a thread is threaded into the ring, and then the wedding object is placed just above the palm of the left hand. In case circular movement starts — towards the girl, back and forth — towards the boy.

An interesting method came up with the Japanese. They propose to divide the age of the future pregnant woman natro, and her faithful — into four.

The one who has received a larger number in the balance — and will affect the sex of the child, if the mother has a daughter, and vice versa.

Signs for pregnant women: what sex and what not to do

What not to do according to signs during pregnancy

Signs relating directly to the future mother — this is one kind. But there is still plenty to accept what is possible and what is not recommended for a woman to do in the position:

  • if the future mother is engaged in needlework, including, something sews, cuts or patches — on the body of a baby at birth there will be a lot of moles, interpreters explain this phenomenon by the fact that a woman punctures, which is frightened, and this fright, allegedly, is transmitted to the intrauterine baby;
  • pregnant women are not recommended to sit on the doorstep, It is believed that in the house she is under the protection of the guardian angel, and, stepping over the threshold or sitting on it, she falls under the power of demons, who are famous for giving curses. But there are quite usual explanations for such a “no” — sitting on the threshold provokes drafts and an excessive load on the back, and in general you should be careful in everything not to fall and not to damage the fetus;
  • it is not recommended to step over such items as a broom or log, because it is a direct insult to the brownie, who can be upset;
  • there is another very strong ban — on games with cats, after all, the baby in this case may have the smartest and most insidious enemies, both external and hidden within the body. In fact, everything is easier, because the cat is the carrier of toxoplase, negatively affecting the nervous system;
  • excessive consumption of red berries the colors are fraught with reddening of the skin — this concerns, first of all, peaches and oranges, which we love to feast on.

Signs for pregnant women: what sex and what not to do

A few general tips that have a real basis, but they are, for the most part, signs:

  • it is not necessary for every comer to talk about the upcoming joy, you may encounter envious people on the road, from whom you can expect anything, even an elementary evil eye;
  • there is a sign not recommended working with ropes or do knotting — fate can lead you to a dead end and endow you with a sense of hopelessness, which, according to signs, is fraught with a tightening of the umbilical cord and strangulation of the fetus;
  • there is a sign that if a woman in the position is doused with water — it will rain on the street;
  • and if a man in a dream walks down the street and meets a pregnant woman — it means that there are only a few moments until the long-awaited success;
  • go outside to the woman in position, talk to her — and you will become successful in love adventures.

It’s impossible to prematurely name the future baby — the demons will recognize it, and through the name they will cast a curse. And in general, keep your mouth shut.

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