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Signs for pregnant women: what not to do and how to find out the sex of the child

Folk omens for pregnant women

Representatives of the fair sex during pregnancy is inherent with particular attention to listen to various popular beliefs. Signs for pregnant women guarantee the woman psychological calmness.

At the same time, the maternal instinct is actively waking up; And if you study this topic in more detail, it becomes clear that many popular beliefs have very real scientific explanations.

Signs for pregnant women: what not to do and how to find out the sex of the child

What not to do during pregnancy

  • It is forbidden for pregnant women to sew, cut or put patches (this may provoke the appearance of moles in a baby). This is also due to the fact that a woman, if she accidentally injects herself, is greatly frightened, which will negatively affect the baby’s skin.
  • A pregnant woman should not step over the logs, as well as sit on the threshold, because in ancient times there was a superstition that the threshold is the boundary between our world and the otherworldly world. In our world, a woman has her own guardian angel, but he cannot protect her in the other world. And stepping over brooms and logs, you risk upsetting the brownie. In any case, you need to step over the thresholds carefully, as you just might accidentally fall on them.
  • Pregnant women cannot play with cats, otherwise the baby may have insidious enemies in the future. It should be noted that this omen is logically explained from a scientific point of view — cats often act as carriers of toxoplasmosis (a pathology that destroys the nervous system). A woman may not even feel any clinical signs, while infecting her child. If the option of living without your beloved pets is unacceptable for you, you should definitely take the tests for this ailment in order to save yourself from the potential disastrous consequences.
    Signs for pregnant women: what not to do and how to find out the sex of the child
  • It is not necessary to eat a lot of red berries during pregnancy, otherwise the baby may have skin diathesis. Previously, people were not aware of allergic reactions, they believed that the berries can simply affect the change in skin color. This also includes other foods that have a bright color (oranges, peaches), it is worth limiting their number in the diet.
  • You should also adhere to the principle of «silence — gold» and not tell anyone about your interesting position, especially to strangers. Do not forget that others are characterized by increased envy and can cause harm to your baby. And our ancestors believed that the evil forces were able to take away the baby’s soul. During the first trimester, many women experience miscarriages, possibly due to increased talkativeness. Try to hide your pregnancy as long as possible, because it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.
  • Popular belief forbids pregnant women to touch the ropes, as well as to weave knots. In ancient times, knots were considered a symbol of hopelessness and dead ends. Thus, the umbilical cord can twist around the neck and suffocate the infant, which will significantly complicate the process of childbirth and adversely affect health.
  • There is also a sign that if during a pregnancy a girl is poured with water, a downpour will begin. It can be explained by the fact that a woman since ancient times is associated with fertility.

Signs about the field of the unborn child

We offer you a list of superstitions that will help you determine the sex of the future baby.

  1. If the tummy sticks out strongly and differs in a pointed form, this promises you a boy, and if it is round and wide, most likely a girl will be born.
  2. Being pregnant, you notice a large amount of hair on your legs — there will be a boy, otherwise — a girl.
  3. It is also said that in legal marriage the birth of a girl is more likely, and if the spouses are only going to get married — it is worth waiting for the boy.
  4. If the husband’s love for the wife is stronger than the wife for the husband, a boy will be born, and when the opposite is a girl.
  5. If you regularly made love — wait for the girl, if you take breaks in a few days — get ready for the birth of a boy.
  6. If the head of the family prefers a tight underwear — a boy will be born, and if free, a daughter will be born.
  7. If a woman likes to sleep with her head south, a girl will appear, and if to the north — a boy.
  8. When the future mom during the whole pregnancy complains about the feeling of coldness in the legs, most likely you will have a son.
  9. If there is a deterioration in the appearance of the woman — wait for the girl, and if the improvement — the boy.
  10. Pulls on the sweet? Become parents of a daughter. If you give your preference to eggs, cheese, meat products — a boy will be born.
  11. If the nose during pregnancy slightly swells and swells, there will be a boy.
  12. If the stomach leans in the left side — a girl will appear, in the right — a boy.
  13. If halos around the nipples darken — a daughter will be born, and when, on the contrary, brighten — a son.
  14. Typically, toxicosis is more pronounced when a woman carries a girl under her heart.
  15. The presence of strong pigmentation on the stomach indicates the birth of a girl, and if the hair begins to grow — a boy will be born.
  16. Torment heart palpitations? Wait a boy.
  17. If the body temperature rises, a boy will be born, and when a girl is falling, a girl.

There are several ways to check who will be born. In the first case, you need to hold the ring on the thread directly above the left palm, if it moves in a circle — there will be a girl, and if it swings back and forth, you will become the parents of a son.

The Japanese came up with a much simpler method — they divide the woman’s age into three, and her fathers into four. If a larger percentage remains with the mother, wait for the girl, and if the father has the boy.

Signs for pregnant women: what not to do and how to find out the sex of the child

You can believe the signs, and you can bypass them, but, being in an interesting position, it will not be superfluous to turn to the origins of popular wisdom so that a healthy and happy baby is born.

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