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Signs for money: 12 secrets of attracting wealth

Signs for money: 12 secrets of attracting wealth

They say that money is not happiness. However, without them — nowhere. People have always strived and strive for material goods, which is why it has taken so much to take on money, observing that, you can attract wealth and avoid financial difficulties.

There are signs of money that predict either profit or loss. That’s about them and will be discussed.

Signs of money and wealth

  • If the same person catches your eye at least three times a week, these are good signs, promising in a short time monetary fortune.
  • They came to the dog group — do not hurry to get upset, as this is a good sign, foreshadowing a quick profit.
  • Sneezed in a row 5 times — make a wish, which would concern the money, and say: «Sneeze — to the wind, money in your pocket!»
  • Put three coins under the door mat. They will serve you as a money magnet that will attract wealth to the house.
  • Bracelets, beads and earrings with large stones attract money, so you should wear such jewelry more often.
  • In debt, take on the growing moon and, preferably, large bills, and repay the debt on the waning moon small bills. In this way you will attract monetary success.
  • Do not store torn bills in your wallet. Such money is better to spend faster, as being stored in your home, they will block monetary energy.

  • Do not save money for a “rainy day”, this will only bring you bad luck and financial instability. Put aside for something concrete, then the money will be more whole, and will quickly accumulate.
  • Never throw garbage out of the window — otherwise the money will quickly go away.
  • To see a button on the ground is a good sign for money. Step on her left foot and make a wish.
  • If you have a broken nail on your right hand — a bad omen that portends a financial loss. If the nail on the left hand is broken — cash costs are waiting.
  • Do not raise money found on the road (on the street). You can incur the troubles of their old master.

Believe only good money omens and superstitions, then everything will be fine. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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