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Signs: flowers for home well-being

Signs: flowers for home well-being

House flowers not only delight the eye, but also protect against negative energies. With the help of properly selected plants, you can get rid of quarrels, bring happiness and prosperity into the house, and solve health problems.

Signs: flowers for home well-being — what flowers are able to attract happiness and joy to our house? Consider the issue in detail.

Signs: flowers for home well-being

Signs of home colors

A common opinion about the death of flowers in a house filled with negative energy is far from the truth. Plants are able to process negative energies and even feed on them — they quench quarrels and conflicts.

The death of one plant in the house suggests that it has taken on a strong negative hostess. But this does not mean that the whole house is filled with negative energy. A faded flower needs to be thanked for the help and to the earth.

but if all the flowers die in the house — one by one — you should seriously think about the damage to the house. If the question does not concern bad care of flowers.

With the help of plants, you can identify areas of trouble in the apartment. If a previously healthy flower begins to fade when moved to another place, it means that there is a zone of negative energy.

Also unsuccessful omen is considered an unexpected flowering of a plant out of season.

Never accept as a gift a flower in a pot — it is believed that all the failures of the donor will pass to you. If it is impossible to refuse a gift, give the donor a nominal fee — a ruble or a penny.

Thus, you pay off the trouble.

Signs: flowers for home well-being

Happy flowers

Some varieties of flowers bring happiness and prosperity to the house, others help to eliminate or extinguish conflicts, and still others harmonize marital relations. What flowers you need in the first place — decide for yourself.

Monetary well-being and wealth

The energy of abundance attracts fat woman or crassula. If it is proper to take care of a fathead, it attracts the energy of abundance.

Replant the plant in a green or red pot and you will soon notice a change in your budget. In some cases, it is recommended to put a few coins on the bottom of the pot.

If you need career growth, do not do without bamboo. This plant has a powerful energy growth and development.

To bamboo helped in career growth, it should be placed in the office or near the desktop, but not in the bedroom.

Ficus, a variety of figs, attracts the energy of abundance and joy. This plant is considered the patron of the family hearth and the protection of the house.

Happiness in love

Plant spathiphyllum attracts female happiness. This flower must certainly be in the house for prosperity and well-being.

Anthurium considered the flower of male happiness — increases the fire of passion and emotional attraction between lovers. The flower is considered an indicator of loyalty to the beloved.

Roses help in marital relations and protect the marriage from adultery. Put in the bedroom white roses and you will not worry about infidelity spouse.

Modest red rose with delicate flowers in the form of stars attracts happiness in marriage. If you are tired of loneliness, put acid in the bedroom.

Kislitza also helps to harmonize relationships in an already held couple.

Bright hibiscus attracts passionate love. This exotic plant is placed in the bedroom.

Hibiscus helps to improve relationships both young spouses and the elderly.

Flowers for peace and harmony in the house

Gentle violets help in conflict situations — quench the energy of a quarrel, not allowing it to turn into a scandal. Also violets are considered flowers of love and tenderness.

Geranium acts on the atmosphere in the house soothingly. The flower helps to fight depression, depression and loneliness.

Dracaena brings the energy of success and happiness into the house. All citrus plants have the same property.

Fern well absorbs negative electromagnetic radiation, not yielding to cacti. Therefore, ferns are recommended to put next to a computer and TV.

Agarum (aloe) cares about the harmonious atmosphere in the house. If you are tired of the visits of guests and want to feel the peace in the house, put the plant near the hallway — the visits will stop.

Signs: flowers for home well-being

Unlucky flowers

To avoid adversity, it is necessary to know which plants are not desirable to have in the house. For unlucky colors include:

  • ivy species;
  • cacti and their varieties;
  • callas, monstera and orchid.

Ivy you can’t have single women — he drives away men. Interestingly, in the house held a pair of ivy can not hurt anything. Ivy can not be placed in the bedroom — this plant absorbs energy.

However, the property of ivy to absorb energy can be used for good purposes — the expulsion of intrusive visitors.

Cacti also absorb energy, so they are advised to put them near computers and devices. However, the cactus tends to worsen the marital relationship — keep in mind.

Callas — flowers of mourning and funeral. You should not grow them in your home.

Monstera actively absorbs oxygen, deteriorating the atmosphere in the house. Putting a monster in the bedroom is extremely dangerous — you will not get enough sleep, a headache is provided.

Orchid takes vitality from a person, so keeping a flower in the house is dangerous. Especially dangerous are orchids in the bedroom, as they are considered vampire flowers.

A contradictory opinion exists about wax ivy. This is a nocturnal plant — flowers bloom at night and begin to exude a sweet aroma.

The plant protects the lovers, however, overgrown ivy destroys the marital relationship. Sometimes overgrown wax ivy can expel and spouse from the bedroom.

Dangerous plants

These flowers and plants are dangerous because of their poisonous properties, so they should not be kept in the house:

  • Dieffenbachia;
  • Oleander;
  • Croton;
  • Azalea Sims;
  • Mimosa shameful;
  • Evergreen ivy;
  • Adenium;
  • Philodendron;
  • Primrose;
  • Steller’s Dwarf;
  • Nightshade;
  • Tulip tulip;
  • Trichotherus.

Houseplants can carry not only beauty, but also danger. Therefore, to attract well-being to the house, first of all you should get rid of malicious colors.

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