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Signs: Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord

Signs: Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord

For believers, the whole year is painted by the day, each with something so meaningful and endowed with spiritual meaning. For non-believers on religious holidays, it is easy to track signs of the people.

What day is it — the Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord and what kind of signs are associated with it?

Signs: Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord

Exaltation of the Holy Cross Orthodox celebrate September 27, and Catholics, in whom everything happens before — September 14. In short, the Ascension, as it is called by the people, was derived from the attainment of the Holy Cross by Queen Helena three centuries after the crucifixion of Christ.

The people use this date as a milestone in the final turn for the fall and the harvest of the last harvest. According to beliefs on this day (and there are still plenty of such days on the calendar) there is a battle between good and evil, scum rages, but retreats before the power of the cross.

It was in connection with the rampant evil entities that signs and prohibitions were born that must be observed in order to preserve the soul, body, and even save lives. Our ancestors had everything very seriously.

Forest affairs and devilry

The first ban is related to the forest. It was believed that just in the Ascension, the devil cleans up his kingdom in the approximation of winter, examines and counts the animals before wintering, collects forest reptiles (snakes).

Together with the beasts, evil spirits. For this reason, signs appeared:

  • On the Exposition do not go into the forest — you will be gone.
  • It must be by all means lock the door, otherwise, snakes or, worse, evil forces will crawl into the house.

It was better to go to the forest in advance, to bring mushrooms that would go to the dishes on the festive table: it is customary to fast for the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, so no meat.

From the invasion of evil forces will save the cross, painted on the doors and walls with chalk, coal or garlic, as did previous generations. If you feel that something is wrong at the Ascension, you can scratch a small cross somewhere on the door jamb, and do not hesitate to wear a body cross.

For personal safety, those who believe in omens are better off. refrain from long walks.

The rituals of cleaning the house (office) from unclean forces carried out on the Elevation will be especially effective.

Cabbage — on the table

Signs: Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord

A good sign is considered to be the Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord. eat cabbage pies. And not even just a sign, but a tradition and almost a duty.

  • Bake on the Exaltation pie with cabbage — to attract good luck and prosperity for the whole winter.
  • Feed someone with this pie — to improve relations with him.
  • Serve poor food — then be well fed.

At this time, just a lot of cabbage: it is customary to clean up for storage or processing, leaving nothing on the beds. Food habits and signs of the people formed a calendar with a schedule of posts and a variety (more precisely, its absence) of available products.

Removed cabbage — it means cabbage day, especially in the post.

At the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, it was customary to feed the hungry and serve the poor, hence the sign of charity. Not only is it good for the soul and mood, it is on this day that it will attract good luck to you.

If you are not accustomed to donating food or do not know where the needy live next to you, you can donate money for a good deed, all the more so now it is easy, you can not even leave the house.

Engaging grooms

After the Elevation, cabbage parties began — gatherings at pies and other cabbage dishes with games, riddles and fun. The word «skit» in the sense of a comic representation — just from there.

Girls on skittles with might and main engaged in the device of personal life, read special conspiracies, made love spells and fed the vending young men with specially prepared cakes.

  • Dating on Exaltation promise to grow into a novel.
  • If you leave on the table for the night a patty with cabbage and a glass of milk, and ask the goblin about matchmaking, meeting with the groom will take place soon. The groom, however, will not necessarily be the best possible.
  • To wash this day with thoughts about marriage — become more attractive.

Pie and to this day remains an excellent opportunity to explore. Do not be shy to treat a pleasant person.

For those who value freedom, it is better not to establish new ties and don’t answer flirting.

Autumn meeting

Signs: Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord

Nature gradually falls asleep, frosts grow stronger, the crop finally leaves the fields (otherwise it just disappears in the rain and cold), the day becomes shorter, and you can’t not count on heat anymore — Indian summer is over.

During the period of falling asleep nature is better to devote himself to household chores. Remember the cabbage?

It’s time to make sour.

However, on church holidays, especially such important ones as the Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord, it was not customary to work hard for your own benefit.

  • Should not start new cases — they will fail and bring loss and frustration.
  • Make blanks on this day — they will turn out tasty and will stand for a long time.
  • To see a bird flight departing and make a wish — it will come true.

Birds fly wintering to the south en masse at this time, so seeing a flock in the sky is very, very likely. To make it come true, you need not to voice it to anyone, keep it with you.

Weather signs

According to the weather and bird behavior on the Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord, it was determined what the spring and summer would be. The main thing — to remember after the winter and see if it came true.

  • A wedge of geese flies high in the sky — to spring flood. Low — and the water will be low.
  • A cold wind blows on the day of the ascent. — summer promises to be warm.

Trouble for Sinners

On the Ascension, as in other fasting days and church holidays, it is customary to take care of the soul. Prayers for deliverance from vices will have a special effect, and if you are not accustomed to pray, then work on yourself will bring abundant results.

  • Fast on the ascension — to secure deliverance from all sins and, accordingly, peace of mind.
  • Who does not observe fasting and repent of sins — on that they will fall on a double weight. And at the same time all sorts of trouble will happen.

For non-believers, a great idea is to think about your own shortcomings on this day and how you can correct them and increase your merits.

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