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Signs during pregnancy — a boy or a girl?

Signs of pregnancy on the sex of the child

Is there a topic for will take more reverent, exciting and discussed than the birth of a child. Who is born — a boy or girl, son or daughter — signs of pregnancy exist in every corner of the planet.

Do you believe them? But try not to believe, when suddenly someone from a completely non-close environment with incredible confidence announces you the sex of the unborn child.

In vain you thought it was a secret.

Signs during pregnancy - a boy or a girl?

How do you know by signs that the boy will be born?

For the mother, the sex of the baby is not so important. Whoever is born, he will be loved. But a society educated for centuries and even millennia on stories about the heir prefers giving birth to a boy.

Son always waited. What signs could calm the future mother, heralding the birth of her long-awaited heir?

Signs during pregnancy - a boy or a girl?

According to signs, a boy will be born if:

  • the abdomen of a pregnant woman is narrow and stretched forward — “cucumber”, as it is commonly called;
  • stomach slightly shifted to the right;
  • the areola around the nipple brightened;
  • no toxicosis, pregnant vigorous, active and cheerful;
  • the woman has not changed at all, there is no edema, swelling on the face, and her hair is thick and shiny;
  • future mother wants meat and salted fish;
  • hairs began to appear on the stomach;
  • fetal heart palpitations — more than 140 beats per minute;
  • the future mother saw herself in a dream as a man;
  • when crossing the legs left puts on the right.

The Japanese took as the basis for the creation would not take the observation of the pregnant, but the exact sciences. So they recommend a very simple way to determine the sex of the child.

Divide the age of the mother by 3, and the father by 4. Compare the results — if the father has more, wait for the son.

Looks Chinese even more exotic. They pour barley and wheat grains … with the urine of a pregnant woman.

If a boy comes faster, a boy grows in his mother’s stomach.

And when to wait for the girl?

Oh, no wonder there was a sign that the girl takes the beauty and health of the mother. During gestation, the women of the woman grow stupid. This is a fact with which you can not argue.

Swelling, swelling of the lips, dull and uneven skin. Yes, even the hair falls out, nails exfoliate, and in the morning sick, especially from the smell of meat.

Signs during pregnancy - a boy or a girl?

But this is not all in predicting the birth of a daughter. Most of them reverse the birth signs of boys:

  • the daughter’s belly is wide, like a life jacket he girds a woman in front;
  • the left side of the abdomen is stronger.
  • nipples and circles become darker;
  • there is not a lot of sweets — the phrase can be called the motto of women who bear girls, and the menu always contains chocolates and sweets;
  • age spots appear;
  • there are sharp fluctuations in the mood of the future mother: now she is calm, then irritable, then cheerful, then capricious;

Strange signs

If the most part will be based on long-term observations of a pregnant woman, then some predictions seem to have created for laughter. According to them, you will have a girl if:

  • during conception it was very hot or very cold or it was pouring rain;
  • conception happened during a drunken night;
  • if at the time of conception a woman looked to the south. And it’s strange if you don’t remember this important point.

Such signs could lead the top most inadequate will take, unwarranted and ineffectual.

Scientific point of view

Do experts need to sort out national signs today, if there is a modern technique for determining sex? Not even doctors know what determines the sex of the future baby, what should be the content of chromosomes.

But no, some research scientists help determine if a mother or mom is waiting for a boy or a girl, without ultrasound machines. It turns out that sons are born after mother and father suffered a great deal of stress.

This fact is scientifically proven.

It is also proved that the boys cause an increased appetite for his mom. A study in the United States analyzed the menu of more than 200 women.

Mothers who bore sons eat 10% more, and they also consume more protein.

Maternal experience

Moms, flipping through the pages of the Internet during pregnancy, believing in omens and trying them on themselves, even after the birth of children continue to believe in them. Although clarify: not all signs fit every woman.

Every child is different, we are all different. But what should unite us is the love of the expected baby, no matter what sex he is.

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