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Signs before the exam for good luck and superstition for a successful passing

Signs before the exam for good luck and superstition for successful passing at the institute or school

Most students believe in signs before the exam for good luck. This is encouraging them. It’s time for exams — a stressful situation for students and schoolchildren.

It is practically impossible to predict the result in advance. Not everyone is confident in their knowledge. Belief in omens and superstition gives students confidence before the exam.

This improves mood, and the chance of luck increases.

It is important to remember that by following them, you will only see the effect if you are really well prepared for the exam, but you are just nervous and afraid of it. To pass exams at an institute or school for some signs, superstition is not worth counting on.

Share your omens with others is not recommended.

What are these signs?

Signs before the exam for good luck and superstition for a successful passing

Before the exam

  1. As soon as the examination period began, it is advisable at this time not to change your wardrobe. Have to walk in the same. A change of clothes will adversely affect the results of the knowledge test, since the new one will not contain the knowledge required for the exams.
  2. Before the exams, all hygiene measures are canceled: you can not wash your hair, cut your hair, shave and cut your nails. Learned material can be forgotten.
  3. Books and recordings of lectures for which you are preparing, cannot be left open. This will lead to the same thing mentioned above.
  4. Some believe that before this event should spend the night with a textbook, putting it under your pillow. Knowledge, therefore, will be remembered better.
  5. It is accepted on the eve of the exam to ask close people to scold the one who goes to the exam.
  6. The more and stronger they do it, the better. In this case, only the word «fool» should be avoided.
  7. Getting out of bed on the day of the exam is necessary with the left foot. All other actions must also be done from this side. Cross the threshold with the left foot too.
  8. In the gradebook, you can neatly paint a small village hut with a pencil. Let the smoke come out of the chimney. The more smoke, the higher the chances of a successful exam.
  9. For those who live in Moscow. In the subway there is the station «Revolution Square». There is a statue of a dog made of bronze. Here is her nose and will have to rub. This is a good superstition for many years. It brings good test scores.
  10. In order to find out the ticket number, you will need the help of a pregnant woman. Persuade her to specify a number in any interval. The future mother needs to thank for it with some sweetness.

Signs before the exam for good luck and superstition for a successful passing

On the exam

  1. It is better to enter the audience immediately after the one who passed the subject perfectly. Try to hold this lucky hand, good luck will go to you.
  2. Before you enter, try to drop your gradebook just before the threshold.
  3. The book itself during the exam not show anyone.
  4. Pull the ticket decisively, without hesitation. Take the one that first appeared before your eyes.
  5. To attract good luck, tie any string or string on your left hand.
  6. It is desirable at this moment to hold on to something wooden.
  7. During the exam, take a ticket with your left hand while standing on your left foot. Hide your behavior from the examiner, otherwise he decides that you hope only for a happy accident.
  8. Take your favorite pen with you.
  9. Girls on this day need to wear red underwear. It will attract good luck.
  10. Success will be on the side of those who are going to take the subject of the fifth or a multiple of this number.

On the way to the exam

  1. After leaving the house, say: «God is in front, I am behind» and cross.
  2. On the way, notice who met the first on your way. A man — to luck, a woman — to failure, a pregnant girl — to complete success. Meeting with the homeless or the police portends you an unpleasant surprise from the examiner.
  3. Manhole covers should be bypassed. It is impossible to attack them. If you accidentally come, you should immediately touch his hand to return the «failure» back.
  4. If you traveled by transport and drove under the bridge — you will be lucky.
  5. It helps the use of the talisman. You can put in as a metal nickle under the heel in shoes. He also believes that it stimulates the place responsible for the vigor of mental activity.
  6. In a difficult moment, you can mentally ask for help from a coin. The answer to the right question is found quickly.

Signs before the exam for good luck and superstition for a successful passing

How can you bring to your side a freebie?

  • There is such a rite. This is when you know well only a few tickets, but there is no time to learn everything.
  • To do this, on the night before the exam, stick out your document in the window for assessment, wave it and shout three times: “Freebie, come.” After that, you need to close this document and not open until exams. It is better to bandage it with something.

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