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Signs and superstitions: is it possible to keep the flower Decembrist in the house

Gathered in the house to buy a flower Decembrist: learn about his secrets

The inhabitant of the tropical forest, the Decembrist flower, is known as a bearer of conflicting glory, since the signs associated with it can be benign and evil. Possessing its own energy, the green friend is able not only to enrich the room with oxygen, but also to predict events associated with the household.

With good care home plant pleases the eye with green foliage and violent colors of flowers.

Signs and superstitions: is it possible to keep the flower Decembrist in the house

What is the uniqueness of a tropical plant

An unusual type of bush for home breeding is known by several names — Schlumberger cactus was named by its scientists, in everyday life the Decembrist is called the Barbarian scythe, the Cancer neck, the Christmas cactus. The reason for the name Decembrist is associated with the peculiarities of flowering, it is precisely in December that it is time for the appearance of red or bright pink flowers on flat bright green stems with prickles.

A plant with stems hanging down, absorbing the energy of the owners of the dwelling, informs them about future events with their appearance.

The main sign about the flower says: what the Decembrist looks like is the homely atmosphere. The lush green bush symbolizes harmony and tranquility in family life, the withering flower foreshadows bad events in the house.

Variety will take and superstitions

The trouble of the worst superstition is associated with the sudden death of a flower. If, with proper care, the Decembrist begins to dry out or dies suddenly, this is a warning to the inhabitants of the dwelling about the funeral ceremony in their home.

According to the esotericists, the withering of a cactus can be interpreted in two ways.

  • The dying plant is associated with a guide who takes one of his family members with him to the world of the dead. You will not come true if there are no sick people in the house.
  • Suddenly dried bush can be a harbinger of sudden tragedy in the house. In ancient times, people believed superstition more, so it was the dead plant that was blamed for the tragedy.

Even today, individual lovers of living plants are afraid to keep the Decembrist flower at home, so as not to provoke a deadly danger. Some flower growers do not advise keeping Schlumberger cactus at home to impressionable people.

Although superstition is only a warning, a plant cannot cause death.

Signs and superstitions: is it possible to keep the flower Decembrist in the house

Flower Dekabrist: good signs

Eagerly absorbing the atmosphere of the house, a bright green bush with dense glossy leaves feels the appearance of even the slightest changes in the fate of the inhabitants of the apartment. In gratitude for the proper care and timely watering, the Decembrist gives his mistress predictions about the changes expected in the family horizon.

  • The cactus bloomed on the schedule is considered a good omen, indicating a good habitat atmosphere. The family is usually famous for love and mutual understanding, the proper upbringing of children.
  • According to the rules, the bush should bloom in December. If the buds bloom on New Year’s Eve or during the first month of winter, the omen foreshadows a successful and happy year filled with pleasant events.
  • It happens that the Decembrist flourishes ahead of schedule. Such omen promises pleasant acquaintances or good changes in life. Perhaps it will be a legacy from a distant relative.
  • According to signs, the flower shows an instant reaction to uninvited guests with bad thoughts. To calculate the detractor, have to remember their recent guests. This is not necessarily a secret enemy, but a person with bad energy.

If the Schlumbergera cactus pleased with flowering in April, wait for financial difficulties. However, you should not be afraid, to overcome temporary difficulties will help patience and hard work.

Flower Decembrist: Negative Superstitions

Since the Christmas cactus has a powerful energy potential, it absorbs the energy of a homely atmosphere. Due to the sensation of vibrations at a subtle level, the living organism of a plant reacts to unfavorable negative events, changing its state.

This was the reason for the appearance of not only positive, but also negative popular signs and superstitions about the bush Decembrist.

  • If the flower bloomed much later than the allotted time, this is a warning about the imminent disaster in the family. Superstition is connected not only with troubles at work or at the place of study, late color may indicate a speedy family conflict, illness, financial difficulties.
  • Another negative superstition is associated with flowering. If the green pet, despite the perfectly created conditions, did not please the hostess with flowers, this is a sign of the upcoming difficult period. If the color does appear, then bad events will be replaced by luck.
  • Flower Decembrist is dangerous for men, they are uncomfortable and hard in the house where they brought this beautiful cactus. According to superstition, the bush seeks to get rid of men in any way, acting on the energy level. Therefore, women are at risk of being left without a chosen one, and girls — without a father.

Do not blindly trust superstition, the reason may not be in the flower or omens. This is a warning that it is important to pay attention to personal relationships, or the hostess linked her fate to the wrong man.

Signs and superstitions: is it possible to keep the flower Decembrist in the house

Flower Decembrist and Astrology

Astrologers associate Schlumberger cactus with the creative side of human life. However, the plant is considered a symbol of controversy because of the leaves:

  • the pointed form of foliage resembles arrows, and the Decembrist itself looks stern and inhospitable;
  • The flower evokes a feeling of admiration for soft-to-touch leaves and extraordinarily beautiful flowers.

The unity of opposites, according to astrologers, the Decembrist indicates to people that there is always the possibility of settling any conflict and establishing contacts. To do this, change your attitude towards others.

Esoteric women are advised to decorate the room of a small child with a colorful bush. According to signs, the energy of the plant affects the formation of creative abilities.

Each inhabitant of the house where the Decembrist flower has taken root will be able to develop the plasticity of movements and speech, master the art of correctly expressing their thoughts. Thanks to the energy of the plant, creative ideas will find a positive direction.

If you want the Decembrist to bloom, provide a peaceful atmosphere at your place of residence. If you are afraid to accept the death of family members, which the plant allegedly foreshadows, send a green pet to the office.

In a non-residential area, the ability to predict the negative of a cactus will disappear, and the bright appearance of the Decembrist will decorate the interior of the workplace.

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