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Signs and superstitions about the money tree, whether to keep it in the house

Folk omens and superstitions about the money tree — is it possible to give, throw out, cut off?

According to folk beliefs, a money tree (jerky) brings its owners material wealth, prosperity and financial stability, so it is desirable to keep it at home for everyone. This houseplant does not require special care, but can dry out, which is considered an extremely unfavorable sign. To make a money tree profit, you should follow the rules of planting a plant and have an idea of ​​how to care for it.

When the tree blooms, the owners can rejoice, because such a sign promises wealth and family well-being.

Good signs associated with the money tree:

  1. one. Fast growth. If the tree grows quickly, the family will not know the need, there will always be money in the wallet.
  2. 2 Lots of foliage. The tree contributes not only to improving the material situation, but also improves health.
  3. 3 The appearance of flowers. Blossy bloom — a sign of easy money. But it blooms quite rarely at home, so you need to take advantage of this moment and make important transactions, buy real estate or a car, if a person has been going for a long time, but still could not decide on such expensive purchases.

You can steal a sprout from wealthy and wealthy friends or acquaintances, but these people should not know that someone touched a tree to avoid misfortune and irreplaceable losses.

Bad omens and superstitions about the money tree:

  • There are no sheets on a jersey — to bankruptcy and the ruin of the head of the family. A drooping plant has a similar decoding.
  • Opal several sheets — should be prepared for large wastes.
  • Cacti, standing next to the bastard, adversely affect the money tree and the family affluence.
  • A birthday present brings misfortune. To avoid this, you need to pay an arbitrary amount to the donor.
  • Fallen plant foreshadows the appearance of the envious.

If a stranger touches the leaves of this plant, he will take the profits and financial success of the family and condemn them to poverty, so the sweetie cannot be given, given away or thrown out. If a person leaves and he needs someone to give the tree, you should ask for a symbolic amount.

Signs and superstitions about the money tree, whether to keep it in the house

Planting rules to make a profit:

  1. 1. Should buy a scion. Plant it on the growing moon. It is advisable to plant the plant at night, so that the moon illuminates the money tree and charges it with monetary energy.
  2. 2. The pot for the bastard you need to choose a beautiful, dear. It is necessary to read such a conspiracy three times during the landing of the fatty: "Money comes, money grows, money knows the way into my pocket".
  3. 3. After that, you need to tie a red thread or ribbon on the trunk, thank the plant that it appeared in the house.

According to signs, a coin placed on the bottom of a flowerpot will attract wealth. You can also put a broken gold earring or precious jewelry that a person rarely wears.

Signs and superstitions about the money tree, whether to keep it in the house

Rules for the care of the money tree at home:

  1. one. Leaves care and proper watering. The follicle leaves should be regularly cleaned from dust, it is recommended to water the plant no more than once a week, and twice in the summer months.
  2. 2 Transfer. When the money tree grows, it must be transplanted into a larger pot. If the plant is closely in capacity, then there will be no profit.
  3. 3 Trimming and installation of props. You can trim the upper branches so that the tree does not break. The crown of the money tree must be supported with special supports.
  4. four. Sunlight. This plant, like another indoor flower, needs light, so you need to find a suitable place for it on the windowsill and not put other plants next to it.

You need to talk with a fat woman and tell her about your profit every week, but this should be done only with joyful emotions.

Some people hang bills of various denominations on plant, but one should not forget that from time to time it is necessary to spend money that hangs on the branches and replace them with others so that the flow of money energy does not stop.

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