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Signs and superstitions about life

Signs and superstitions about life

Man desperately wants to know the future: what will be his own life, the fate of the spouse and child? What to prepare for — to troubles or joys?

At least a little to feel the master of his share and to allay anxiety since ancient times, signs and superstitions about life helped.

Signs and superstitions about life

The richest in superstition periods are transitional. The person then is considered the least protected from evil forces, vulnerable.

During the transition from childhood to adulthood, from free to marital status, the whole fate may change. How to understand for good or for ill?

Basic rules to ensure a good and long life:

  1. A certain amount of stealth — so as not to jinx it. Nothing needs to be widely announced in advance.
  2. Generosity, especially on holidays. A mean fate has already prepared a separate piece of poverty.
  3. Knowledge of happy and unlucky days. In happy days everything argues, in unhappy ones — only disappointments.

Pregnancy and childbirth — the tab of fate

The man has not yet been born — and his parents try to guess how he will live, and they all do it so that good fortune will “stick” to him in the womb.

Surprisingly, among the signs, there are really scientifically useful for pregnant women.

  • You can not eat fish during pregnancy — the baby will be born dumb. Believe it or not, the fish is really better be careful, it is an allergen.
  • You can not play with a cat — the child will many enemies. Toxoplasmosis and its danger for pregnant women to describe once again is not necessary. This time, prejudice against cats is right on target.
  • The remaining signs are not rooted in the material world, but will help to preserve the calmness of superstitious pregnant women and their families. As in another important matter, you can not say anything in advance — neither the date of birth, nor gender, nor, especially, the name of the child — bring trouble.

Childhood defines life

Signs and superstitions about life

How happy New Year — as you meet, and spend. As childhood passes, so will life flow. By the way, not the stupidest belief.

Scientists think that character is enormously formed by conversion and upbringing in the early years.

  • Births to the growing moon — to baby health.
  • Baby can not be bathed with strangers — can jinx. Reasonable: the process is something intimate, let them deal with family and professionals.
  • If the son is like mother, and the daughter is like father, then they will are happy. About happiness is not known for sure, and daughters like fathers often grow quite pretty!
  • If a child in a dream throws his hands behind his head — it will be live in abundance.
  • The child has grown two eddies — will be lucky.
  • Children with a wide temechkom will live long and will die in old age.
  • In no case can not beat children with a rag, especially sex: I do not see them wealth, will live in poverty. That’s for sure! Children are generally not recommended to beat.

Entry into adulthood

In girls, growing up is a dramatic and painful process. Already at a young age, a little lady understands what sacrifices nature is destroying her for the sake of the continuation of the human race.

And this is in any case, even if the girl is not going to give birth herself!

Initially, periods were not considered dirty or embarrassing, our ancestors believed that these days a girl / girl is less protected from evil forces. Well, being close to her becomes dangerous. And the girls themselves have nowhere to go …

  • If at the first menstrual period, the girl does not lose the blush from her cheeks — then according to signs, she will healthy in adulthood.
  • Menstrual blood must be protected. Yes, it may be necessary for someone: ill-wishers who will induce damage.
  • During the monthly it is not necessary to start more business, to make large deals and put taps on shoes. Nothing, they say, will not work as it should.
  • Also, you can not pull out your teeth and do even small operations — you will long to be sick. Of course, because blood coagulability is worse these days!

Best years

Here is a man where bribing, and where deceiving fate, entered into maturity. So many important matters and events!

New housing

In the modern world, a sign of adulthood is to live separately from parents. So these superstitions and omens are still relevant.

  • The cat must first enter the new house — for good luck. All the bad things that the master of the house has prepared (not the man, but the house-spirit) will get to her.
  • Where this cat will lay down there and put a bed or a cradle — favorable place.
  • At the new place you need to throw coins on the floor — for rich life. And in the old house to leave some money.
  • Mark housewarming in a big way, fun — attract happiness and prosperity.

Wedding signs

Signs and superstitions about life

You will not be happy in marriage — you will not be happy in principle. How to understand if the union will be successful, and how to make sure that there is agreement between the spouses?

  • Got married in the afternoon marriage will be successful.
  • Newlyweds eat a lot of sweet — the first from their union girl will be born.
  • If the bride sneezes in the morning of the wedding day, marriage will be for her happy.
  • In order to quickly find your soul mate, you need to touch the wedding rings of the bride and groom.
  • If the bride’s wedding day itch her right palm — to joy in the house, guests; if left — to rich life.
  • The most famous: Unfortunately groom see wedding dress beloved before the wedding.
  • Sprinkle salt — to quarrels.

Death is part of life

We all die. Disappointing and pushing for humility maxim at the same time.

Without death in life is not enough: elder relatives, friends, pets are not eternal. How to behave properly in case of a sad event and how to go to the grave as late as possible?

  • All things with which the deceased person has already come into contact must either be buried with him or else somehow got rid of: they will not bring good.
  • The coffin should not be borne by relatives — so as not to attract fast death. It was believed that the deceased could lead his relatives behind him.
  • Cross the road before the funeral procession — take disease, killed the deceased upon themselves. This is what you can do without, so it is without unnecessary sores!
  • Mice chewed up clothes, an icon dropped from a wall, fish pulled out on a fishing wheeze — signs near death. Take care of yourself.

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