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Signs and ceremonies on the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, history of the holiday

Traditions, signs and rites on the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos

The Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos is one of the most important church holidays. It is on this day — October 14 — that a person can ask the Mother of God for protection from all bad things, for help in various situations. A sick person can pray for his recovery and healing, a poor one for improving his financial situation, a homeless person for the appearance of his home, a lonely person for meeting his other half.

Most often on this day, unmarried girls ask for a decent groom. For this, various rituals and ceremonies are held.

The Pokrov of the Most Holy Lady of Our Lady and Virgin Mary is one of the great religious holidays. The history of the holiday began in the year 910. When enemy troops attacked Constantinople again, people gathered in the main temple of the city.

They were tired of uncertainty, hungry and addressed prayers to the Mother of God, asking for salvation and protection.

Saint Andrew, along with his disciple Epiphanius, also prayed with the parishioners. In the morning they first saw the miracle.

The Most Holy Virgin prayed with tears, kneeling. She took off her headscarf and hid them all who were in the temple, protecting them from misfortune and misfortune.

In the morning the vision disappeared, and it became clear to everyone that Constantinople was liberated from invaders.

From that moment on, all the Orthodox in prayers ask for a “cover”, that is, salvation, from the Mother of God, protection from failures, misfortunes, as well as wealth, family happiness, comfort in the home, children’s health.

Signs and ceremonies on the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, history of the holiday

Praying in front of the image of the Most Holy Mother of God should be in the case when the country is under the threat of attack by invaders. In addition, a prayer in front of an icon helps a person to fight against various temptations.

The veil becomes a symbolic spiritual shield that protects and guards against temptations.

Signs and ceremonies on the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, history of the holiday

There are several prayers in which a person can turn to the Holy Mother of God and ask for help in a difficult life situation. They can be read not only on holidays.

First prayer:

"My queen, Present, Nadezhda my most holy, friend of the blue and strange Defender, distressed by help and embittered by the cover, see my attack, look at my grief: I am filled with temptation everywhere, but there is no place to come. You yourself will help me as an impotent person, feed me as an idiot, teach me something wrong, heal and save me as hopeless.

Not an imam of great help, no other repentance, no consolation, only You, O Mother of all the bereaved and burdened! Look upon me, the sinner, and in the bitterness of the thing, and cover me with the most holy omophorion, that I may be delivered from the evils of my name, and I will praise you to take away your name.


Prayer Two:

"Hail to the Virgin Theotokos, Gracious Mary, the Lord is with You, Blessed are You in women and blessed is the fruit of Your womb, like the Savior bore our souls. Amen".

Prayer Three:

"Remember us in your prayers, Our Most Holy Theotokos. May we not perish because of the multiplication of our sins, for You cover us from all evil and evil diabolism.

We trust in you and we magnify you. Amen".

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