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Signs about the weather — popular interpretation

Folk omens about the weather

Accept and beliefs for all occasions there is plenty, but only a small part of them are almost devoid of superstitions, magic and other dark forces. These are signs about the weather, which are based only on the observations of our ancestors, which have been conducted for centuries.

Those that have come down to us, they, like forecasters predict, precisely or almost exactly determine whether it will rain tomorrow or have to wait for heat. For each season — their predictions and assumptions. If you wish, you can collect a great many of them, which hardly fit into our story.

And still try to name at least the main ones.

Signs about the weather - popular interpretation

Snow, frost or thaw — what will a winter stand like?

We all associate the onset of winter with the New Year, sledding or skiing. Fishermen who catch toothed pike and striped perch from under the ice are also awake.

All these wonderful active types of recreation are inconceivable without prior information about the weather for the next day. And she, in turn, is made up of popular signs:

  • the forest rustles — wait for an early thaw;
  • blue clouds naughty flock settled in the sky — during the day the temperature boldly goes up;
  • the clouds are floating too fast — they bring the desired sunny days;
  • for the night on the trees flowered patterns of fluffy frost — neither snow, nor hail is expected;
  • the stars shine brightly at night — in the morning, wait for the frost to be strong, sonorous;
  • countless hordes of thorny fine snow fell from the clouds — to prolonged bad weather;
  • the sun «dressed» rainbow rings — bad weather will stay indecently long;
  • bullfinch started singing especially loudly — wait in the near future blizzards and slush.

There are also more far-reaching forecasts, which make assumptions about the harvest, the thoughts about which have always been full of the heads of Russian farmers in the winter season. At that time, they were sorting out agricultural implements, taking care of seed material and well feeding the horses, on which they soon faced spring plowing:

  • winter was snowy — there will be an excellent growth of herbs that were harvested in the summer to feed domestic animals;
  • the frost trees are rich — beekeepers are waiting for a good «harvest» of honey;
  • pine branches are all in cones — barley generously ugoditsya;
  • winter is warm — summer will be cool;
  • a lot of snow falls in winter — and the summer, after him, the rain will «cry», the mushrooms will be rich.

Interestingly, many folk weather signs are the basis of serious scientific work. This is understandable, because any science also originates in human curiosity. Without this very stimulating human sense, there would be no progress or new technologies.

All these blessings of a civilization begin with national signs.

Signs about the weather - popular interpretation

What will please the most long-awaited season of the year — signs of spring

Perhaps most of the national holidays and rituals associated with the most romantic season — in the spring. The folk calendar of this time actually begins with the Day of All Lovers, and the Main Women’s Day on March 8 lies at the origins of the Spring-Beauty.

During this period, nature is cleared of winter ice «scabs», the earth is transformed and blooms. It’s time to renew — a wonderful time, so our ancestors Slavs wanted to know in advance when to wait for its occurrence, what it will be and what it will bring:

  • the flood was not great — summer will be hot, hot, dry;
  • thawing anthill carries with it the news that summer will be cool now;
  • snow melts around the tree with sharp ends — In the speed wait for a lingering bad weather with showers;
  • birch sap pleases good «harvest» — to rainy summer;
  • the bird is laying the nest on the sunny side — the summer will be chilling;
  • large flocks of migratory birds in the sky — Spring is coming;
  • flocks of thrushes foreshadow the end of frosts;
  • spring is early and sparrows are already crawling in puddles — on the nose, warm weather;
  • singing a cuckoo from a dry tree it comes — the frost is still being held;
  • tits cling to housing — to the cold of spring;
  • woodpecker in the spring in the forest noticeable — later it will be issued now;
  • the swallows in the sky livened up — to heat;
  • cranes flew in — to fast ice drift;
  • March is dry, April is damp and May is cold — the bread is richly born.

Signs of the weather are not only associated with nature and birds, but are based on the behavior of our younger brothers:

  • sheep flock to the first «Zelenka» willingly came out, and chews grass in peace — the warm weather will linger for a long time;
  • lark in the sky saw high — this is the messenger of the Heavenly Chancellery granted, to know, the weather will soon improve;
  • frogs do not sleep in the evenings, live concerts are arranged — good weather is called;
  • grasshoppers countless choir chirps after sunset — there will be a generous sun tomorrow and a windless day;
  • the bees began to roar in the morning — to cold weather.

With such an abundance of all sorts of signs, perhaps, the TV weather forecast will not be relevant to those who collect people’s wisdom in a basket of knowledge.

Signs about the weather - popular interpretation

Oh, summer, you are so predictable!

Each of us has wonderful memories associated with this time of year. Many of them are about natural phenomena, be it diamond beads on birch branches after a rainstorm or a magnificent sunset in the middle of a barley field. In each of these pictures — memories, there can also be a sign of the weather for tomorrow:

  • the sunset sky is colored by a pink or golden light shining on the night — wait for a sunny and dry day tomorrow;
  • the rain happened lingering, and then the birds started singing — it will clear up, and the sky will please with clarity;
  • flower buttercups did not close in cloudy weather — waiting for the rain is useless;
  • at dawn, before the first sunbeam, the sky adorned with a light cloud — the day ahead is waiting with warm and clear weather;
  • hot July — to cold December;
  • summer is dry — winter with small snows;
  • summer showers a lot — Winter will be warm, snow drifts a lot;
  • saw the first fog — hurry in the forest for mushrooms;
  • thunderstorm with thunder — bad weather will be delayed;
  • the sky is rainbow rich, but it soon melts in the sky — it will clear quickly;
  • long standing colorful rainbow arc — bad weather is just at the beginning;
  • morning rainbow rain soon portends;
  • in the rain a lot of droplets, and all small — bad weather will last for a long time;
  • thunder in the morning nature woke up — wait for rainy evening;
  • continuous thunder rumbles — rain generously feeds the earth;
  • if thunder roars loudly — showers will bring, deaf peals are heard — a drizzling rain is expected;
  • the rainbow is red rich — windy weather on the way;
  • morning fog melts in the sun — there will be no end to clear weather;
  • the midge flew — running into the forest until other mushroom pickers gathered a rich “harvest”;
  • aspen fluff — to frequent aspen mushrooms;
  • sorrel summer happy — winter will give warmth;
  • a mosquito pillar stands in the street — calls for clear, windless weather;
  • frogs in the water soulful trills lit — dry weather will be, and if they hurry to the beach with a loud croak, the bad weather is near.

Yes, whatever one may say, but summer is so predictable …

Signs about the weather - popular interpretation

Autumn time in love with eyes, pampers the weather: signs of autumn weather

There is no time in the year more saturated with light sadness and romantic motifs than the autumn season. We all like dry autumn in birch gold, but sometimes signs say that it will soon be bad weather, and then we stock up on umbrellas and reliable footwear. How to foresee the weather for tomorrow — we will now find out:

  • fire from autumn leaves in the garden is burning brightly — to a clear day;
  • spider zealously webs webs under the screams of a cuckoo lingering — sunny weather will be established;
  • migratory birds to the land say goodbye, flying at a considerable height — it will be clear without rain;
  • the sun has gone down and the sky has been painted in a white cloud — inclement weather will linger for another two or three days;
  • birds fly to warm lands low above the ground — to cold weather;
  • birch yellows on top — in six months spring wait early, and if from the lower leaves it is painted with gold — to the late onset of spring heat;
  • fast leaf frost brings a harsh winter;
  • long autumn leaves with branches do not part — in the winter of hard frosts do not wait, and it will end — you do not have time to look back;
  • despite October, flowers of pansies, clovers, yarrow, daisies and buttercups are scattered all over the meadow — autumn heat will stay for a long time;
  • Indian summer spiders all web spiked — autumn will be clear and winter will be cold;
  • if the frost is covered with trees — do not be alarmed, because it is the forerunner of the weather dry, warm and with the sun;
  • Rowan kind of ugly and in many — by the rainy autumn, its small harvest is dry in the autumn;
  • Autumn is not good for mushrooms, but nuts are abundant — to the harsh and snowy winter;
  • in the middle of late autumn the mosquitoes descended — winter will gently move along.

Be careful — and your weather forecast will come true!

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