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Signs about the cuckoo, associated with its kukovanie or just seen a bird

Signs of singing cuckoo — greyish ducky

If the cuckoo is cuckooing in the green forest, the signs say: she has time to guess, she will tell you how many years left to live. But is this only a sign associated with a cunning gray little bird, throwing its eggs into the nests of other birds?

It turns out that both our people and many other European nations have been observing habits for centuries. And this is what popular wisdom can tell us …

Signs about the cuckoo, associated with its kukovanie or just seen a bird

Signs associated with the singing and habits of cuckoos

  • Our ancestors Slavs considered this pichugu to be a symbol of summer, as well as of feminine fertile beginnings.
  • Over time, this belief was transformed into the image of a lonely woman — a widow or an abandoned woman, forced to “throw” her children to relatives or even to strangers. For example, some lonely Ukrainian widows even went into the thicket to pour out their sadness to this bird.
  • The Bulgarians said: the cuckoo does not make its nest, because it has already lost its parental home, since the lonely soul of the deceased person has embodied in this bird. It was this people who began to treat it as a kind of intermediary between the world of the living and the dead. Moreover, she was asked not only “how much life was left”, the cuckoo was asked to retell something to her late relatives or friends, and even asked her to bring news from them.
  • If you saw this bird in the forest, broke off the branch on which it sat — do not throw it away, but carry it with you. This mascot will be your key to successful transactions.
  • In Moravia (a region in the Czech Republic), this bird was so respected that it was considered a serious sin to kill it.

Cuckoo cuckolds — what does it broadcast?

Signs about the cuckoo, associated with its kukovanie or just seen a bird

  • In the old days, the arrival of the agricultural spring was associated with the voice of this forest dweller. For example, in the Balkans (Greece, Macedonia, Serbia) they said: the cuckoo started singing — it’s time to sow flax.
  • However, to the north (in Polesie, that is, in Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian villages), on the contrary, the first cuckoos said that it was too early to plow gardens.
  • The Germans believe that if the voice of this bird comes to you from the east, you will be both happy and prosperous.
  • The British believe: if a baby was born in your family, and on the same day you heard the cuckoo’s first voice this season, good luck will accompany the baby throughout his life.
  • If the Englishman hears the chug of a gray bird, he immediately looks at his feet. They believe in this country: if at this moment he stands on the grass, he will be healthy and live for many years. If on the bare ground, you need to wait for problems.
  • In late spring, young girls recalled how many times the cuckoo sang for them. That is the number of years left before the marriage of this girl.
  • If chumping looks more like laughter — a gray bird promises prolonged rains.

And when she warns about something bad?

Signs about the cuckoo, associated with its kukovanie or just seen a bird

  • Did you hear her voice during sunset? This may signify a future misfortune, as well as an increase in the price of the harvest, and hence on food.
  • She sat down on the porch, and let’s get ready — the owner of this house (and maybe even with the hostess) can seriously get sick.
  • The cuckoo singing near the house is also considered a bad sign — it is quite possible that she warns that the dead person will soon be taken out of it. Such singing sounds especially alarming if someone in the house is seriously ill. Well, the most disturbing sign in this regard is the singing of a bird, spreading after sunset.
  • If the leaves have not yet blossomed in the forest, and the cuckoos are already giving a voice, this is bad, as it indicates the coming crop failure this fall.
  • It is also considered a bad sign to hear the bird on the Annunciation (that is, at the end of March — at the beginning of April, because different Christian churches celebrate this holiday on different days).
  • Hearing this bird on an empty stomach is a sign that promises unhappiness.
  • If at the same time you did not have a penny with you, such a sign may make you poor. Well, if, having heard the bird, you will have time to touch the money or to throw (shake) the wallet, to be rich to you. True, not for long — until next year, and there as lucky.
  • If in the forest this bird chose a dry bare tree as its “stage” for its “performance”, this is also a bad sign — wait for crop failure (most likely due to frost) and famine. Also, this sign can prophesy pestilence (a massive epidemic with many deaths).
  • It is not good, being in nature, to hear how the bird is poured behind you. Popular rumor says: this sign may even portend the death of a person who has heard such singing. She will not be very fast, but she may not live to see such a person until the end of the year.

These are the signs about the cuckoo created by people living on the entire European continent. Sometimes we call not the most respectable women a cuckoo, abandoning their children to the mercy of their children — however, we usually read this forest bird itself.

Do not be in a hurry to be upset if she buzzed for you on the wrong day — maybe the bird is just looking for a mate, and your happiness and wealth depend only on you?

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