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Signs about spiders according to different peoples

The interpretation will take associated with spiders in a variety of situations

What do different signs about spiders tell us? It is always interesting to know about this, because even the most innocent kosynozhki often cry out a lot of negative emotions, frighten, cause horror. It is not by chance that different nations have many different signs related to these arthropods.

Spiders look dangerous and mysterious … But despite this, there are many signs that tell us only about the good! Therefore, do not be afraid to see the spider.

Perhaps this meeting foreshadows you happiness!

For example, the majority of nations have such a sign that the octopus guest who has settled in the house is only for luck, prosperity and an increase in well-being. Spiders collect negative, clean the house, make it cleaner.

But there are signs associated with negative events.

Signs about spiders according to different peoples

Guest from the ceiling

If an arthropod unexpectedly descended from the ceiling, then this indicates the possibility of receiving good news. Most often collections of folk will talk about making a profit.

In general, the spider on the ceiling is a protector. He removes the negative and tries for the sake of you!

You should not kill him, better give him the opportunity to move in the direction he wants, and this will bring you happiness. Respect the life of another creature that is absolutely in our latitudes will not bring you any danger!

In addition, he often tells you the good news. For example, if he wove a web above the door, this indicates an influx of funds. Is the spider on your head?

Folk signs say that this happens before receiving an inheritance or a significant gain!

If you are afraid of spiders and do not want to have such guests in your apartment, you still should not kill the arthropod, it is better to put him in a jar and bring it to the street.

Signs about spiders according to different peoples

Signs associated with different rooms

Folk signs associated with a meeting with a spider in the toilet, say that your life is a little stagnant, it’s time to change something. Seeing him in the bathroom is not the best sign. In this case, he can tell you about an unexpected loss, and you can lose anything from keys to a significant amount of money.

If the spider is sitting right in the sink, then you should appreciate your life: the sign says that you have a lot of fuss in life, and the results of your efforts do not inspire you.

Arthropods have chosen the kitchen and even wove a web in the corners? Alas, the sign is not very positive: family life went wrong, one spouse is wrong to the other. And the opposite is true when the spider chose a bedroom for itself: in this case, the sign says that nothing threatens your family happiness.

It is also very good when the octopus friend settled in the nursery — he protects the rest of the child. A good place to meet this creature is a corridor or living room.

In this case, the sign says that your life is in perfect order.

Are you frightened to see a spider in bed? Most likely, your fear is justified: you will have a lot of trouble.

Signs about spiders according to different peoples

Other signs about spiders

Did the arthropods take a fancy to the window? This is an interesting sign for young girls.

It shows which side you can wait for the groom. If the spider is sitting in the center of the window, then the wedding will have to wait quite a long time.

Also the arthropod on the window is a sign of guests, of unexpected news.

If the spider fell into your hand, then this is a great sign! This is the exact harbinger of receiving a large sum of money.

Some collections of folk will distinguish the direction of movement of the spider: for example, if it rises up on its web, it portends profits, new acquaintances. Downward direction is not so favorable.

Here we are talking about losses and bad news.

It happens that the spider falls directly on the table during lunch. This is a clear sign of trouble: the family most likely has an enemy who seeks to harm.

But if he runs fast on the table, then you are most likely awaiting a trip or a business trip.

Some authors believe that the time of the meeting also matters. For example, the morning meeting is fatal, here we can talk about the most unpleasant events.

Do not start a new business on such a day, do not hold important meetings. Do not make decisions, better rest.

A daytime encounter with a spider usually has a positive meaning, it brings joy and foreshadows good luck.

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