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Signs about birds — good and bad

Signs about birds — good and bad

Signs about birds are so popular and there are so many of them that whole volumes are devoted to these superstitions. It is difficult to put them all together, but we will try to give you at least an elementary idea of ​​the most common ones.

Signs about birds - good and bad

Birds fly, circle and sit on the head

There are people who analyze certain phenomena and specialize in all sorts of predictions. This is a very exciting experience, almost as popular as jokes or stories from the stars of show business. Let’s see how big the world will take and believe about birds:

  • some interpreters believe that if the bird knocks on the glass of your window, then this is a bad omen, but if a pigeon flew into the room, it could mean both death and happiness found in a short time;
  • did you see the pigeon on the windowsill — this, first of all, means the approach of a very important news, the same applies to the swallows or tits, perhaps the main purpose of this event is to warn you about something that will happen soon so that you are prepared;
  • feathered stranger «inherit» on your clothes — do not worry, because it can be a forerunner of great luck;
  • if a big black crow sits on its head — this is definitely a sign of fast great wealth, in general, any bird that sits on a person’s head without fear of it — symbolizes profit in money;
  • appearance of a stork in your field of view — This is the birth of the baby;
  • a nest made by pigeons appeared on your balcony — there will be happiness in your life, and if they also laid two eggs in a nest, there will be no end to happiness.

The interpreters will disagree on how to evaluate the examples associated with the appearance of birds. On the one hand, our smaller flying brothers are a symbol of something airy, kind. On the other hand, it is clear that there are birds that are negatively characterized even in folk tales.

Only one way out — it is better to know folk signs.

Signs about birds - good and bad

Follow the direction of the flight — details are important.

More often than not, interpreters will tend to interpret one and the same phenomenon in different ways. You should not be surprised, because it would seem that the same situation occurs in a standard situation. But in fact, from different small parts, the interpretation of the same omen can change in the diametrically opposite direction:

  • if the bird toured the room, having flown in and out of it — this is the message;
  • just feathered guest flew — wait for the news;
  • heavenly messenger was in your apartment, and you see in her beak some blade of grass — a very good event will happen soon, by the way, in this case it will not be superfluous if you cajole the bearer of good news by feeding her with crumbs;
  • the feathered ptah is visible above the roof or flies around without ceasing. — a sign to the illness of someone from home;
  • if the winged messenger soars over the house all the time — one should be extremely attentive in relations with friends, they can betray you, it is all the more true if a bird of prey hovers over the house;
  • you see birds flying past your house, but suddenly they change direction, moreover, very sharply — in this case, too, care must be taken, this is a sign of impending danger;
  • feathered chirping birds are flying from left to right — you will be lucky in business;
  • right to left is the flight of birds — the plans outlined will be a fiasco;
  • if heavenly messengers are sent directly to you — you will be lucky soon;
  • flying birds — bad luck, in business there will be no success;
  • a flock of birds rushes away from the ground — the day will be superbly good, everything will come true, and if on the contrary — you can stay at home, all your efforts will be useless.

Here are how important details, for example, flying birds. And another thing: you gathered for work, left the house and saw a flock of birds in flight — you can safely storm any heights!

Signs about birds - good and bad

White birds foreshadow your future, be careful

Color, or, as they say ornithologists, the color of a feathered creature, the sounds made by it, can also serve as good or bad omen:

  • White bird, what you see will bring happiness seen dead feathered ptah promises misfortune;
  • sitting on the windowsill of your apartment uninvited guest — forerunner of minor financial expenses;
  • it was wedding morning, and the bride and groom saw that a bird died in a cage — marriage fails, eventually a divorce will follow;
  • the feathered guest hovers above the roof, and then suddenly flies into the pipe — to the death of someone from home;
  • the whole house is condemned to misfortune who keeps in the cage feathered crumbs, caught in the wild;
  • It will be a good day for someone who heard flying past screaming songbird;
  • croaking crow and screaming hawk make your day a failure;
  • there are cases when, it happens I can hear the night bird cry in broad daylight — this behavior of a feathered individual entails unhappiness;
  • sizar sitting on a windowsill his presence keeps the whole house under full protection, any trouble in this case will bypass the party.

Quite often, birds serve as wards for people. It is not by chance that our ancestors embroidered dresses with pictures with the image of birds.

It served as protection for their masters.

Signs about birds - good and bad

How to make the news good, attract happiness to your head

There are many superstitions that allow you to attract happiness to yourself. One of them is to feed the birds, but there are others:

  • gray-winged the guest cannot get into the house, the windows are closed, he beats his wings in them — do not waste time, open the doors, let the bird in, feed it — then the good news will surely find your home;
  • circling around the house white-winged pigeon — someone’s death is near;
  • any other white bird — A sign of a quick wedding or the birth of a baby;
  • don’t chase the birds, Let them find their way to your home in the spring, bringing good luck with them, for example, a stork who built a nest on the roof — brings wealth and a happy life without troubles to the owner;
  • if the owner of a large beak, on the contrary, removes the nest — wait for the fire;
  • the stork hastily leaves the homeland — there will soon be misfortune, but if the stork just flies — a nice person will come to visit you.

Love birds, learn signs with them — and be happy!

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