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Signs about a ginger cat or a cat in the house, joyful and warning

A red cat has nailed into the house: it means that the house will be lucky

As a rule, if you have a red cat living in your house, signs say: this is great! All famous world religions were treated with respect to these fiery animals.

And it was for that!

Signs about a ginger cat or a cat in the house, joyful and warning

Do you have long lived this little (and even weighty) joy?

Surely you already know that this animal loves «kink». But illogical at first glance behavior can tell you about many interesting things.

  • For example, if a cat is fast asleep, and suddenly jumped to its feet and wants to play — please treat it with a candy wrapper or a ball. By doing so, you bring some kind of joy that will soon enter your home.
  • Is the kid happily running around the room, bouncing high? This sign says: you will receive joyful news.
  • He hides under the sofa or behind the door, and then suddenly jumps out at your feet, as if wanting to frighten? This is good: the animal drives out the negative from your soul. If you are planning an important business, you will not be mistaken in it, and if you want to go somewhere far, the trip will pass without a hitch, without a hitch.

When does a furry baby become a doctor?

If, crossing the threshold of your house, you immediately saw your pet running towards you, do not rush to think that it requires dinner. It is possible that he sensed a negative on you and wants to remove it. The following signs can tell you about cat treatment:

  1. You are standing. He purrs, repeatedly rubs against your feet, and does not run to the bowl, but asks for his hands.
  2. You sit. A cat or a cat drops into your arms, snuggles, pushes your head against your forehead or chest, shakes a tail near your head (behind and / or near your face). This «session» will cleanse from curses thrown in the back, black envy and the evil eye.
  3. After the «treatment», the animal fell asleep, but restlessly — his eyelids trembled all the time. Or maybe he was trembling all over, fingering with his paws, «running» in a dream? It is he who gets rid of the negativity collected from your soul. As soon as the baby falls asleep calmly, it will become easier for the “patient” (that is, you).
  4. His nose was very hot. This indicates the strongest possible evil eye, sent to your head. But to worry about him is no longer necessary.
  5. You are sick The animal ran into your bed, lay side by side (quite possibly, perched on a sore spot), and then jumped up and began to gnaw teeth between the pads? Thus, it is trying to take away your disease and destroy it.

Interesting fact! The most healing are red cats with blue eyes.

When the animal wants to warn the owner (hostess) about the danger?

Signs about a ginger cat or a cat in the house, joyful and warning

  • A man entered the house (an acquaintance or a stranger), and the cat hissed anxiously, or even jumped up, met the guest on the threshold, raising his fur awesomely? Be extremely careful: this person has bad intentions. It is also quite possible that he has an evil eye, so it’s better not to show off to him about his expensive acquisitions or his own promotion.
  • If such a guest is your boyfriend, and the cat meets him extremely unfriendly, it is quite possible that the animal sensed the infidelity of this person.
  • He sits, screwing up his eyes, raising his wool and carefully looking somewhere in the corner? This is a sure sign of the «mental work» of your little guardian. It is at this moment that he puts a barrier to evil who is trying to harm your family.
  • You are going somewhere (even on a business trip or vacation, or at least just to work), and the baby confidently crosses your path from left to right? Something bad might happen on the road. If you can not go, stay at least 10 minutes. Maybe trouble during this time will happen without your participation.
  • Sometimes grief happens: it seems that a happy and healthy animal suddenly dies, falls and no longer rises. Cry for your pet, but remember: this sign says that a cruel misfortune was going on your house, and the cat could not undo it differently than by taking it all on itself. He sincerely loved you and died so that you and your loved ones were alive and well. Do not forget your golden lump!

The animal came just recently?

Having seen a meowing miracle near the threshold, trustingly pushing against the leatherette or metal of your door, do not rush to drive it away. A kitten or a fiery-colored cat will bring success and happiness with it to the house, as well as protect it from the evil eye.

So maybe, let him live, some place you need a tiny woolen lump?

Signs about a ginger cat or a cat in the house, joyful and warning

Old people say:

  • If a cat from many has chosen your apartment or wicket and stubbornly sits next to it, rejoice — it means that he drove away a serious misfortune, which was aimed at your home.
  • Has he come to rest (say, running away from the dogs and flew into your yard, or hid from the rain at the entrance)? Some kind of grief could break your whole life, but the cat sent him away.
  • If you take the baby to the house, do not be stingy. The larger the bowl of the cat will be, the luckier you will become.
  • You did not plan to buy it, but could not resist and took it from the hands in the transition or on the street? This good deed will be successful in business.
  • If you find a crumb literally in the garbage bin, near the garbage cans, this is a sure sign of future wealth (and the dirtier and more exhausted the animal was, the more money will go into the wallet or bank account of the person who took pity on him).

Men call these animals as “a brazen red face”. But nevertheless, they are passionately loved, forgiving both the sausage stolen from the table, and the overturned pot of flowers. If you didn’t know beforehand what a guardian angel or a houseboy looks like, look at the murmuring animal on your lap.

Here he is — a cozy home talisman, and while you take care of him, all the adversities will bypass the family side.

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