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Sign: why the bird beats out the window?

Sign: why the bird beats out the window?

There are many signs that are associated with beasts, phenomena of nature and weather, which have come down from antiquity to our time. Studying signs, you can guess all sorts of events, positive and negative, and even try to change their course.

But the most curious signs are interconnected with the birds, as in most ethnic groups they are associated with the mystical sphere. In this case, some even have a scientific explanation.

Some of them can carry a positive meaning, and some — a negative one. Why then, according to the signs, does a bird strike its window with its beak?

Sign: why the bird beats out the window?

When it happens that the birds fight in the window, various ethnic groups give such an explanation, both negative and positive. Although, in general, it signals the fact that the family will be in trouble or someone will die.

Many nations are convinced that if a bird hit the window, then this is very bad news. But this version can not be called the only correct one.

Many people call it a good sign, associating birds with light forces and calling them relatives of the Blue Bird. She has long become a legendary heroine of different beliefs and a symbol of a happy life.

Good news

When taking into account the fact that the signs about birds are quite diverse, this question should be studied on the basis of what particular bird has knocked on the window.

  1. Swallow, which breaks into glass is certainly a good sign. The visit of such a feathered promises good news from loved ones. In this case, any news that await the owner of the house will be bright. The same can be attributed to the small swifts that beat out the window. Such a bird carries not only pleasant news and dates, but also, probably, long-awaited children.
  2. If you knock on the window tit, this is also symbolized by a good sign. Previously, people believed that such a bird would bring a long-awaited, well-deserved joy by visiting and knocking on the window. This means that there is great happiness and luck in the house. And if the bird flies into the open window, it promises the owners of the house a huge wealth and success in business a year in advance.
  3. If it comes to stork, then such a bird brings only warm and good news. Owners of an apartment or house after the visit of such birds exactly awaits the replenishment of the family, prosperity and happiness in all undertakings. Therefore, asking the question of what the bird beats out of the window, you need to remember what kind of bird it is.

Sign: why the bird beats out the window?

Bad news

  1. If you knock on the window of an apartment or house dove, no need to expect good. People have long known that such a bird has become a kind of postman between the world of the living and those who have already left this light. Therefore, the knock of this bird should be taken carefully, seriously approaching such a sign. After all, the pigeon brings the most important information from the world of the dead that someone will die in the house in the near future.
  2. Concerning forest dwellers, namely owls or cuckoos, their knock was the worst of all in ancient times. He meant the rapid spread of human epidemics or severe infections and diseases.
  3. If the window hit little sparrow, this signifies monetary losses. After all, human ancestors called the sparrow the main thief among birds. Therefore, if a sparrow knocked on the glass, it means that he arrived in order to steal something. But one should not take it too directly and expect that the robbers will appear soon. This may be a loss of money of a different nature, for example, poor investment, loss of a wallet or deception of a dealer.

Double Signs

  1. In general, the sparrow is associated with two-digit signs.. This little bird is a true fighter and adventure lover who can take a tidbit right from under the nose of a far more impressively large feathered brother. If the bright visit of the sparrow caused a smile from the owner — he can wait for a big lottery win. If the owner at the same time feel the excitement — he may be deceived. In addition, a person can face the meanness of the one to whom he entrusted his innermost secrets. We can recall the legend of the sparrow, who, jumping over the crucified Christ, shouted joyfully: “alive, alive,” condemning him to unnecessary bloody tortures.
  2. The main carrier of news — the pigeon. He can mark not only death. It’s great if at the time when he arrived, the window was open. The sign says that if the pigeon knocked on the window — you can expect guests. And when there is a blade of grass in his beak, the guest will come with gifts.
  3. The people believe that white bird, knocking on the window promises a girl to be married to become a bride in the near future.
  4. BUT if a dark bird is knocking on the window, need to listen to the inner state. It is terrible — you need to contact your relatives and find out how they are doing. Usually, the one whose first name comes to mind requires special protection. You need to urgently visit this person or just dial his number, then the grief will leave him aside.
  5. The same should be done if the pigeon is not only knocking for a long time, namely asking for it or beating through the window.. The first who came to this mind to the moment is threatened with a severe illness or even death. It can be taken away. Words such as this will help: “Every hour has its time, and such a trouble is not for us. Amen». You can treat the birds, carrying out of the house (without acquiring) bread or pastry. Better to do it near the church.
  6. Excellent sign if forty knocks on the window. This means good news and possibly a visit from guests; besides, if someone is seriously ill at home, he will definitely recover. Forty just will not make noise.

Sign: why the bird beats out the window?

Scientific explanation

Studying the question that a bird is knocking on the window, and why this can lead to results, science has long had its own explanation. By the degree of development of the surrounding world, a person gradually displaces birds from their ordinary range of life.

Therefore, birds, adjusting to the changing conditions, build their nests near the houses and often find themselves at the windows.

Seeing the reflection of themselves in the glass, the birds think that this is a similar individual to itself, and only by knocking on the window they try to attract its attention to themselves.

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