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Sign: why it is impossible to take out garbage in the evening

Sign: why it is impossible to take out garbage in the evening

Everyone has heard that it is impossible to take out the garbage after sunset. However, not everyone clearly understands the significance of this omen. To meet a man with an empty bucket — to failure, to meet a black cat — to the trouble.

Where do omens and superstitions come from? Let us figure out where the sign begins: why can’t we take out the garbage in the evening?

For this we investigate the mystical and quite material reasons for the ban.

Sign: why it is impossible to take out garbage in the evening

Mystical causes of superstition

People believe that the garbage symbolizes “dirty linen in public”. Why can litter be taken out during the day, but not at night?

Because devil dominates at night, it means she will be able to make a quarrel and contention on the family.

A household appliance is added to the mystical reason: the neighbors will begin to gossip that the owners are hiding something from people. Why not take out the garbage in the afternoon, when everything is visible?

It means that something in the family is not clean.

Another reason for the prohibition in ancient times was Faith in Home Protecting Spirits: Brownies. If the owners did not care about the cleanliness of the dwelling and did not take out the garbage in time, the patron spirits could leave the house for a long time.

What did this mean for our ancestors? Lack of protection from damage, natural disasters and lack of money.

Great danger was considered witchcraft to harm, Therefore, in the evening they did not take out the garbage. At night, a witch or sorcerer could kidnap people’s belongings and secretly damage their health or even death.

For the same reason, the nails were not thrown away, and the hair was burned or buried in the ground.

In ancient times was strong faith in evil and good spirits. It was believed that evil spirits would invariably pounce on the garbage rendered after sunset, the result of this attack would be the illness of negligent owners.

It was not recommended to leave the garbage at night either — the defenders of the house could be offended and leave.

Feng Shui has its own explanation for the ban on the removal of garbage — money will no longer be in the family. The Chinese explain this violation of the flow of vital energy qi.

In Russia, too, there was a belief that after sunset you can take out of the house with the trash wealth, well-being and happiness.

Sign: why it is impossible to take out garbage in the evening

Signs of modern time

Nowadays, there is also an explanation why it is better not to take out the garbage in the evening. For example, suspicious individuals hang around in the yard, and meeting with them does not promise good.

Happy day in the sleeping areas make safe.

It is a household and banal reason — in many entrances bulbs knocked out, and in the evening you can slip in the dark or tuck your foot. Near the houses there is not always lighting either — you can get dirty shoes in the mud.

After sunset stray dogs gather around garbage cans. This meeting can end in disrepair if any dog ​​suffers from rabies or simply decides to attack.

Women are not allowed to bring their husbands a garbage can in the evenings because of the temptation to have a drink with a neighbor or get into the company of belated friends. Besides, it is easy to catch a cold in the evening, treatment of which will be expensive.

Some common signs about garbage

Mix household and food waste — to the loss. This sign has ancient roots, as the cattle used to be fed waste from the owners table.

If food waste was mixed with household items, cattle had to buy food separately.

When changing the home, the dirt was taken with it.. This sign is relevant for those whose life in the old place was fine. If you wanted to get rid of the problems, all the garbage was thrown at the place of previous residence.

However, they did this while observing the precautionary measures: so that neighbors or ill-wishers should not spoil things.

Garbage is not endured on church holidays and Sundays, so as not to upset the holy forces. Our ancestors did all the housework on weekdays, and Sunday was devoted to prayers and visits to the temple.

Sign: why it is impossible to take out garbage in the evening

How to throw away old things

If you throw away old clothes that bums can pick up, prewash it in salted water. This simple procedure will clear the thing of your energy, as well as protect from magical influence.

The same applies to dishes — soak it beforehand in salted water before putting it in the trash. It is recommended to throw away all the dishes with cracks and chips — it brings negative energy to the house.

If you don’t want someone to pick up your belongings from a garbage bin and carry it, just cut them apart. Dishes can be pre-broken in the package, and then carried out of the house — no one will use it.

Any documents that contain your personal information, pre-cut into small pieces or burn.

Why take such precautions? Simple actions will save you from negative influence through personal things..

If your clothes are worn by a homeless person, this can adversely affect your health — things are saturated with the energy of the owner.

Is it possible to avoid trouble?

If you urgently need to throw out the garbage in the evening, is it possible to avoid trouble? In the summer, it gets dark late, so the evening walk to the trash cans is not so dangerous. And what about the evil forces?

This can help cellophane package — it closes food waste and things.

In order not to take out of the house happiness and well-being with waste, it is necessary to say: “I take the unnecessary out of the house, but leave happiness and prosperity”. It helps to get rid of problems and not lose luck.

In the modern world, witches and sorcerers do not go to garbage cans in search of a person’s personal belongings — they use other methods of influence. To protect yourself from damage, do not post pictures of the family for all to see.

Photography completely replaces personal items.

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