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Sign: what will happen to the weather if Easter is cold

Holiday folk omen: if Easter is cold, what will happen to the weather

Our people are very superstitious, and any sign is especially superstitious. If Easter is cold, what will happen to the weather is they can easily say.

For centuries, signs were created and collected by which people determine the weather, the harvest, or the fate. Easter, of course, was no exception.

Easter is one of the bright, beloved and revered holidays at all times in Russia. It is celebrated in 2018 on April 8 and will last another 7 days. This holiday week is called Light or Easter.

All the symbols of the holiday are images showing that after death a resurrection is possible, joyful changes in nature and life.

At this most light and great festival there are a large number of folk features, customs and traditions that apply to almost all areas of human life.

All national signs did not appear just like that, at random. All of them have some basis, age-old observations, which our ancestors have noticed.

Due to the weather, natural phenomena, people since ancient times have learned about the weather and crop yields waiting for them in the near future. At Easter, national signs are determined by:

  • Rain and sun
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Fog
  • The wind

The centuries-old traditions of our ancestors will help to bring health, prosperity, love and good luck into your life.

Sign: what will happen to the weather if Easter is cold

People paid attention to the weather in the first place. Not only what went to the festive service, but also the weather for the next productive season depended on it.

  • Cold Easter, but with a plus temperature, means that this summer is expected to be dry.
  • Frosts on Easter Sunday mean that there will be a rich harvest.
  • If by Easter the snow melts in the fields, then the harvest this year will be excellent.
  • Summer will be overcast and cold if it is overcast outside
  • Cold weather on Easter, then the next 7 Sundays will also be cold.

Rain on easter

At all times, the rain attributed mystical properties that could change people’s lives.

  • If it rains heavily, the whole spring will be rainy.
  • Thunderstorm on a holiday day predicts dry and late autumn
  • A shower on a holiday predicts excellent haymaking
  • A cloudy day on Easter means that the summer will be cold and dry
  • Rainy Easter will say that the rye harvest will be rich
  • Get wet in the rain — to find success and happiness. And the rainwater itself was endowed with special powers.
  • A little rain and the sun will predict the most common summer.

Sign: what will happen to the weather if Easter is cold

Sunny Easter

  • Warm and bright. Bright Sunday means that summer is waiting for a sunny and very productive.
  • Clear sunny weather will mean the summer will be hot
  • If you meet the sunrise, then trouble will not come to you for a whole year.
  • If the bright sun shines, you should expect a very good harvest.
  • If Tuesday of Easter is a clear week, then summer will be especially rainy.

Many believers believe that in the Light Festival one can see how the sun “plays”. Being close to the horizon, the luminary can change shape or color, changing it from orange to red. Many are waiting and trying to see it.

The one who is lucky enough to see this phenomenon will be the happiest.

Sunset and night

  • If you see a colorful sunset, you will certainly have great luck
  • If there are a lot of stars in the sky, then the cold snaps and frosts will return
  • Starry night will also tell you that chickens are going to be excellent
  • Cloudy night predicts high yield

On the brightest Orthodox holiday, they determined by the behavior of nature, what kind of weather they had prepared for heaven for the coming year, whether the harvest would be rich and whether they would prepare surprises for their future.

Sign: what will happen to the weather if Easter is cold

In addition to observing nature and weather, believers watched various household signs, observed customs, which are usually observed on a holiday and the whole Easter week. They went to visit relatives and friends, they ate traditional Easter dishes and wine, glorified Jesus Christ, and commemorated the departed.

If you want to improve your life and predict the future, then you can follow the national signs like our ancestors and well celebrate the Great Easter Day, because this is the most energetically strong day of the year. Our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers knew this.

It is because of the strength of this day that there are so many superstitions among the people, people will accept and customs.

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