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Sign: what is the left eye scratching for?

Sign: what is the left eye scratching for?

The symbolism of body parts is complex, confusing, but unexpectedly echoes in many cultures. Is there a universal interpretation of omens, what is it about the left eye?

Sign: what is the left eye scratching for?

Surprisingly, yes. People from different parts of the world for many centuries have believed that itching in the left eye (left eyebrow) promises disappointment. You will see something ugly, disgusting, unpleasant, which will change your opinion about loved ones or acquaintances not for the better.

What to do, not all signs of success.

And the most unpleasant: the left side of the body is considered “responsible” for relationships, personal life, events in the house, everything close and dear, and the combing left eye predicts disappointment not detached, intellectual, something distant, but emotional, personal, in dear ones people and objects.

It sounds scary, but in fact it can be a completely domestic situation, which will soon be forgotten. Close did not behave as you expected from him.

The beloved football team unexpectedly blew, a friend promised to come on time and was half an hour late. Not the end of the world?

As with any sign, positive and considerate people have nothing to fear: unkind accidents always prevail over kindness, perseverance and joyful mood. Easily accept everything new that gives you life, relax beforehand — and you will not even notice whether the sign has come true or not.

For the most cautious there is an opposition: scratch (without fanaticism, so as not to cause microtraumas!) your left eye with your right hand, this neutralizes the effect of omens.

Different nations — similar approaches

  • In India, it is considered important, who exactly itched his left eye. The man — to failure, a woman, on the contrary — to to success. The left side of the body is considered to be Hindu (as well as the ancient Slavs) female. If the lower part of the eye and lower eyelid is scratched, it is to fast spending. Upper eyelid and eyebrow — to child birth or good news (again — only for women).
  • Many African nations believe that the left eye itches to tears, failure. But if it is the upper eyelid that is itchy — wait visit close. And again, women should not be afraid, their left eye bothers more for good than for bad.
  • Hawaiian omen most sinister. The left eye is constantly scratched — to family death. Another less frightening option: itching in the left eye (eyebrows) promises stranger’s arrival in the house.
  • Well, among our ancestors, the Slavs: the left eye was itching you’ll cry soon. This is for men. Promises women more news.

Another example of the fact that people are alike everywhere, and learn the world in similar ways.

Time is everything

What matters is not only what sex you are, but when exactly your left eye combed it out. Every day of the week carries its own energy, as well as every hour in the day.

Scratched eyes — look at the clock with a calendar.

Days of the week

Sign: what is the left eye scratching for?

The left eye was combed, and outside the window stands:

  1. Monday. Is coming complication of relations with relatives. Monday is generally a hard day. On this day, be especially attentive and patient with your loved ones, and everything will be fine (you can turn it around without waiting for your eye to comb).
  2. Tuesday. The news that promises a sign on this day is colored positively. New beginnings will succeed, may have a new source of income. The main thing is not to take stupid risks.
  3. Wednesday. An average, unstable day, so the omen can turn back and tears, and news, and bye with dear man. If the medium is not set, do not despair, itching in the left eye suggests that everything will change quickly.
  4. Thursday. Everything is simple here: tears, grief, disappointment. We remind: a sign — not an absolute guarantee. And even if so, disappointment can be trivial.
  5. Friday. Weekend is coming, coming with them guest visits (and your visits to them). Scratched left eye agrees and predicts that you will see those who have long disappeared from your sight.
  6. Saturday. Weekend — the most successful days for itching in the left eye. Today he promises love experiences pleasant sense. Signs more likely applies to women. A pity, men are also looking for love.
  7. Sunday. The continuation of a successful weekend. Itch his left eye — you are waiting for the unexpected cash gain.

Hours in days

Sign: what is the left eye scratching for?

Each time of day has its own shade. If your left eye is itching between:

  1. 23:00 and 1:00 — get ready for visit senior relative, boss or respected friend. Not necessarily right now, at night;
  2. 1:00 and 3:00 — something will happen will excite you or family. The excitement can be joyful! At night, by the way, most children are born;
  3. 3:00 and 5:00 — to departure for business, business trip. If the long-awaited — well, if in Tmutarakan in a reserved seat — it would be better if you slept and did not notice that the eye is itchy;
  4. 5:00 and 7:00 — you dear man will visit. True, any person who comes to visit at six in the morning without warning, ceases to be dear;
  5. 7:00 and 9:00 — will come news from friends. Perhaps some of them are already writing SMS to you;
  6. 9:00 and 11:00 — today you eat deliciously either at home or on holiday. Uncharacteristic for the itching left eye interpretation, but the most pleasant;
  7. 11:00 and 13:00 — to drinking. Attention: if you start drinking right at eleven in the morning, you will easily turn it into a bad one;
  8. 13:00 and 15:00 — your ideas will succeed, success not far away. You can start new business and not be afraid for their outcome;
  9. 15:00 and 17:00 — just the opposite, unpleasant news and possible loss of money. Omen advises to be careful;
  10. 17:00 and 21:00 — four hours in a row the combed left eye will mean see you soon. Not necessarily with a friend, not necessarily pleasant. Although why not? The omen is not too accurate;
  11. 21: 0 and 023: 00 — and again lead from a friend. Perhaps he will glance at the light.

The left side of the body is associated with the right hemisphere, which is traditionally (and in men more than women) is considered responsible for the intuition, images, all personal and emotional. The eyes are what we see before us.

The body can tell us that what we see is not true (disappointment), that soon we will look at familiar objects and close people with a new look (news).

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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