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Sign: what does it scratch the girl’s chin

Sign: what does it scratch the girl’s chin

Long since signs help to deal with doubts, warn of trouble, foreshadow drastic changes in fate and promise unthinkable happiness. But sometimes forced to doubt their loyalty. After all, the same omen can be interpreted in different ways.

A sign explaining why the girl’s chin is scratched is no exception. She can predict both good and bad.

Sign: what does it scratch the girl's chin

Romantic adventure

If a girl has her chin itched, in front of her there is an acquaintance with a gallant cavalier. Tune in to the upcoming love. Anticipate a meeting with a stranger.

From the time spent with a stranger, pleasant and warm memories will remain in the memory. Yes, only memories.

Create a serious relationship, according to this sign, is unlikely to succeed. Although not excluded.

But will not hope for happiness with this man disappoint?

And if the girl already has a favorite chosen one — a husband, groom or boyfriend? Signs will tune in to a new stage in the relationship of the couple.

Romance, joint travel and unexpected surprises will strengthen the bonds of people in love with each other.

Sign: what does it scratch the girl's chin

Treason husband

As if the well-aimed arrows of Cupid catch up with a person when his chin is itching. Easy and not serious flirting in women — everything is clear. But in men, omen also predicts a love affair.

He may appear on the side. So, girls, look at your chosen one when he scratches his chin.

Can he give up the call of the insistent and roguish god of love?

Illness of relatives

And sad events may foreshadow omen. Which of the relatives should be surrounded with care and attention?

Experience and knowledge accumulated over the centuries and reflected in the sign indicate a man with a beard.

Chin itch may occur in the patient himself. Chin itches very much — to the pain and blood.

Do not dismiss the problem, and visit a doctor.

Which side is itching chin?

You will reveal the full power of prediction, if you consider which side itches from the chin:

  • on the left side: in the near future (tomorrow or the day after tomorrow) wait for good news or resolution of a long dispute in your favor;
  • on the right side: wait for the strike — serious problems ahead, including health and finances;
  • in the middle of the chin: soon you will not only experience the result of your partner’s unjustified jealousy, but you yourself will experience this burning inside feeling. While jealous you will not necessarily husband or groom, and a girlfriend or colleague.
    Sign: what does it scratch the girl's chin

How to remove the negative, predicted by omens? Ask to punch you in the jaw.

No, no, not with all his strength, but slightly. Such an imitation of a blow will protect you from future troubles — they will bypass your side.

Scientific background

Chin itch may not be associated with superstition and magic. The reasons for its appearance are many:

  1. Allergic reaction, including the sun, food, animals.
  2. Dermatitis (it is possible that psoriasis).
  3. Inflammation of the skin caused by acne or boils.
  4. Inflammation of the submandibular lymph node.
  5. Subcutaneous mite demodex.

Continuous carding can aggravate the problem situation, up to the formation of a purulent crust on the chin. Therefore, at the first suspicious symptoms do not rely on cream, vegetable oil and other home-made recipes, go to a dermatologist.

If no disease has been confirmed, you will still come true.

Why are other parts of the head scratching?

Turning to popular wisdom, you will find out what other parts of the head itch for:

  • neck — to a long binge;
  • eyes to bitter tears;
  • the crown of the head — to meet with a wise man;
  • right eyebrow — to a love meeting;
  • left eyebrow — to meet with the enemy;
  • the tip of the nose — to a fun evening in the load of friends;
  • the right side of the nose — to the good news;
  • under your nose — you will encounter someone else’s ingratitude;
  • the back of the head — to sadness;
  • ears — someone wants to deceive you;
  • lips — to kisses.

Why are the signs so twofold? It is easy to explain in details in deciphering the meaning of omens.

Knowing the subtleties, you will never doubt its veracity. And the advantage of this undoubted. If your chin is scratched, you can read any value as it is profitable, tune in to a positive outcome of the cases and wait only for good news.

And then the omen just come true.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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