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Sign: to stumble on the right foot

Sign: to stumble on the right foot

Everyone can stumble out of the blue. Since ancient times, people began to notice the influence of some events on the future — so the signs were formed.

Characteristically, the signs come true, even if a person does not believe in them. What does it mean: to stumble on the right foot?

The interpretation will depend on many reasons — the place, the day of the week on which the event occurred.

Sign: to stumble on the right foot

Significance of signs

The right side of the body is considered esoteric as prosperous and true. World religions claim that the guardian angel of man is located on the right side.

If something unpleasant happens to the right side of the body, then well-being should not be expected.

This interpretation is also suitable for tripping on the right foot — wait for problems. It is believed that otherworldly negative forces send a person obstacles in business if he stumbles on his right leg on level ground.

Therefore, our ancestors were always baptized, if you had to stumble on the right foot — in order to avoid misfortune and misfortune.

Another interpretation of omens is the warning of the guardian angel not to make mistakes. If a person started a job that could bring failure, the guardian angel tries to stop him halfway, to warn him of trouble.

However, the law of numerical vibrations also comes into force, therefore our ancestors began to associate the meaning of signs with even and odd numbers of days of the month. Stumble on the right foot in an odd number — to the trouble.

On an even number of months, stumbling promises good luck.

Some interpreters clarify the meaning of signs and bind to the birthday. It is believed that born in an odd number of luck promises to stumble on the left foot, and those born in an even number — on the right foot.

Believe it or not — you choose. However, it is worth checking out.

Sign: to stumble on the right foot

Stumbling spot value

There was a belief among the people that the place where a person stumbled has its sacral meaning. For example, get stuck on the doorstep when leaving — to failure. What needs to be done to “kill” a sign, to level its negative value?

Should return to the house and look in the mirror — then the bad will not come true.

If you stumbled on the road, You need to match the number of the current day with the number of the birthday. If you were born in an even number, wait for luck. If in an odd number — wait for problems.

In case of an unsuccessful forecast, you should simply cross over, and also change the route of your movement — the sign will not come true.

Interpretation by days of the week

These signs refer to any leg, which happened to stumble. In this interpreter, the day of the week matters:

  • Monday — to trouble;
  • Tuesday — to the passion of love;
  • Wednesday — to trouble, enemies;
  • Thursday — expect trouble;
  • Friday — to an unexpected meeting;
  • Saturday — you betray;
  • Sunday — to news and news.

Opinion of scientists

Scientists in their own way explain the cause of hesitations on level ground, denying any mysticism and guardian angels. In their opinion, a person stumbles when his brain begins to work slowly and fails to cope with the direction of movement coordination.

However, scientists do not explain the reason for the slow work of the brain.

The right side of the body is controlled by the left hemisphere, which is responsible for logical thinking. Weakening of the left hemisphere of the brain will inevitably lead to minor errors and omissions, which bring trouble to a man.

In the people, these troubles were called bad luck.

Sign: to stumble on the right foot

When omen does not come true

To understand whether you received a warning from above, you need to look at the place where you faltered. For example, stumbling about a stone or a shallow hole on the road does not apply to omens.

Also, it is impossible to refer to the signs of uncomfortable shoes, in which you often stumble.

What else does not apply to omens? If you inadvertently fell over the step, this also does not apply. A person on absent-mindedness can not calculate the height of the step and hesitate.

However, on the other hand, absent-mindedness can be viewed as a way to distract a person and to allow a stumble on a step — then this action can be considered as a sign. But nevertheless, a sign from above should be considered as a hesitation on level ground for no apparent reason.

There are people who believe that all signs promise money. Whatever happens — to the money and profit.

If we take into account the fact that thoughts are material, then any sign will be profitable. Maybe we should adopt this and change our attitude towards negative signs?

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