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Sign: to see a spider

Sign: to see a spider

Since ancient times, there have been various superstitions about particular representatives of the animal world. A sign to see a spider is one of the most common. Sometimes it is difficult to interpret it correctly, especially if you are not familiar with all the intricacies of interpretation.

In this article we have collected the most detailed information on this issue, which will help you to understand the purpose for which you saw this arthropod insect.

Sign: to see a spider

Some historical information

Many people who have seen a spider claim that the insect could somehow indicate some kind of event of the future. This belief is especially reliable if you have thought about a question and suddenly noticed a spider.

Since antiquity, a large number of legends have been associated with spiders. So, according to legends, one of them saved Jesus Christ himself, who was hiding in Egypt — the insect dragged the cave where the Savior was located with a thick grid of its web. And the little dove made a nest in it and laid an egg, from which the baby bird hatched.

Thanks to such a clever disguise, the pursuers believed that there was no one in the cave.

The interpretation of the signs of what he saw a spider varies somewhat, based on what time of day you saw him. Even with a certain fear or hostility to these arthropods (which is common enough), you can try to predict the near future and see the effectiveness of the signs on your own experience.

See the spider in the house

Traditionally, if a spider creature crawled into your apartment or house, it foreshadows good luck and well-being. As a rule, spiders braid the corners of rooms with their cobwebs, thereby collecting all the negative energy accumulated there.

It is thanks to this that they have been worshiped since ancient times as keepers of the home.

Also, the meaning of signs will vary somewhat depending on the place in which the spider sits:

  • toilet — foreshadows a certain stagnation in affairs or relationships, indicates the need for changes in your life;
  • bathroom — extreme caution should be taken — loss of things, money or information leakage is possible;
  • a sink or water — indicative of the coming bustle, considerable effort and minimal results;
  • spiderweb in the kitchen — in this dwelling there is a lack of love, one spouse can change the other;
  • bedroom — is a positive interpretation for a married couple, testifies to the love and harmony between husband and wife;
  • bed — you can face long troubles;
  • Children’s — your baby has a personal protector. It is advisable to leave the arthropod in the room, if, of course, it does not pose a danger to the home;
  • corridor or living room — a positive interpretation, expect pleasant events;
  • in the corner or on the window — in this case, the spider acts as a kind of pointer for unmarried young women, from which side to expect the arrival of the betrothed: the right angle is from above — east, upper left — north, lower right — south, and lower left — west; if the web is located in the center of the window — expect marriage within a year;
  • ceiling — get good news;
  • above the door jamb — there are certain problems in the house;
  • the spider is on the threshold — get ready for trouble (illness or death), be sure to mark it outside the door and close the door tightly.
    Sign: to see a spider

Other places

If you see a spider in your car and it puts a web in it — the arthropod protects its owner from trouble. If at the same time the spider crawls in the direction of the driver — a profit is expected, from the driver — on the contrary, losses.

Also, a meeting with a spider at your workplace is not excluded. In such a situation, new clients or partners are expected to appear in the near future, as well as an increase and a significant increase in wages.

Kill the spider

Since ancient times it was believed that killing a spider, entwining its web of icons, can save 40 sins. But in other situations it is extremely undesirable to destroy the insect, otherwise you can incur the indignation of the Higher Forces and incur certain financial losses.

If you do not want the arthropod to live in your home — carefully catch it, put it in a glass container and take it out to the yard.

Interpretation by day

There are also certain differences in the interpretation depending on the time of day when the arthropod appeared on the eyes:

  • morning hours — indicate failure, give up the start of something new on this day;
  • daytime — will delight a great success in the field of love;
  • in the evening — foreshadow hope, long-term prospects. Without fear, start a new business in absolutely all areas of life;
  • at night — certain household chores are coming.
    Sign: to see a spider

Interpretation by color and size

Also important is the appearance of the spider:

  1. Spider black — indicates disappointment. If such an arthropod spins a web over a bed, health problems will soon overtake the sleeper. Only the encounter of a black spider climbing up the web foreshadows good luck.
  2. White color — personifies heaven, indicates good luck and pleasant romantic acquaintances. When finding the white spider’s web above the bed of a married couple, you can talk about happy and harmonious relationships, and a partner’s ambulance is announced to lonely people.
  3. Yellow — you will easily find a common language with people.
  4. Auburn or brown — will have to face an unpleasant person.
  5. Red-red — attracts financial resources.
  6. Gray — foreshadows harmony in all areas. Green — indicates good news, cash receipts.

If you see a large spider — expect the fullest performance of the promised event and vice versa.

Believe or not the signs — the choice of each person, based on personal beliefs and personal experience. Sometimes it would not be superfluous to listen to the ancient “Zaboons”, which may well have one or another influence on our life.

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