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Sign: to lose an earring

Sign: to lose an earring

Earring in the ear at all times attracted the eyes. Before wearing such jewelry was the exclusive prerogative of the fair sex. Male traditions in this regard were very limited, and about them — slightly lower.

With the onset of the era in which the fashion for unisex reigns, representatives of the male half of humanity are not averse to wearing earrings.

And everything is good, but the trouble is — sometimes such decorations are lost. Interpreters wrinkle forehead, why lose earrings for signs?

And we all read with pleasure about what this strange fact actually means — is it only our frivolity and carelessness or a secret sign of Destiny, or maybe something more?

Sign: to lose an earring

For a man and a woman, losing an earring is not the same thing.

For many centuries, precious jewels have become overgrown with all sorts of legends, epics, as well as, of course, signs. And now we can say exactly what a particular fact means. Of course, understanding at the same time that the sign is only a guess, although it has quite understandable conclusions:

  • if the earring is in the ear men, then it is the protection of the health of its owner:
  • female the earring is not only a decoration, but also a talisman that protects from the evil eye, it also prevents envious people from damaging;
  • at all times sea robbers in their old age they tried to have an earring, and preferably a precious one, according to pirate custom, the jewel after death was taken by someone who undertook to bury her master;
  • noble warrior he wore a “seal” in his ear, testifying to his wealth, a sailor — an amulet, so that misfortune would not overtake him in the ocean, and the Cossack had a symbol of an only child.

The loss of the earring was understood by all men as a kind of sign of Fate, depriving him of heavenly protection. Now we have to wait for the deterioration of welfare and the loss of power.

Quite differently, interpreters will interpret the loss of jewelry from the female ear, here they distinguish both negative and positive components:

  • loss in itself — it is definitely a loss, therefore, any girl or woman can only be sad in this case, for someone it is a significant gift, and for someone it is the memory of a grandmother;
  • female loss may be, including, from a loved one, which is sadly doubly, but if the earring is lost from the ear of a young girl, then there simply cannot be a happier day — this means that soon she can get her second half;
  • much could explain the nature of the lost jewels: the silver earring has disappeared — the relationship will be long and cloudless, cheap jewelery is lost — a man will meet, who will become a lover, and it’s not known whether the marriage will reach marriage or not;
  • in that case, if a lost ear of a girl’s ear was soon found, The interpreters will consider that the relationship with the male is, if they do, then the longevity of them “does not shine”.

Especially a good sign, if two earrings from both ears are lost at the same time — happiness will come in double size.

Sign: to lose an earring

Angry Fate is not recommended — happiness will forget the way to home

The interpreters will agree that it is in no way recommended to flirt with Fate:

  • for example, if the girl is kidding surrounding the loss of jewels, which in reality was not — she disgraced herself and let her parents under shame;
  • the same “zero” effect is obtained if it happens not an intentional loss, but an elementary purposely throwing out the earring.

Quite another thing when the earring, which was lost forever, is suddenly found. In this case, luck will still work!

Interestingly, new times and new trends have made their adjustments to the old signs: if the earring disappeared not from the ear, and this was a decoration for the piercing in the nose or navel, it still promises to meet with a young (or not very young) person.

Sign: to lose an earring

Divorce, separation and other signs of loss earrings

Other signs that are not directly related to the subject of our conversation, yet give reason to include them in our text. For example: you can not give your spouse jewelry in the form of earrings, because if she loses them together or separately, then:

  • married woman lost earring — unequivocally, a divorce, if both are lost, it is considered that the pair is separated by a mutual decision;
  • At the same time, it is interesting that the loss of an earring threatens a woman not only to be separated from her husband, with whom she is currently in a relationship, but at the same time should be a premonition … of a new meeting — already with a new chosen one!

Now to the negative or positive energy, which must accompany (or not accompany) the fact of the loss of the jewels, as well as other similar cases:

  • lost jewel in itself not a source of negative energy, if it was bought by the fair sex itself or donated by another (not husband) man;
  • do not wear earrings girl, as well as a more adult lover of jewelry is also impossible — the widow’s label will cling to her life;
  • dreams of loss they also differ from one another: a woman dreamed that she was left without an earring — she would part with the faithful, found a precious earring — she would meet her lover on her way;
  • interpreters will take not advised to pick up earrings and other jewelery, explaining this by the fact that, she says, in life she serves as a talisman, which means that she accumulates in herself every possible negative (typical of gold or jewelry with natural stones in the form of inserts).

Sign: to lose an earring

It is said that by serving as a talisman and accumulating negativity from the hostess (owner), as well as from those around them (if they send it to the owner of the jewel), any earring should be lost, for logic reasons. And this, they say, should serve as a kind of incentive to update their arsenal of jewelry and jewelry from time to time.

Well, if you find an earring lying on the ground and are going to pick it up, think carefully: it is believed that together with the jewel you will receive and a lot of problems from its former owner.

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