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Sign: to hit an elbow for the girl or the man

Sign: to hit an elbow — right or left

Human organs are one of the most sought-after materials for all sorts of superstitions and will take. Many volumes of folklore have been written about nameless, index and middle fingers, burning ears and a itchy nose.

It is collected in villages and villages, it is also preserved in the city archives. There are interesting findings about elbows, personifying competition and many other components of the surrounding reality.

Therefore, the sign of an elbow strike has many interpretations. Some of them we consider.

Sign: to hit an elbow for the girl or the man

Signs about the elbow for girls

On the same contradictory logic, signs are written about what it is about — hitting the elbow, right or left. The elbow, as you know, is a rather tender human organ, and even if you lightly strike it on a hard object, it will be unbearably painful. It is possible, for this reason, that it is believed that if you hit your elbow, pain requires an increased experience:

  • if the girl made her right elbow hurt — not otherwise, as her betrayed remembers;
  • completely different interpretation is obtained if instead of the right elbow is left — this sign is interpreted as any bad conversations that are conducted about this very girl.
  • huge interest, by analogy with a itchy nose, is also sign of itching left elbow — this, they say, to tears, as well as about the right elbow — in anticipation of good news;
  • if the elbow was knocked off the table bread or something else, being on it is a quarrel, a scandal between relatives, and this sign is understandable, because bread has always been honored as the main product.

It’s as simple as it’s with a rich fiancé. If a girl hit her elbow — it is very painful, women’s hands are more tender than in men.

And in order to somehow smooth this unpleasant moment, you have to say something to her, after which she will forget about the sick elbow. Do you understand what kind of «medicine» can cure a girl’s heart?

From here the sign about the memories of the groom begins.

Sign: to hit an elbow for the girl or the man

In men with elbows, everything is simple — rubbed and went on

Most of the beliefs regarding men’s elbows do not differ much. Here there are literally several reasons for a painful condition, here they are:

  • if a man hit his elbow on the table and brushed away some items from him, then such a sign is interpreted by the following result — perhaps the incident will escalate into a tiff of two lovers, a big family quarrel or even a divorce, if it concerns two people who are married;
  • in another case, a man may with painful consequences for himself. nudge home furniture, and it can be the back of a chair, an armrest of a chair or a sofa — in this case, the interpretation says that this person had a person envious, a competitor, or simply an ill-wisher, from whom he should soon expect bad actions.

In the second case, the sign is quite understandable. After all, the elbow is what a person, figuratively speaking, pushes the rest of the people, aspiring up the career ladder or simply wanting to achieve some kind of goal.

So it turns out that the striking man appeared envious of how things are progressing. A remarkable “antidote” for such bad omens is a simple recipe: it is necessary, without delaying to rub the place of injury with the other hand, and then the omen will not come true.

To marry a millionaire is easy — with the help of … elbow

One of the signs about this vital part of the body concerns marital relationships. However, in order to find a solid groom, the girl will have to push elbows many competitors. Do not believe — judge it yourself:

  • the fair sex is enough dream about dirty elbows — and then, according to the sign, she will forever lose her chance to get engaged to a wealthy man, therefore, you need to be vigilant even in a dream, never to see the cunning dirty elbows.
  • This is a rather strange sign, especially since marriage and dirty elbows are a rather poorly compatible piece, and indeed, if a girl is going to get married, Especially a rich person — she should carefully watch herself, be clean and tidy in public, only in this case, if you follow the elementary logic, you can get married successfully, but everything turns out the opposite.

Our dreams are generally a special part of the interpretation. They appear very strangely, and often have interpretations, at first glance, which seem to have nothing to do with sleep itself. All this is due to the psychology of sleep.

Our subconscious is always “guilty” in his birth. This part of our brain, unnoticed by the owner, gradually accumulates in itself all our fears, experiences, what we always think about.

And then, waiting for an opportunity — presents the quintessence, a kind of digest of them in the form of sleep. There is only one reason: sleep has a huge influence on the dreamer.

The subconscious «remains enough», the main thing is to convince the person what he had previously attached not much importance.

Sign: to hit an elbow for the girl or the man

In our case — to see dirty elbows and lose the chance to get married — seemingly absolutely incompatible parts of a whole. But how do you think you can marry a rich man, if you do not push elbows into your rivals?

To get to the desired groom, you need to put a lot of effort. And — thoroughly dirty elbows.

This is probably thinking of a girl who is aiming at someone else’s wealth, which she will get if she is able to push back competitors. But there are a lot of them around. And all of them are very nimble and sneaky.

Look how dirty their elbows are! Surely with such elbows one of them will definitely push her away from the future rich husband!

All these experiences and fears accumulate in the poor girl’s subconscious. Soon from such experiences, she completely lost her spirit — and at the same time her chances of finding the desired wealth would also evaporate.

At this moment, a dream about her dirty elbows comes to her. And — it becomes a thing, the girl really does not have any strength to fight for a wealthy groom.

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