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Sign: to give a gift

Sign: to give a gift

Many people know that it is impossible to transfer gifts received to another person. A sign to give a gift firmly rooted in the subconscious of most of us.

But few people think about what it is due to and what will actually happen if you decide to donate something personal to another person.

Sign: to give a gift

Some do not even hide the fact that quite often they donate their gifts to others. In most cases, these gifts are completely useless items that a person can not use for themselves.

For example, imagine the situation that you were given absolutely two identical vacuum cleaners for your birthday, and your relative will have a solemn event in a week.

Of course, in such a situation, everyone will come up with the idea of ​​giving away the unnecessary. Is it possible to do this and what consequences may be fraught with — we will discuss this later.

Negative interpretation of omens

When we are preparing a surprise for a close and dear person, we invest in it a piece of our soul, ourselves. The purchase of gifts is a very pleasant ritual, during which you reveal your positive qualities of character.

In addition to the presentation itself, you also present your good feelings and positive energy as a gift to a person.

By giving someone a present, first of all, you thereby demonstrate disrespect for the giver, and also demonstrate your devil-may-care attitude. At the subconscious level, at the same time, you destroy the energy connection with this person.

It is likely that very soon you will quarrel with him and completely stop communicating.

Also, according to popular signs, a re-presented gift will not bring any positive emotions to its new owner, and at the risk of becoming a completely useless thing for him. In order to avoid such annoying mistakes, you should be extremely careful when choosing gifts.

It is better to spend more time on this procedure, to carefully work out all the options, find out from the hero of the occasion that he will most like and then, based on this knowledge, make a purchase.

Fraught with unpleasant situation

In addition to the energy issue, which is inevitable when perevarivanii gifts, you also risk being in a very unfavorable situation, when close people can be very offended at you.

For example, someone casually asks to show a gift, and by that time you will have time to re-give it to someone. Or, the donor, by coincidence of evil rock, will see his gift in a third person, he is unlikely at this moment to have positive emotions for you.

Residents of Western countries have long invented a way to protect themselves from unnecessary gifts — for this gift is presented with a check and if you suddenly do not like a thing, you can always return it to the store, while receiving money for it.

This wonderful tradition is very logical and will save you from getting into unpleasant situations. So if you liked the gift — you keep it for yourself, otherwise you will receive a financial reward for it. In the end, as they say, the taste and color is difficult to find comrades.

Someone will be delighted with the watch with the head of a deer, and someone will consider such a thing an obvious sign of a bad taste of the donor.

Based on all of the above, it can be concluded that peredarivanie gifts — completely inappropriate business, if you want to achieve good luck in life and success. It is best to give personally purchased gifts and delight them of their relatives, friends and loved ones.

Sign: to give a gift

If, however, guided by the ancient art of Feng Shui, several other postulates are approved in it. To the question: “For what reason should you refuse to perevarivaniya things?” Feng Shui gives the following answer: “The donated item must independently choose the owner.

He will surrender into the hands of only the person who really deserves it. «

When can I give a gift

There are a number of situations in which peredarivanie gifts are allowed and even welcome. This is especially true when a thing passes from one generation to another. Such items are usually:

  • originals of paintings;
  • ancient decorations;
  • antiques.

Such heirlooms are carefully guarded from the evil eye and often carry a sacred meaning — ornaments often act as talismans that protect their owners from negative influence from outside.

Bringing together family relics means passing on the wisdom of generations, but it does not carry any negative meaning. Such a gift has the properties to bring good luck, happiness, health and to promote a peaceful atmosphere in the family.

Such gifts are absolutely not dangerous either for the donor or for the person who gives.

If we talk about examples of such good gifts, they often appear inscribed knives or daggers.

Sign: to give a gift

But in order for the gift transfer process to be successful, it is important to give it, and not to give it back. In this case, the gift presented will not entail a negative energy field, but on the contrary, it will actively strengthen it.

Giving gifts is really not very nice and appropriate. And the matter is not only in the subject matter itself, but also in the ethical side of the question — after all, by rejecting the gift, you show that you don’t have it at all and are not needed.

Consider how unpleasant it would be to find out that someone else also treated the thing you donated as a gift.

It is unlikely that you would have experienced positive emotions towards this person. Therefore, always choose gifts from the heart and also take them, carefully keep and never refuse them!

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